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Week 85


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Week 84

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Self-esteem::
  2. Migraine::
  3. Phoebe::
  4. Nervous::
  5. Punctual::
  6. Liver damage::
  7. Legal disclaimer::
  8. Reverend::
  9. Supple::
  10. Binder::

Don’t feel like retyping the words? Just copy and paste the following into your blog:

<li>Liver damage::
<li>Legal disclaimer::

Housekeeping Details

I [finally] switched the UM blog to ExpressionEngine. There are still some things to work through but hopefully there won’t be major bugs. But please do let me know if you encounter any problems.

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UM - Week 84 [i n n e r o u t i n g s] Because I know the drill... Self-esteem:: unconditional Migraine:: i had one all week. all gone now! Phoebe:: Charmed Nervous:: yes, very, more like anxious Puntual:: hmm... assuming this is punctual, i usually am. Liver damage:: cleanse your liver daily with... [09.12.04]

Mutter 84 [The Horrors of an Easily Distracted Mind] Week 84 of the game. Get your dictionary ready. [09.12.04]

Unconscious Mutterings 84 [patchwork progression] Unconscious Mutterings - Week 84 [09.12.04]

Unconscious Mutterings - Week 84 [i am what i am] Just got the mail for week 84's word association fun from Unconscious Mutterings... You say:: I think Self-esteem:: Migraine:: splitting headache Phoebe:: Lisa Kudrow - Friends Nervous:: anticipation Punctual:: timely Liver damage:: jaundice Legal disclaimer:: protection Reverend:: minister Supple:: ample [09.12.04]

Mine are up. Fun words this week - fune meme always.  grin

Posted by Roscoe • 09/12 • 02:03 AM

My answers are up!  grin

Posted by Mary • 09/12 • 02:43 AM

Unconscious Mutterings [Stupid Words...] I say ... and you think ... ? Self-esteem::self-worth Migraine::headache Phoebe::Cates Nervous::High-strung Punctual::on-time Liver damage::Alcohol Legal disclaimer::anti-blame-no-fault-fine-print Reverend::Ordained Minister Supple::soft ... [09.12.04]

<ol><li>Self-esteem:: cheerful
<li>Migraine:: painful
<li>Phoebe:: cat
<li>Nervous:: disorder
<li>Punctual:: on time
<li>Liver damage:: alcohol
<li>Legal disclaimer:: consent
<li>Reverend:: Washington Times
<li>Supple:: Pliable
<li>Binder:: disability advocates

Posted by Antny • 09/12 • 03:16 AM

the word thing - self-esteem [Music to my Eyes] um... Self-esteem:: self awareness Migraine:: headache Phoebe:: Saturn Nervous:: scared Punctual:: on time Liver damage:: cirrhosis Legal disclaimer:: out Reverend:: vicar Supple:: flexible Binder:: folder [09.12.04]

Duh duh duuuuuuuuuhnnn

Posted by Allocin • 09/12 • 03:56 AM

Meme time [chocolate dream] Unconscious Mutterings: Self-esteem:: most important thing Migraine:: splitting Phoebe:: from Friends Nervous:: breakdown Punctual:: don't let me waiting in the cold! Liver damage:: drinking Legal disclaimer:: hopefully protecting me from lawsu... [09.12.04]

unconscious [jaded] Self-esteem problems Migraine pills Phoebe Halliwell Nervous wreck Punctual time Liver damage unnecessary Legal disclaimer blah blah Reverend Mother Supple smooth Binder book unconscious mutterings [09.12.04]

I am up!!!

Posted by Shirl • 09/12 • 06:14 AM

my mutterings are here

Posted by Karen • 09/12 • 07:30 AM

Unconscious Mutterings [] I say … and you think …? Self-esteem::low Migraine::pain Phoebe::Ursula Nervous::system Punctual::on time Liver damage::Ted Kennedy Legal disclaimer::DVD Reverend::Jackson Supple::flexible Binder::legal contract [09.12.04]

Self-esteem:: 2nd test comment
Liver damage::
Legal disclaimer::

Posted by PATRICIA • 09/12 • 10:56 AM

Self-esteem:: low
Migraine:: head
Phoebe:: girl
Nervous:: system
Punctual:: time
Liver damage:: beer
Legal disclaimer:: warning
Reverend:: pastor
Supple:: baby
Binder:: blatter

Hmm… Blatter??? I dunno.

Posted by Nina • 09/12 • 11:46 AM

Mine are up.  Great word associations.
Lulu smile

Posted by Lulu • 09/12 • 12:00 PM

Hope you hvae a good last day of the weekend!

Posted by heather • 09/12 • 12:37 PM

I’m up. smile

Posted by Shelly • 09/12 • 01:00 PM

long time no play cheese

Posted by loon • 09/12 • 01:15 PM

I’m up, finally.  Your comments weren’t working earlier this morning.

Posted by sya • 09/12 • 01:49 PM

I'd Still Be Tasting Your Skin [Elkit in Wonderland] It's Sunday, so I'm Muttering again: Self-esteem :: could use a little more Migraine :: no thanks Phoebe :: my new terrier neighbor Nervous :: tic Punctual :: person Liver damage :: cirrhosis Legal disclaimer :: moneygrubbing lawyers Reverend :: [09.12.04]

Unconscious Mutterings: Week 84 [random thinks] From Unconscious Mutterings: a little free association for a warming Sunday morning. Something seems to be wrong with the site, but I managed to find the list. She Says :: And I Think Self-esteem:: Butterflies (see Pearls Before Swine this [09.12.04]

weekend :: weak end [, how did I get here...] LunaNiñ | Unconscious Mutterings Self-esteem :: Confidence Migraine :: Sinusitis Phoebe :: Snow Nervous :: Anxious Punctual :: Timely Liver damage :: Alcohol Legal disclaimer :: Legal Rape Reverend :: Sex Offender Supple :: Muscular Binder :: Portfolio... [09.12.04]

cool smile  Mine are up for the last 2 weeks

Posted by Storyteller • 09/12 • 04:36 PM

Unconscious Mutterings [Mind of Mog] Week 84 Self-esteem:: Maslow Migraine:: Imitrex Phoebe:: Cates Nervous:: Ativan Punctual:: time clock Liver damage:: ETOH:: Ted Kennedy Legal disclaimer:: everything Reverend:: gay Supple:: hips Binder:: arbitration [09.12.04]

Unconscious Mutterings [srah blah blah] My free associations are very very boring. Bah!... [09.12.04]

Didn’t do well this week…

Posted by Liam • 09/12 • 05:58 PM

i’m up…  go eagles!

Posted by Jessica • 09/12 • 08:12 PM

Mine is up! smile

Posted by Lady Treize • 09/12 • 09:38 PM


Posted by DataAngel • 09/12 • 10:14 PM

Unconscious Mutterings [Crayons, Playdoh & Wax] Self-esteem:: low Migraine:: pain Phoebe:: Friends Nervous:: habit Punctual:: Not Liver damage:: alcohol Legal... [09.12.04]

Unconscious Mutterings [A Mommy's Daze] Self-esteem:: Self worth Migraine:: Headache Phoebe:: Friends Nervous:: Jumpy Punctual:: On Time Liver damage:: Alcohol Legal disclaimer:: Waiver Reverend:: Preacher Supple:: Youthful Binder:: Folder... [09.13.04]

# Self-esteem:: Low;  # Migraine:: Aspirin;  # Phoebe:: Cates
# Nervous:: Speech;  # Punctual:: Always;  # Liver damage:: Alcohol….......

Posted by Samantha • 09/13 • 03:06 AM

UM v.84 [Sabrina Faire] I say ... and you think ... ? Self-esteem:: Issues Migraine:: Headache Phoebe:: Buffet Nervous:: Tick Punctual:: On time Liver damage:: Alcohol Legal disclaimer:: Lawyers run amok Reverend:: Vicky Supple:: Leather Binder:: Three Ring... [09.13.04]

Monday Mutterings 13 [BEATS and RANTS 2.2] I have not one, not two, but three memes for that azz today. Enjoy. Happy Monday! From Unconscious Mutterings: Self-esteem:: Migraine:: Headache Phoebe:: Snow Nervous:: Records ('90s rap indie label is making a comeback) Punctual:: Don't be late! Liver damage:: Leave the alcohol beverages alone Legal disclaimer:: Sample my music -- sue your ass! Reverend:: Run or Ike Supple:: [09.13.04]

UM - Week 84 [Tommys Thoughts] Self-esteem:: Not Me Migraine:: Headache Phoebe:: Friends Nervous:: Disorder Punctual:: Late Liver damage:: Alcohol Legal disclaimer:: small print Reverend::... [09.13.04]

test comment 2

Posted by patricia • 09/13 • 12:22 PM

Mine are up!

Posted by june • 09/13 • 01:50 PM

Crystal Clear Unconscious Mutterings [Crystal Clear Memes] Self-esteem::poor Migraine::headache Phoebe::Cates Nervous::Anxiety Punctual::On time Liver damage::Cirrhosis Legal disclaimer::Bull [09.13.04]

Luna Says...I Think... [TRDB] Self-esteem:: develop Migraine:: Headache Phoebe:: Halliwell Nervous:: System Punctual:: Arrival Liver damage:: Excess Drinking Legal disclaimer:: Warning Reverend:: Bull-Shiter Supple:: Soft Binder:: School Supplies Unconscious Mutterings for Week 84 [09.13.04]

Unconscious Mutterings: Week LXVIII [Cranial Spew] Self-esteem:: Confidence Migraine:: Motherfucker, that hurts! Phoebe:: Buffet Nervous:: Twitch Punctual:: Timely Liver damage:: Alcoholic Legal disclaimer:: The fine print. Reverend:: Clergyman Supple:: Agile Binder:: Notebook Click here to play.... [09.13.04]

yeah, i’m done.. just need ta post, which will be in at MOST an hour from now.

Posted by angel • 09/14 • 07:02 AM

Mine are now up for this wonderful week!  raspberry

Posted by Olivia • 09/14 • 01:08 PM

OK, couldn’t pass this one up - you included my kitty in the questions this week!

Posted by Tish • 09/15 • 06:27 AM

UnMutter: 12 September 2004 [MissMeliss: Uber-Caffeinated] I say... And you think...? Self-esteem:: issues Migraine:: headache Phoebe:: Saturn Nervous:: system Punctual:: reliable Liver damage:: phenobarb Legal disclaimer:: fine print Reverend:: mother Supple:: leather Binder:: insurance... [09.16.04]

Mine are you smile

Posted by Uptown Girl • 09/16 • 10:12 AM

Addie Rocks [Silverberry] When I got home from work yesterday, I found my first birthday present on the doorstep! A beautiful little Amazon box. :D I love seeing Amazon boxes on my doorstep. :cloud9: I quickly opened it up ... and two books... [09.18.04]

Unconscious Mutterings: Week 84 [] Unconscious Mutterings:... [12.17.04]

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