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Week 81


Week 79

Week 80

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Server
  2. Charlotte
  3. Jackson
  4. Resentment
  5. Controlling
  6. Intense
  7. November
  8. Donkey
  9. Weave
  10. Satisfies

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Obfuscation 2004
Are your pants on fire?

Obfuscation is in full swing. It’s not too late to play. Check out the guidelines or see who’s playing!

Posted on 08/14 at 11:25 PM •

PLEASE NOTE:: If you're posting your words in the comments, please copy and paste the numbered words, not the words with the code. Kooky, I know, but I'm using a new system to publish the blog and it has new settings which don't allow certain HTML code in the comments as a safety/security precaution.

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Been a while, but I yam up! gorgeous.gif

Posted by Onyx • 08/15 • 12:29 AM

Unconscious Mutterings Week 80 [: Reckless Abandon] Server:: Internet Ser., Networks, files, Irc, web Charlotte:: Charlotte’s Web Jackson:: Andrew, Jacksonville, FL Resentment:: Strong Displeasure, Anger Controlling:: Dominate influence Intense:: Extreme in strength or degree, overwhelming Novembe... [08.15.04]

**stamping foot**

Onyx!  You ALWAYS beat me.  I yam up too!

Posted by Shirl • 08/15 • 12:50 AM

Luna Says...I Think... [: TRDB] Server:: Side Includes Charlotte:: Bronte Jackson:: Twenty Dollars Resentment:: Anger Controlling:: Personality Intense:: Emotions November:: 18th is Mark's Birthday and Rain (as in the song November Rain) Donkey:: Butt Weave:: Tight Satisfies:: Snick... [08.15.04]

Darn, I’m not first. But close. I’m up.  laugh3.gif

Posted by Shelly • 08/15 • 12:56 AM

Unconscious Mutterings: Week 80 [:] Server :: Client Charlotte :: NC Jackson :: Andrew Resentment :: Jealousy Controlling :: Interest Intense :: Bright November :: Autumn Donkey :: Kong Weave :: Basket Satisfies :: Completes Unconscious Mutterin... [08.15.04]

bandana.gif up

Posted by aussie • 08/15 • 02:37 AM

the word thing - server [: Music to my Eyes] Um... Server:: 2k Charlotte:: the harlot Jackson:: Florida Resentment:: brewing Controlling:: domineering Intense:: pleasure November:: 19 Donkey:: Kong Weave:: in and out Satisfies:: pleases [08.15.04]

Unconscious Mutterings [: Stupid Words...] Week 80 I say ... and you think ... ? Server:: Waiter Charlotte:: Rae Jackson:: Five Resentment:: Ire Controlling:: Conservative Intense:: Colin November:: 5th (My birthday!) Donkey:: Kong Weave:: Loom Satisfies:: Snickers [08.15.04]


Posted by Ally • 08/15 • 03:54 AM

Mine are up smile Thanks again.

Posted by nisi • 08/15 • 03:56 AM

Cool, a new one... [: caughtintheXfire] Server::Two things at once... a waitress and Paul. Waitresses are called "servers" sometimes and the other popular meaning of that word is a "Call Paul" kinda thing. Charlotte::My Dad's wife's Mom. She was a nice lady. Jackson::Michael Resentment::Wome... [08.15.04]

Meme time [: chocolate dream] Tired, tired. Had to work yesterday morning - getting up at 7am really is too early... :) And last night was quite cold, so despite not being in bed before 1am (because I went to see the excellent Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind with Sibylle) I was... [08.15.04]

Unconscious Mutterings 8/15/2004 [: What's On Mikey's Mind] Server:: down Charlotte:: NC Jackson:: Mississippi Resentment:: sister Controlling:: selfish Intense:: sex November:: Gone till... Donkey:: ass Weave:: bob Satisfies:: Snickers [08.15.04]

Up, up and away!

Posted by Jillis • 08/15 • 05:45 AM

Mine’s up!  heart.gif

Posted by deb • 08/15 • 06:38 AM

Unconscious Mutterings [:] I say … and you think …? Server::client Charlotte::sometimes Jackson::5 Resentment::level 3 Controlling::blogging Intense::flavor November::skies Donkey::liberal commies Weave::loom Satisfies::water [08.15.04]

tribe :: clan [:, how did I get here...] LunaNiñ | Unconscious Mutterings Server :: Host Charlotte :: Web Jackson :: Raping Little Boys Resentment :: Anger Controlling :: Leftist Manipulation Intense :: Powerful November :: In August Donkey :: A Party of Asses Weave :: Basket Case... [08.15.04]

unconscious mutterings [: everything in its right place] she says... i think... Server:: client Charlotte:: sometimes Jackson:: browne Resentment:: not regret Controlling:: bitch Intense:: anger November:: rain Donkey:: basketball Weave:: warp Satisfies:: nothing [08.15.04]

Unconscious Mutterings: Week 80 [: random thinks] From Unconscious Mutterings: a little free association for an unseasonably cool August morning. She Says :: And I Think Server:: Side Includes Charlotte:: North Carolina Jackson:: Pollock Resentment:: Irritation Controlling:: Interest Intense:: Emotion... [08.15.04]

I’m up.

Posted by sya • 08/15 • 08:39 AM

Unconscious Mutterings [: It Crossed My Mind] 01. Server:: internet 02. Charlotte:: North Carolina 03. Jackson:: browne 04. Resentment:: bitterness [08.15.04]

<ol><li>Server:: Down
<li>Charlotte:: Name
<li>Jackson:: Another name
<li>Resentment:: because of all injustice
<li>Controlling:: Myself
<li>Intense:: Pain
<li>November:: Nice month smile
<li>Donkey:: Smart- and cuteness
<li>Weave:: of a sweater
<li>Satisfies:: Blood

Posted by Nindy • 08/15 • 09:10 AM

unconscious mutterings [: Superflicious] At least I can manage to remember to do my Unconscious Mutterings on the right day. I guess that means... [08.15.04]

Word Association [: She Who Will Be Obeyed!] From | Unconscious Mutterings: Week 80 Server - Microsoft Exchange Charlotte - Shrimp and Grits Jackson - Mississippi Resentment - grudge Controlling - Kerry Intense - Charlie November - scary Donkey - ass Weave - extra hair Satisfies -... [08.15.04]


Posted by Scott • 08/15 • 09:47 AM

My answers are up

Posted by David • 08/15 • 10:06 AM

thumbsup.gif Up.

Posted by Shawn • 08/15 • 10:07 AM

Unconscious Mutterings [: Yay! Blog! v2.0] Server:: Computer Charlotte:: my junior high/high school friend Jackson:: Michael Resentment:: The Resentments movie that I haven't seen yet Controlling:: Overbearing Intense:: Jenga November:: Fall Donkey:: ears Weave:: basket Satisfies:: Patti and t... [08.15.04]

Freeeeeeee Association [: Faithiepoo!] Unconscious Mutterings. Just never gets old for me. Server::Glitch Charlotte::'s Web Jackson::Mississippi Resentment::Anger Controlling::Witch Intense::Sex November::December Donkey::Balls Weave::Hair Satisfies::Completely... [08.15.04]

missed a couple weeks but i am back and it is posted!

Posted by Nina • 08/15 • 12:54 PM

Posted grin

Posted by deborah • 08/15 • 01:09 PM

I muttered today.

Posted by Carol • 08/15 • 01:12 PM

almost done.. i need ta post my entry is all…

Posted by angel • 08/15 • 02:08 PM

Done and Done:

Server: IIS
Charlotte: Web
Jackson: Battle of New Orleans
Resentment: Former Boss
Controlling: Fear
Intense: Intimacy
November: Elections
Donkey: Grand Canyon
Weave: Native American Rugs
Satisfies: Snickers

Posted by SlapDummy • 08/15 • 02:45 PM

Mutter 80 [: The Horrors of an Easily Distracted Mind] Week 80 of the game, with Intense November madness. [08.15.04]

Mine are up!

Posted by neodeath • 08/15 • 03:31 PM

Mine is up

Posted by Les • 08/15 • 03:45 PM

wink.gif That was fun:)

Posted by jennifer • 08/15 • 04:00 PM

wink.gif   That was fun!

Posted by jennifer • 08/15 • 04:01 PM

Mine’s up.

Posted by Cal • 08/15 • 04:15 PM

Mine are up thumbsup.gif

Posted by Storyteller • 08/15 • 04:47 PM

gorgeous.gif My first time here, I have seen it around for ages so I thought why not

Posted by Karen • 08/15 • 05:06 PM [: Mind of Mog] Week 80 Server:: Dreamhost Charlotte:: N.C. Jackson:: Alan Resentment:: see Eye Candy, all those pretty blogs Controlling:: bitch Intense:: in tents:: MCSO Jail:: Sheriff Joe:: up for reelection, vote him out November:: election da... [08.15.04]

Posted!  thumbsup.gif

Posted by Mary • 08/15 • 05:23 PM

All done!  gorgeous.gif

Posted by Amy • 08/15 • 06:04 PM

back in the groove.. mine are up.

Posted by Wyllow • 08/15 • 06:50 PM

Week 80 [: Abraca-Pocus!] Haven't done this in a while: I say ... and you think ... ? Server:: website Charlotte:: Light and Dark Jackson:: Brown Resentment:: unhealthy Controlling:: me? Intense:: heat November:: yay! Donkey:: Kong Weave:: perm Satisfies:: Snickers... [08.15.04]

I think I’ve been here before.

Posted by chuffnutt • 08/15 • 10:57 PM

I’m up, though I forgot to say that I was yesterday when I actually posted my answers….  thumbsup.gif

Posted by Bee • 08/16 • 12:01 AM

Still Sunday on the West Coast!  Finally got mine up.

Posted by Mark • 08/16 • 01:48 AM

mine’s up!

Posted by Beverly • 08/16 • 06:49 AM

Mine are up!

Posted by Chelle • 08/16 • 07:16 AM

Up and at them!

Posted by Lee Ann • 08/16 • 07:36 AM

Did it. A little late, but yea, I did it

Posted by Chris • 08/16 • 08:47 AM

Mutterings [: My Random Ramblings] Server:: Host Charlotte:: Wilber Jackson:: 5 Resentment:: Anger other bad feelings Controlling:: Me at times Intense:: Heat November:: Rain Donkey:: Kong Weave:: Basket Satisfies:: Snickers [08.16.04]

Server:: What you call a waiter/waitress at any of the “flair” restaurants. TGIFrydays, Crapplebees, Red Crawdaddy , or the Chainmail Potato.

Charlotte:: Sweet Charlotte - Stereo Total Song.

Jackson:: Action Jackson

Resentment:: nonsequitur: Rosettes(which i’m long overdue in making)

Controlling:: Davros - classic Doctor Who Baddie.

Intense:: Intense and Peppermints…. Oh that’s Incense? Whatever.

November:: Let’s make November “Yesvember!”

Donkey:: Basketball - strange as it sounds, i vaguely remember this from Jr. High.

Weave:: Underwater Basketweaving aka: CLC Chronicle

Satisfies:: I hate to answer with this… Snickers.

Posted by pat • 08/16 • 11:17 AM

Mine are up! =)

Posted by june • 08/16 • 01:56 PM

Mine are up.

Posted by Tom • 08/16 • 03:46 PM

UM - Week 80 [: Tommys Thoughts] Server:: Linux Charlotte:: ‘s Webb Jackson:: Hole Resentment:: Hate Controlling:: Life Intense:: Hockey November:: Month Donkey:: Kong Weave:: Hair... [08.16.04]

Unconscious Mutterings 8/16 [: shanni's blog] Haven't done one of these for a while. Unconscious Mutterings I read...and I think... Server :: computer Charlotte :: Bronte Jackson :: Mississippi Resentment :: bitter Controlling :: bossy Intense :: strong November :: call Erin Donkey :: Kong Weave... [08.16.04]

Unconscious Mutterings [: srah blah blah] On Sundays, or sometimes on Mondays, I get an email that tells me to do this, and so I do... [08.16.04]

Crystal Clear Unconscious Mutterings [: Crystal Clear Memes] Server:: Apple Pie Charlotte:: W Virginia Jackson:: Five Resentment:: Sister [08.17.04]

Late late late…

Posted by Liam • 08/17 • 07:04 AM

mutter… wink

Posted by beth • 08/17 • 03:39 PM

Haven’t done any memes lately, this one turned out to be very political…

Posted by Tish • 08/18 • 03:00 AM

Server :: My name is Candee, I’ll be your server tonight


Posted by pete • 08/18 • 07:17 AM

Mine are up smile

Posted by Uptown Girl • 08/18 • 12:10 PM

mutterings [: The Beehive] [08.19.04]

Mine’re (finally) up…

Posted by LDH • 08/20 • 06:52 PM

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