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Week 57


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Week 56

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Hollywood
  2. Censor
  3. Nascar
  4. Lube
  5. Mortgage
  6. Freedom
  7. Champion
  8. Reality TV
  9. New York
  10. Tease

Don’t feel like retyping the words? Just copy and paste the following into your blog:

<li>Reality TV::
<li>New York::

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PLEASE NOTE:: If you're posting your words in the comments, please copy and paste the numbered words, not the words with the code. Kooky, I know, but I'm using a new system to publish the blog and it has new settings which don't allow certain HTML code in the comments as a safety/security precaution.

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Ywe ha!!!!  mad.gif

Posted by Onyx • 02/29 • 12:04 AM

I think I’m second this week ...

Posted by Kathy • 02/29 • 12:08 AM

gorgeous.gif Hollywood : Stars, glamour
Censor : ship, illegal
Nascar : races
Lube : Jiffy
Mortgage: Money
Freedom : the Ocean
Champion : Sports
Reality TV : Stupidity
New York : the love of my life
Tease : funny

Posted by Penny • 02/29 • 12:16 AM

Unconscious Mutterings - Week 56 [:] Hollywood :: Movie Stars. Drug Addictions. Censor :: Beeeeeeeep! Nascar :: Racing. Nice fast red cars. Lube :: Job Mortgage :: Loans. Borrrrrring. Freedom :: Statue of Liberty. Champion :: Champion Lover. Some reggae song? Reality TV :: Real World... [02.29.04]

Up early for once!!! laugh3.gif

Posted by Brett • 02/29 • 12:22 AM

And then I thought [: Fermenting in The Melting Pot] says, and I think... Hollywood::Tinseltown Censor::Nudity Nascar::Daytona Lube::Oil Mortgage::House Freedom::Opportunity Champion::Sports Reality TV::Please, die New York::Times Tease::Coffeese ;-)... [02.29.04]

I’m up

Posted by Debbi • 02/29 • 12:43 AM

Mine’s up!  thumbsup.gif

Posted by Bobbi • 02/29 • 12:49 AM


Ani DiFranco should be this up.

Posted by Jerry • 02/29 • 12:52 AM

Ah, before bed muttering… zzz.gif

Posted by Von • 02/29 • 01:00 AM

Izzy’s in! Goodnight all!

Posted by Isabella • 02/29 • 01:05 AM

Mutter 56 [: The Horrors of an Easily Distracted Mind] Week 56 of the game. Tease me. Censor me. Lube me. [02.29.04]

Done!  batman.gif

Posted by Kevin T. • 02/29 • 01:20 AM

my answers are up. have a nice week.

Posted by smash • 02/29 • 01:37 AM

Hey I posted my associations, so go check them out!

Posted by Abby Linn • 02/29 • 01:42 AM

Unconscious Mutterings: 56 [:] Hollywood It used to have charm, now it's a sham. Censor One who, usually, inappropriately inhibits the distribution of information to the public. Nascar Making nothing but left turns for five hours at a time, is the sorriest excuse for ... [02.29.04]

Mine are up!

Posted by Alicia • 02/29 • 01:45 AM

the word thing [: music to my eyes] UM Hollywood:: Seven Censor:: Classification Nascar:: racing Lube:: Mobile Mortgage:: debt Freedom:: Cry Champion:: winner Reality TV:: um... survivor? New York:: New York Tease:: Flirt... [02.29.04]

Mine’s up…

Posted by Ferro Lad • 02/29 • 02:17 AM

Unconscious Mutterings 24 [: orange haired boy] Hollywood :: There aren't any characters at Hollywood & Vine anymore. Censor :: None here... Nascar :: Maria's co-workers Lube :: Always useful Mortgage :: Payment Freedom :: That freedom commercial on TV which has that lady from the Ukraine.... [02.29.04]

Hollywood: Horror Nights, Censor: freedom of speech, Nascar: Rusty Wallace, Lube: oil, Mortgage: house, Freedom: fighter, Reality TV: sucks, New York: empire state, Tease: torment

Posted by Sneech • 02/29 • 02:28 AM


Posted by Anna • 02/29 • 03:30 AM

Unconscious Mutterings [: etherian's island] Week 56 - I missed a few, but here we go again! Hollywood::glitter Censor:: control Nascar:: crash Lube:: job Mortgage::don't... [02.29.04]

mine are up, pups!  heart.gif

Posted by christine aka infinitepink • 02/29 • 04:35 AM

I’m up!

Posted by Shirl • 02/29 • 05:54 AM


Posted by Cris • 02/29 • 06:16 AM

i’ve muttered wacko.gif

Posted by susan • 02/29 • 06:41 AM

Mine’s up gorgeous.gif

Posted by deb • 02/29 • 06:52 AM


Posted by SeriouslyRandom • 02/29 • 08:07 AM

Mine are up!  wavey.gif

Posted by Rebecca • 02/29 • 09:07 AM

unconscious mutterings [: _skin] Blame it on the boogie. Hollywood :: How can it hurt you when it looks so good? Censor :: Anything below Cornwall. Beep if you get the reference! Nascar :: Something I neither know nor care about. Lube :: Lube... [02.29.04]

mine are you…. mad.gif

Posted by Libby • 02/29 • 09:41 AM

<ol><li>Hollywood:: red carpet
<li>Censor:: ban
<li>Nascar:: racing
<li>Lube:: job
<li>Mortgage:: collateral
<li>Freedom:: 55
<li>Champion:: prize-fighter
<li>Reality TV:: survivor
<li>New York:: new york
<li>Tease:: badger

Posted by bryn • 02/29 • 09:41 AM

Unconscious Mutterings #56 [:] Hollywood:: Boulevard Censor:: Freedom of Speech Nascar:: Racing?? Lube:: Oil Mortgage:: House Freedom:: You Will Never Take My Freedom!! as in William Wallace Champion:: Ring Reality TV:: Taking over everything else! New York:: City Tease:: Play [02.29.04]

mutterings #6 [: bartsspace] Hollywood::Bowl Censor::Film Nascar::Racing Lube::Oil Mortgage::Debt Freedom::Of Speach Champion::A Cause Reality TV::Pap New York::State of Mind Tease::Little... [02.29.04]

I’m up.

Posted by sya • 02/29 • 10:03 AM

Unconscious Mutterings: Week 56 [: random thinks] From Unconscious Mutterings, a little free association exercise for your Leap Day Sunday enjoyment: Hollywood:: swimming pools, movie stars Censor:: silence Nascar:: redneck Lube:: oil, filter Mortgage:: your future Freedom:: 's just another word for "... [02.29.04]

Up.  wink.gif

Posted by Shawn • 02/29 • 11:00 AM

Mine are up.

Posted by Amy • 02/29 • 11:16 AM

Mutter [: Abraca-Pocus!] ol>Hollywood:: Boulevard Censor:: network Nascar:: race Lube:: job Mortgage:: rate Freedom:: 55 Champion:: Angel Reality TV:: inane New York:: Times Tease:: hair Thanks Patricia! [02.29.04]

Mine are up bandana.gif

Posted by David • 02/29 • 11:41 AM

Week # 56 [: Just Rilana] Unconscious Mutterings Hollywood:: Diet Censor:: Incense Nascar:: Daytona 500 Lube:: Job Mortgage:: Payment Freedom:: of Speech Champion:: Horse Reality TV:: Overkill New York:: NY Tease:: Me... [02.29.04]

Unconscious Mutterings 56 [: patchwork progression] Unconscious Mutterings - Week 56... [02.29.04]

muttering as usual [: A Jolt of Reality] Week 56 I say ... and you think ... ? Hollywood:: Squares Censor:: *bleep* Nascar:: Daytona 500 Lube:: Jiffy Mortgage:: 20-30 years of debt Freedom:: no debt Champion:: Queen's "We are the..." Reality TV:: not quite [02.29.04]

up.  thumbsup.gif

Posted by Jaime • 02/29 • 01:19 PM

Mutter, mutter, mumble, muble…. I muttered today smile

Posted by Gwynne • 02/29 • 01:48 PM

Mine are up!  Happy Leap Day!  wacko.gif

Posted by chip • 02/29 • 01:59 PM

Unconscious Mutterings [: srah blah blah] It's a meme. It happens every week. You can do it too, if you would like. The Pea will not... [02.29.04]


Posted by Becka • 02/29 • 03:05 PM

Up! Usually I don’t leave messages, but I guess I should, right?

Posted by Riri • 02/29 • 03:18 PM

heart.gif Done and with a pinch of attitude too. LOL

Posted by Friday's Child • 02/29 • 03:29 PM

Up!  mad.gif

Posted by Brie • 02/29 • 03:55 PM

My words posted

Posted by Liam • 02/29 • 04:03 PM

Luna Says...I think... [: TRDB] Hollywood:: Mark Censor:: My Husband Nascar:: Mark Lube:: Mark Mortgage:: My Husband Freedom:: My Husband Champion:: Mark Reality TV:: My Husband New York:: Mark Tease:: My Husband Can't tell Mark came home today from being at sea for six months... [02.29.04]

Tonight's the Night... [: CarMiGe's Daily Zen] .....for the Oscars! I'm excited to see who the winners will be. My excitement is based on the fact I have nothing else to do. So why not watch? I want Charlize Theron to win for her role in Monster.... [02.29.04]


Posted by Scott • 02/29 • 04:21 PM

Ta-da!  First time mutterer smile

Posted by Pisces Peach • 02/29 • 04:53 PM

heart.gif   All done!

Posted by Sabra • 02/29 • 05:02 PM

Unconscious Mutterings, Week 56 [: Atypical Female] Hollywood::California Censor::Bleep (You know, the sound the TV makes when someone curses) Nascar::Widow (me, lol) Lube::Job Mortgage::Payment Freedom::of Speech Champion::Sportswear Reality TV::Sick of It New York::Mets Tease::Tickle... [02.29.04]

Unconscious Mutterings [:] I haven't done Unconscious Mutterings in awhile, so: 1. Hollywood:: Boulevard 2. Censor:: ship 3. Nascar:: Boring :) 4. Lube::... [02.29.04]

Fried and crispy.  Stick a fork in ‘em, ‘cause they’re done!  thumbsup.gif

Posted by Anonymous B. Nowhere • 02/29 • 05:37 PM

Unconscious Mutterings [: Nic's Blog] Unconscious Mutterings Hollywood:: Squares Censor:: mute Nascar:: racing Lube:: oil [02.29.04]

mines up =] heart.gif

Posted by Dee • 02/29 • 05:41 PM

like :: whatever [:, how did I get here?] LunaNiñ | Unconscious Mutterings Hollywood :: like, whatever Censor :: senseless Nascar :: Confederate flags, shotguns, hate and ignorance Lube :: job Mortgage :: lost another one to ditech. Freedom :: to be me Champion :: prize Reality TV ... [02.29.04] [: Cranky Chaos] Hollywood:: Censor:: ship Nascar:: how bad have you got it Lube:: job Mortgage::broker Freedom:: rings Champion:: ship Reality TV:: suxs New York:: city Tease:: prick Want to play? Go here Sublimal Luna... [02.29.04]

Mine are up!

Posted by Chaos • 02/29 • 06:26 PM [: JediMedic] Hollywood:: h-o-l-l-y WOOD!!!! Censor:: they suck Nascar:: ROCKS Lube:: job Freedom:: not free Champion:: Dale Earnhardt Reality TV:: this include the WWE New York:: The Gun (maybe one day i will explain) Tease:: chaos Wanna play? ... [02.29.04]

ol><li>Hollywood:: Hills
<li>Censor:: Tipper
<li>Nascar:: mullets
<li>Lube:: job
<li>Freedom:: Holland
<li>Champion:: lost causes
<li>Reality TV:: Orwellian
<li>New York:: Art
<li>Tease:: taunt

Posted by D • 02/29 • 06:42 PM

Up are me answers!  laugh3.gif

Posted by Mary • 02/29 • 06:42 PM

Happy Leap Day!  Mine are up.

Posted by Mark • 02/29 • 07:00 PM

Free-association for the week [: Random Fate] Unconscious Mutterings - Week 56 Hollywood:: Movie Censor:: Right-wing Nascar:: Race Lube:: Job Mortgage:: Payment Freedom:: of Speech Champion:: Spark plugs Reality TV:: Beyond stupidity New York:: Melting pot Tease:: Stripper Hmmm... could be worse..... [02.29.04]

After a long break, mine are up!

Posted by Heids • 02/29 • 11:03 PM

Unconcious Mutterings [: The Beehive] LunaNiņ | Unconscious Mutterings Hollywood:: star Censor:: muted Nascar:: Dale Earnhart Lube:: Jiffy Mortgage:: money Freedom:: of speech Champion:: Carmen [02.29.04]

Mine are posted.  thumbsup.gif

Posted by Dac • 02/29 • 11:31 PM

Unconscious Mutterings [: Uber-Caffeinated] Hollywood:: movie Censor:: free speech Nascar:: racing Lube:: Jiffy Mortgage:: rates Freedom:: speech Champion:: ice Reality TV:: ugh New York:: Broadway Tease:: hair... [03.01.04]

Mine are up

Posted by Les • 03/01 • 12:13 AM

hey look, I’m the first one up! beatnik2.gif

Posted by Lynn • 03/01 • 01:27 AM

No wait, I’m just really out of it.  oops.gif   grin.gif

Posted by Lynn • 03/01 • 01:29 AM

mine are up!

Posted by yvett • 03/01 • 01:39 AM

Unconcious Mutterings [: b e i n g s w i f t . o r g] Hollywood:: Boulevard Censor:: language Nascar:: Jeff Gordon Lube:: 'n Tune Mortgage:: payment Freedom:: America Champion:: "We are the Champions" -Queen Reality TV:: Reno 911 HA HA HA! New York:: Sinatra Tease:: girls... [03.01.04]

Unconscious Mutterings [: Ego, Ego, Ego!] This week's Unconscious Mutterings.... [03.01.04]

Up and at them!

Posted by Lee Ann • 03/01 • 06:44 AM

LunaNiņ | Unconscious Mutterings [: What's The Rush, Buff?] Hollywood:: Starlet Censor:: ship Nascar:: Budweiser Lube:: KY Mortgage:: Points Freedom:: I won't let you down Champion:: Shorts Reality TV:: Drama New York:: Carrie Tease:: Me baby! [03.01.04]

Another Sunday passed [: nod and smile] Another week of mutterings Hollywood:: drive Censor:: 5 second delay Nascar:: race Lube:: up Mortgage:: Home ?Free Freedom:: fries Champion:: dog show Reality TV:: sucks New York:: city Tease:: pester... [03.01.04]

I’m up!  grin

Posted by lulu • 03/01 • 08:54 AM

mine are up!

Posted by Kathy • 03/01 • 09:58 AM

unconscious mutterings [: Everything In Its Right Place] almost forgot this weeks! Hollywood:: fake Censor:: destroy Nascar:: stupid Lube:: oil Mortgage:: house Freedom:: loose Champion:: ship Reality TV:: saturation New York:: New York Tease:: me... [03.01.04]

Done !! laugh3.gif

Posted by Lulu • 03/01 • 10:01 AM

UM - Week 56 [: Tommys Thoughts] Hollywood:: Blvd Censor:: Ship Nascar:: Stewart Lube:: Job Mortgage:: Rate too High Freedom:: Train Champion:: Queen Reality TV:: Survivor... [03.01.04]

Mine are up…

Quick question, when I put the mouse over a link on your page, it puts a pop up, how do I do that?  Like the I’s next to the name, email and URL.

Posted by Tom • 03/01 • 10:26 AM

Mutterings [: My Random Ramblings] Hollywood:: Movies Censor:: Boob Nascar:: Race cars Lube:: Slick Mortgage:: House Freedom:: Let it Ring! Champion:: Winner Reality TV:: Annoying! New York:: Big Apple Tease:: Taunt.... Titillate... [03.01.04]

Mine are up! =)

Posted by june • 03/01 • 12:00 PM

Mine are up!

Posted by Kristin • 03/01 • 01:00 PM

like a bee [: Literarily Incorrect] It's just getting more and more difficult to stay on top of things lately, and this site is pretty low on my list of priorities. So I guess we'll just have to deal with weekly (or so) postings and I... [03.01.04]

mutterings posted wacko.gif

Posted by loon • 03/01 • 02:04 PM

There it is… thumbsup.gif

Posted by Erica • 03/01 • 02:13 PM

my mutterings are posted for all to peak at… thumbsup.gif

Posted by matt • 03/01 • 04:23 PM

i posted my crazy mutterings!

Posted by zero • 03/01 • 05:05 PM

Unconscious Mutterings :: 2.19.2004 [: From The Solitude Of My Thoughts...] Buh. Now that things aren't so hectic and weird, I hope I'll be a bit more on track with the Memes. They're fun. Hollywood :: Dreams Censor :: Control Nascar :: Annoying Lube... [03.01.04]

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