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Week 753

Week 754

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Adopt ::
  2. Therapy ::
  3. Money back ::
  4. Lotion ::
  5. Feeling ::
  6. Surgery ::
  7. Ashen ::
  8. Wrist ::
  9. Pronounce ::
  10. Vaseline ::

Don’t feel like retyping the words? Just copy and paste the following into your blog:

<ol><li>Adopt ::  </li>
<li>Therapy :: </li>
<li>Money back ::  </li>
<li>Lotion ::  </li>
<li>Feeling ::  </li>
<li>Surgery ::  </li>
<li>Ashen ::  </li>
<li>Wrist ::  </li>
<li>Pronounce :: </li>
<li>Vaseline ::  </li>

Posted on 07/17 at 07:14 AM •

PLEASE NOTE:: If you're posting your words in the comments, please copy and paste the numbered words, not the words with the code. Kooky, I know, but I'm using a new system to publish the blog and it has new settings which don't allow certain HTML code in the comments as a safety/security precaution.

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I say ... and you think ... ?

  Adopt :: good habits
  Therapy :: animals are awesome
  Money back :: why not just mark the price down and avoid the extra work.
  Lotion :: some is nice - most are slimy or smelly
  Feeling :: wish I had some in my feet
  Surgery :: saves lives
  Ashen :: pale
  Wrist :: carpal tunnel
  Pronounce :: it correctly, please
  Vaseline :: is edible!?  Who would? Why?

Posted by Clara • 07/18 • 09:23 PM

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