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I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Reconnect::
  2. Gearshiift::
  3. Mania::
  4. Manhattan::
  5. First date::
  6. District::
  7. Yearbook::
  8. Breakup::
  9. Episode::
  10. Costume::

Don’t feel like retyping the words? Just copy and paste the following into your blog:

<li>First date::

Posted on 11/21 at 12:00 AM •

PLEASE NOTE:: If you're posting your words in the comments, please copy and paste the numbered words, not the words with the code. Kooky, I know, but I'm using a new system to publish the blog and it has new settings which don't allow certain HTML code in the comments as a safety/security precaution.

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Going up right now!  smile

Posted by Insane Faery • 11/21 • 01:19 AM

Unconscious Mutterings [Stupid Words...] I say ... and you think ... ? Reconnect:: get back in touch Shift:: Standard shift car Mania:: Unbearable happiness Manhattan:: The City First date:: Impending disaster District:: Area Yearbook:: Lost Breakup:: Sometimes a good thing Episo... [11.21.04]

Reconnect:: No way
Gearshiift:: is shifted
Mania:: bipolar
Manhattan:: new york
First date:: anxiety
District:: restrict
Yearbook:: ridiculous photo’s
Breakup:: Pain
Episode:: of Inu Yasha!
Costume:: cosplaying

Posted by Nindy • 11/21 • 02:19 AM

Mutter 94 [The Horrors of an Easily Distracted Mind] Week 94 of the game, with a bit of a high school flavor. [11.21.04]

the word thing - reconnect [Music to my Eyes] um... Reconnect:: disconnect Gearshiift:: gear lever Mania:: manic Manhattan:: transfer First date:: first kiss District:: of Columbia Yearbook:: american thing Breakup:: end Episode:: series Costume:: party [11.21.04]

mine’s up!

Posted by Beverly • 11/21 • 07:04 AM

Mine are up!!!

Posted by Alicia • 11/21 • 07:38 AM

tongue wink Mine are posted

Posted by Jerry • 11/21 • 08:09 AM

Added Mine

Posted by Manda • 11/21 • 08:27 AM

Luna Says...I Think... [TRDB] Reconnect:: Cables Gearshiift:: Box Mania:: Depression Manhattan:: Island First date:: Drew Barrymore District:: Court Yearbook:: Pictures Breakup:: Pull apart Episode:: Three, Revenge of the Sith Costume:: Make pretend Unconscious Mutterings for W... [11.21.04]

First date :: Susan, 13, braces, attitude


Posted by pete • 11/21 • 08:40 AM

oops, almost forgot!!

Posted by susan • 11/21 • 08:59 AM

Unconscious Mutterings [] I say. . . and you think. . .? Reconnect :: disconnect Gearshift :: automatic Mania :: Beatle Manhattan :: Indians and a few beads First date :: 50 District :: voting Yearbook :: somewhere Breakup :: red sox Episode :: best ever Costume :: f... [11.21.04]

I yam up

Posted by Shirl • 11/21 • 09:40 AM

I did it! It has been sooooo long!


Posted by Cricket • 11/21 • 09:40 AM


Posted by beth • 11/21 • 09:48 AM

I’m up.

Posted by sya • 11/21 • 10:47 AM

unconscious mutterings [everything in its right place] she says... i think... Reconnect:: relationships Gearshift:: standard Mania:: beatle Manhattan:: island First date:: loooong time ago District:: school Yearbook:: high school Breakup:: mutual Episode:: one Costume:: designer [11.21.04]

Unconscious Mutterings #94 [] Reconnect::Cable Gearshiift::Hill Mania::Depression Manhattan::Drink First date::50 District::School Yearbook::Memories Breakup::Tough Episode::TV Costume::Halloween... [11.21.04]

comment :: opinion [, how did I get here...] LunaNiñ | Unconscious Mutterings Reconnect :: Disconnect Gearshift :: Joystick Mania :: Lonney Left :: Radical Right Manhattan :: Transfer First date :: One-Night Stand District :: Capital Yearbook :: Memories Breakup :: Dissolve Episode :: Television Costume :: Drag... [11.21.04]

done done done!!! *grins*

Posted by angel • 11/21 • 11:22 AM

My answers are up

Posted by David • 11/21 • 12:03 PM

Unconscious Mutterings - Week 94 [webgrits] Reconnect :: reunite Gearshift :: Stickshifts and Safetybelts by... [11.21.04]

I’m up. smile

Posted by Shelly • 11/21 • 12:20 PM

Not sure if tb is working so i did not use it this time - I might be absent for a few weeks as I am off on holiday - *hugs* miss you

Posted by Karen • 11/21 • 12:50 PM

Unconscious Mutterings [srah blah blah] Once again, it's not the middle of the night. Well, at least my stress-induced facial tic is making my eye... [11.21.04]

Ready to go.

Posted by Mitch • 11/21 • 01:26 PM

Up. smile

Posted by Shawn • 11/21 • 01:52 PM

Mine are up! , under “blog surveys” :o)

Posted by Erin • 11/21 • 02:28 PM


Posted by Allocin • 11/21 • 04:50 PM

Mine are now posted.

Posted by Mark • 11/21 • 06:26 PM

Unconscious Mutterings [Yay! Blog! v2.0] Reconnect:: meet again Gearshift:: car Mania:: wrestle Manhattan:: Transfer First date:: scary District:: schools Yearbook:: high school Breakup:: part Episode:: tv Costume:: party... [11.21.04]

Unconscious Mutterings: Week 94 [random thinks] From: Unconscious Mutterings: a little free association for an awesome, carefree, fun, free fall day. She Says :: And I Think Reconnect:: Emotionally Gearshiift:: Knob Mania:: Zoomin' Manhattan:: Cocktail First date:: Flowers District:: of Columbia Yearbook:: Staff Breakup:: Excuse Episode:: [11.21.04]

U.M. Week # 94 [Just Lani] Oh, I had to do my Unconscious Mutterings today, before I go and get busy again. It's one of my favorite blog meme's. I love word association...:razz: Reconnect:: with Nature Gearshift:: Standard (car) Mania:: Beatle Manhattan:: New York First... [11.21.04]

Up! smile

Posted by Susan • 11/21 • 07:49 PM

i’m up!  smile

Posted by barb • 11/21 • 07:57 PM

Me answers… up! smile

Posted by Mary • 11/21 • 08:30 PM

Mine is up smile

Posted by Storyteller • 11/21 • 08:53 PM

Mine are now up for this week!  raspberry

Posted by Olivia • 11/21 • 09:33 PM

Please leave a message in my new comments section

Posted by just rambling • 11/21 • 10:32 PM

Unconscious Mutterings [Mind of Mog] Week 94 1 day, 57 minutes ago Reconnect:: the G5 when the power cord pops out Gearshift:: haven't used a shift car since I was rearended when I had my hand on the shift lever, messed up my shoulder Mania:: Dew, drink enough of it, I get a bit... [11.22.04]

Who By Very Slow Decay [Elkit in Wonderland] Your - no, my weekly Unconscious Mutterings: Reconnect :: Paths That Cross Will Cross Again Gearshift :: My Citro├źn DS 21 had hers next to the steering wheel Mania :: Depression Manhattan :: Then We Take Berlin First date :: [11.22.04]

Unconscious Mutterings Week 94 [Stormwind: Personal Tangents] 2. Gearshiift:: small car, with a four or five speed manual transmission, rack and pinion steering, driving a nicely paved mountain road with S curves and turns... ah, yes... woman and machine as one unit; big smiles. The Camry's nice, but sometimes ... [11.22.04]

Mine’s up - finally! Silly &%$#@! blogger! lol

Posted by Maljam • 11/22 • 09:45 AM

mine are up.

Posted by Tom • 11/22 • 11:40 AM

UM - Week 94 [Tommys Thoughts] Reconnect:: Previous Love Gearshiift:: Mustang Mania:: Mega Manhattan:: Marathon First date:: Interview District:: of Columbia Yearbook:: Picture Sucked Breakup::... [11.22.04]

Mutters [My Random Ramblings] Reconnect:: What we do on the weekends Gearshiift:: PRD123 Mania:: Disney Manhattan:: I'll Take First date:: Too long ago District:: Area Yearbook:: Senior Will Breakup:: The End? Episode:: Show Costume:: French Maid Mutter too? [11.22.04]

Unconscious Mutterings: Week 94 [Simply Kimberly] Reconnect::Hard Gearshiift::Confusing Mania::BlogO Manhattan::Maid In First date::Nervous District::Of Columbia Yearbook::Picture Breakup::Hard To Do Episode::Guide Costume::Party Via: [11.22.04]

Week 94: Unconscious Mutterings [] And while I've some downtime and a Berry Wheaten to sip: Said... :: Thunk... Reconnect :: RenewGearshift :: StickMania :: LunacyManhattan :: DrinkFirst date :: NervesDistrict :: ColumbiaYearbook :: AutographBreakup :: SongEpisode :: EventCostume :: Party [11.22.04]

Mind Over Mutter # 94 [] Reconnect:: Rejoin Gearshift:: Semi-Automatic Mania:: Depression Manhattan:: New York First date:: Kiss District:: TV Show Yearbook:: School Breakup:: End Episode:: Star Wars Costume:: Ball Listening to: Gwen Stefani - What You Waiting For? [11.23.04]

Up and at them grin

Posted by Lee Ann • 11/23 • 08:03 PM

Unconscious Mutterings: Week 94 [] I say ... and you think ... ? Reconnect:: Fun Gearshiift:: Sports Car Mania:: Crazy Manhattan:: New York First date:: Fun District:: 1774 (from Avon) Yearbook:: Highschool Breakup:: Tearful Episode:: Star Trek Costume:: [11.24.04]

Catching up [chocolate dream] You know, I could really live without spam. Weeks seem to go by with hardly anything landing in my inbox - and then, all of a sudden, it just keeps coming. LEAVE ME ALONE, FUCKERS! Umm yeah. :) I haven't been online all that much lately, although I... [11.24.04]

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