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Week 53

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Identity::
  2. Reveal::
  3. Live::
  4. Attitude::
  5. Night::
  6. Nevada::
  7. Weekend::
  8. Write::
  9. Friend::
  10. Seventeen::

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Posted on 02/08 at 12:40 AM •

PLEASE NOTE:: If you're posting your words in the comments, please copy and paste the numbered words, not the words with the code. Kooky, I know, but I'm using a new system to publish the blog and it has new settings which don't allow certain HTML code in the comments as a safety/security precaution.

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Mutter 53 [: The Horrors of an Easily Distracted Mind] Week 53 of the game. Reveal yourself and take a road trip with us. [02.08.04]


Posted by Scott • 02/08 • 01:52 AM

All done!  batman.gif

Posted by Kevin T. • 02/08 • 01:55 AM

posted grin

Posted by Deborah • 02/08 • 01:58 AM

Unconcious Mutterings [: Metro44.Org] Identity :: Card Reveal :: Flash Live :: Concerts Attitude :: Bitch Night :: Sex Nevada :: Hick Weekend :: Sleep Write :: Blogs Friend :: Punching bag Seventeen :: Young'un... [02.08.04]

Unconscious Mutterings [: srah blah blah] Free extensions? In the association. Or something.... [02.08.04]

Unconscious Mutterings [:] Identity:: Self Reveal:: Show Live:: Breathing Attitude:: The thing Dave has that's pissing me off. Ooops! How did that get in there!! Night:: Darkness Nevada:: Vegas Weekend:: Vacation Write:: Jo! I miss you!! Friend:: Monica. Damn TV show. Seventeen:... [02.08.04]

Mine’s up. How odd how some of these matched my life right now!

Posted by Jessica • 02/08 • 02:46 AM

Identity:: is lost
Reveal:: the darkness
Live:: die
Attitude:: hiding who you are
Night:: peace, calm
Nevada:: Nirvana (dunno why it makes me think of that, odd, lol)
Weekend:: yay!
Write:: poems, stories, anything I feel like:)
Friend:: is necessary in life
Seventeen:: eighteen

Posted by Nindy • 02/08 • 03:20 AM

the word thing [: music to my eyes] Um Identity:: theft Reveal:: codes Live:: and dangerous Attitude:: convey Night:: owl Nevada:: Alicia Weekend:: bliss Write:: in my journal Friend:: and lover Seventeen:: 01 :)... [02.08.04]

Having lots of fun with this. Mine are posted.

Posted by Stormwind • 02/08 • 03:36 AM

mutter, mutter, mutter…

Posted by susan • 02/08 • 03:50 AM

Here I am again!!  thumbsup.gif

Posted by Brett • 02/08 • 03:55 AM

Wow, I’m actually in the top two dozen this time. LOL Mine are up!  heart.gif

Posted by Friday's Child • 02/08 • 05:18 AM

Woo, on time for once!

Posted by Anele • 02/08 • 05:20 AM


Posted by SeriouslyRandom • 02/08 • 05:27 AM

Stupid MSN. It didn’t acknowledge the email reminder that is being sent out. But I still remember to did it, nevertheless. Those are some great words!

Posted by Chris • 02/08 • 06:05 AM

I’m in!  wiggle2.gif
*superior dance*

Posted by Jerry • 02/08 • 06:30 AM

it’s there… sorry about last week. I was sick.

Posted by Beverly • 02/08 • 07:12 AM

and I yam up!

Posted by Shirl • 02/08 • 07:35 AM

U.M. [: My inner child is a brat..] Identity:: Bourne Reveal:: Trading Spaces Live:: with Kelly and Regis Attitude:: me Night:: Fever Nevada:: Las Vegas Weekend:: Warrior Write:: story Friend:: or foe? Seventeen:: Sexy and.. LunaNiņ | Unconscious Mutterings... [02.08.04]

gorgeous.gif Mine are up!

Posted by deb • 02/08 • 08:28 AM

I just got out of bed and my brain isn’t fully awake, so my entries are more like Comatose Mutterings, but they’re up!

Posted by Gina • 02/08 • 09:15 AM

I Say...You Think... [: The Real Dragon Babble] Identity:: Theft Reveal:: All, hide nothing Live:: Performance Attitude:: Adjustment Night:: Before Party Nevada:: Reno Weekend:: Relax Write:: Type Friend:: For Life Seventeen:: Magazine Unconscious Mutterings for Week 53... [02.08.04]

me :: myself :: I [:, how did I get here?] LunaNiñ | Unconscious Mutterings Identity :: Persona Reveal :: a new and younger you Live :: In Person Attitude :: Conceit Night :: Life Nevada :: Las Vegas Weekend :: Party Write :: Blog Friend :: Acquaintance Seventeen :: High... [02.08.04]

I’m up.

Posted by sya • 02/08 • 09:51 AM

<ol><li>Identity:: indistinguisability
<li>Reveal:: unveil
<li>Attitude:: stance
<li>Nevada::silver state
<li>Weekend::at bernie’s
<li>Write:: drop a line


Posted by bryn • 02/08 • 09:58 AM

unconscios mutterings [: Everything In Its Right Place] Identity:: hidden Reveal:: identity Live:: action Attitude:: bad Night:: day Nevada:: where? Weekend:: trip Write:: letter Friend:: best Seventeen:: age... [02.08.04]

Mutterings [: My Random Ramblings] Identity:: Personal Information Reveal:: Uncover Live:: In Person Attitude:: Bad Night:: Day Nevada:: Reno Weekend:: At Bernie's Write:: Letter Friend:: Foe Seventeen:: She's Only... [02.08.04]

Mine are up

Posted by David • 02/08 • 10:31 AM

Up and muttered, with explanations and everything…

Posted by Izzy • 02/08 • 10:34 AM

mine are up!  Thanks wacko.gif

Posted by marsha • 02/08 • 10:36 AM

Muttering muttering muttering [: nod and smile] Hey - it's the meme that I can always come up with a response to! Identity:: theft Reveal:: Trading Spaces Live:: not dead Attitude:: problem Night:: sleep Nevada:: Vegas Weekend:: busy Write:: wrong Friend:: We fri our friends, not free... [02.08.04]

I’m up! mad.gif

Posted by Heather • 02/08 • 10:46 AM

Even coffee hasn’t helped.

Posted by Von • 02/08 • 10:48 AM


Posted by Liam • 02/08 • 11:15 AM

How about some mutter? [: Fermenting in The Melting Pot] LunaNina says::I think Identity::Crisis Reveal::Show Live::Band Attitude::Despair Night::Mare Nevada::Gold Rush Weekend::Coffee Write::Paper Friend::Foe Seventeen::Eighteen... [02.08.04]

Be gentle with me, please.  It’s my first time.

Posted by Susan • 02/08 • 11:46 AM

thumbsup.gif bum bum buuuuuummmm thumbsup.gif

Posted by xstarbellyx • 02/08 • 12:48 PM

uppers thumbsup.gif

Posted by loon • 02/08 • 01:37 PM

Mine are posted.  wacko.gif

Posted by Daclaren • 02/08 • 01:49 PM

Unconscious Mutterings [: Yay! Blog! v2.0] Identity:: John Cusack Reveal:: Queer Eye Live:: Ed Kowalczyk Attitude:: American Idol Contestants Night:: Stand Nevada:: Las Vegas Weekend:: Off Work Write:: Jeremy Piven Friend:: Raspberry Silk Song Seventeen:: Magazine... [02.08.04]

Unconscious Mutterings [: Home of the Soul Cookie] Words are people too! Identity:: crisis Reveal:: your intentions Live:: at Budokan Attitude:: adjustment Night:: day Nevada:: desert Weekend:: edition Write:: create Friend:: confidante Seventeen:: magazine [02.08.04]

Identity:: personal
Reveal:: exhibitionist
Live:: and in person!
Attitude:: adjustment
Night:: owl
Nevada:: Reno 911
Weekend:: retreat
Write:: inspiration
Friend:: need more
Seventeen:: crappy magazine

Posted by Cricket • 02/08 • 02:35 PM

yet again influenced by who i was talking to before doing this

Posted by boberry • 02/08 • 03:03 PM

posted! smile

Posted by virginia • 02/08 • 03:36 PM

Me answers are now posted!  laugh3.gif

Posted by Mary • 02/08 • 04:33 PM

Ready, aye, ready!

Posted by Mitch • 02/08 • 05:02 PM

Better late in the day than never.  wink.gif

Posted by Shawn • 02/08 • 05:37 PM

Mutterings #4 [: bartsspace] Unconscious Mutterings Identity::Crisis Reveal::Show Live::Show Attitude::Dangerous Night::Light Nevada::Desert Weekend::Break Write::Down Friend::Of the family Seventeen::Years... [02.08.04]

Mine are up gorgeous.gif

Posted by Amy • 02/08 • 06:16 PM

thumbsup.gif   Here they are.

Posted by Alyssa • 02/08 • 06:44 PM

Unconscious Mutterings [: The Three R's] You can play here. Identity:: Theft Reveal:: Show Live:: Boobies! Attitude:: Personality Night:: Day Nevada:: Las Vegas Weekend:: Sleep in Write:: Pen Friend:: Christy Seventeen:: Magazine... [02.08.04]

My answers are up. Have a nice week.

Posted by smash • 02/08 • 08:28 PM

up soon!

Posted by Amy • 02/08 • 08:49 PM

So done, they’re downright crispy.  beatnik2.gif

Posted by Anonymous B. Nowhere • 02/08 • 08:50 PM

Mine is up now.  Come visit me!

Posted by Kimee • 02/08 • 09:09 PM

Mine are up.

Posted by Jessica • 02/08 • 09:27 PM

Unconscious Mutterings [: a pimple squeeze away from an orgasm :: ©adrian wong 2004]
  1. Identity:: crisis
  2. Reveal:: nothing
  3. Live:: play
  4. Attitude:: bad
  5. Night:: fun
  6. Nevada:: tv
  7. Weekend:: boring
  8. Write:: stories
  9. Friend:: look
  10. Seventeen:: bowling


Posted by dj • 02/08 • 10:48 PM

mutterings [: jeremiad] she says ... and I think ...?... [02.08.04]

Mine’s up…

Posted by Ferro Lad • 02/08 • 11:24 PM

First time in a while… but they’re up!

Posted by Melanie • 02/08 • 11:26 PM

Unconscious Mutterings #53 [:] Unconscious Mutterings Identity:: Card Reveal:: Surprise Live:: Life Attitude:: Harsh Night:: Stars Nevada:: State Weekend:: Fun Write:: Books Friend:: Best Seventeen:: Years Old... [02.09.04]

Mine are up.

Posted by Tom • 02/09 • 01:19 AM

UM - Week 53 [: Tommys Thoughts] Identity:: Theft Reveal:: Show All Live:: Adult Show Attitude:: Adjustment Night:: Hawk Nevada:: Gambling Weekend:: at Bernie's Write:: Right... [02.09.04]

Unconscious Mutterings [: Ego, Ego, Ego!] This week's Unconscious Mutterings.... [02.09.04]

Mine will be up in 2 minutes.  thumbsup.gif

Posted by Veronica • 02/09 • 02:47 AM

Unconcious Mutterings [: Kinky thought bubbles] LunaNiņ | Unconscious Mutterings... [02.09.04]

Obsession [: chocolate dream] All in all I had a good weekend -- spent Saturday with Adrian, taking a little road trip through Switzerland, and then spent most of Sunday in front of the TV before meeting a couple of friends for drinks and chats in the evening. The TV marathon happe... [02.09.04]


Posted by CandyDarling • 02/09 • 12:07 PM

Didn’t get to them until now

Posted by Jillis • 02/09 • 01:02 PM

Mutterings - nº. 4 [: Mind of Knowledge] Been a while, but here's another Unconscious Mutterings answer. [02.09.04]

heart.gif Okay, I’m finally up.  Have a great V-day!!

Posted by Kristin • 02/09 • 04:02 PM

Eh, got there eventually XD

Posted by Tats • 02/09 • 04:10 PM

muttering as usual [: A Jolt of Reality] Unconscious Mutterings-Week 53 Identity:: DNA Reveal:: Magic Live:: The Dolphin's Cry Attitude:: teenagers Night:: owl Nevada:: gambling Weekend:: not long enough Write:: penpal Friend:: RQ Seventeen:: Cross Canadian Ragweed [02.09.04]

mine are up

Posted by christina • 02/09 • 04:36 PM

Mine will be up soon.

Posted by Mark • 02/09 • 07:42 PM

Free Association [: angelchrys] Identity:: Problems Reveal:: Truth Live:: Life Attitude:: Irritating Night:: Dark Nevada:: Crazy Weekend:: Peace Write:: Necessary Friend:: Comfort Seventeen:: Naive... [02.09.04]

It’s up!

Posted by Sabra • 02/09 • 08:25 PM

Mine are up!

Posted by jacinthe • 02/09 • 08:30 PM

Unconscious Mutterings [: Spokey Dokey] Getting sloppy with me memes. Here's the Unconscious Mutterings. Identity :: You Reveal :: Learn Live :: Alive Attitude :: Adjustment Night :: Life Nevada :: Skies Weekend :: Road... [02.09.04]

Hidden Weekend With Thirty Days In Nevada's Theft 53 [: lonita.mutter] Identity: The way you see yourself, and the way you're seen by others / Your name. Reveal: Expose, to give information on something unknown, uncover. Live: To do more than merely exist. Attitude: The impression you give to others, y... [02.09.04]

Up On:

Posted by krystin~ • 02/10 • 12:44 AM

Mine is up

Posted by Les • 02/10 • 01:04 AM

Unconscious Mutterings 21 [: orange haired boy] This is REALLY late, but I wanted to post it anyway. Identity :: Theft Reveal :: Truth Live :: Saturday Night Live Attitude :: Bill Night :: After Dark (the program) Nevada :: Area 51 Weekend :: Retreat Write ::... [02.10.04]

mine are up!

Posted by andrea • 02/10 • 11:47 AM

Unconcious Mutterings [: b e i n g s w i f t . o r g] Identity:: crisis Reveal:: secret Live:: theatre Attitude:: adjustment Night:: vision Nevada:: Las Vegas Weekend:: getaway Write:: a letter Friend:: or Foe "...Seventeen:: going on Eighteen.."... [02.10.04]

Unconscious Mutterings [: Amazonchyck's Blog] I say ... and you think ... ? Identity:: Self Reveal:: Open Live:: Breathe Attitude:: Aggressive Night:: Day Nevada:: Barren Weekend:: Playtime Write:: More Friend:: Care Seventeen:: Not again Meme provided by Luna Nina.... [02.10.04]


Posted by Katie • 02/10 • 05:44 PM

i like the idea

Posted by Mo • 02/10 • 05:46 PM


Posted by JD • 02/10 • 08:18 PM

Mine Are Up!

Posted by AJ • 02/10 • 09:44 PM

Mine are up! smile

Posted by Alicia • 02/10 • 11:43 PM

Up and at them!

Posted by Lee Ann • 02/11 • 07:43 AM

mine are up! it’s been too long! these are conjuring many musical thoughts…

Posted by megan • 02/11 • 11:04 AM

Mine are up!

Posted by ranada dejoi • 02/11 • 12:48 PM

the art of entropy [Unconscious Mutterings: week 53] [: lily of the valley] *permanently confused by the meme's numbering system* [02.11.04]

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