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Week 52


Week 50_2

Week 51

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Political::
  2. Concentration::
  3. Fish::
  4. Lunacy::
  5. Red::
  6. Imply::
  7. Recognize::
  8. Sexist::
  9. Commercial::
  10. Stricken::

Don’t feel like retyping the words? Just copy and paste the following into your blog:


Thank you to everyone who nominated UM for the 2004 Bloggies!

Posted on 01/25 at 12:12 AM •

PLEASE NOTE:: If you're posting your words in the comments, please copy and paste the numbered words, not the words with the code. Kooky, I know, but I'm using a new system to publish the blog and it has new settings which don't allow certain HTML code in the comments as a safety/security precaution.

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Finally, the first!!

Posted by Brett • 01/25 • 01:47 AM

Mine are posted at Vanilla Mist.
Have a nice Sunday everyone.  thumbsup.gif

Posted by Patty • 01/25 • 01:49 AM

Done! batman.gif

Posted by Kevin T. • 01/25 • 02:00 AM

Unconscious Mutterings [: srah blah blah] For a limited time only! Free free free! Associations!... [01.25.04]

Conscious Unmutterings [: Fermenting in The Melting Pot] From Unconscious Mutterings, week 51... Political::Gadfly Concentration::Game Fish::Fingers Lunacy::Mission to the Moon Red::Planet Imply::Means that Recognize::Reward Sexist::Pig Commercial::Advertisement Stricken::Down... [01.25.04]

all done. thumbsup.gif

Posted by coralie • 01/25 • 02:55 AM

I yam up!  Thanks!

Posted by Shirl • 01/25 • 02:57 AM

ok, my response has been posted.

Posted by ac • 01/25 • 03:28 AM

tough one this week! but it was fun

Posted by feli • 01/25 • 03:50 AM

I missed last week’s, but I did this week’s though! And I’m number nine! Not bad!

Posted by Chris • 01/25 • 03:56 AM

Yes, indeed - mine are up!  thumbsup.gif

Posted by Friday's Child • 01/25 • 04:19 AM

Mutter 51 [: The Horrors of an Easily Distracted Mind] Week 51 of the game, with concentration camps of sexist pigs. [01.25.04]

Mine are up again.

Posted by Jillis • 01/25 • 04:34 AM

Unconcious Mutterings [: b e i n g s w i f t . o r g] Political:: cartoon Concentration:: (the game) Fish:: hatchery Lunacy:: is contageous Red:: Baron Imply:: suggest Recognize:: the potential in others Sexist:: pig Commercial:: airliner Stricken:: with a disease... [01.25.04]

Posted and still enjoying the game.

Posted by Stormwind • 01/25 • 05:25 AM

My first one of the new year is now up! wacko.gif

Posted by Veronica • 01/25 • 06:09 AM

out there in the ether…

Posted by susan • 01/25 • 06:26 AM

Unconcious Mutterings... [: Life's Just Ducky: Quack Quack!] Political:: bullshit Concentration:: out the window Fish:: shrimp platter Lunacy:: my life Red:: purple Imply:: accuse Recognize:: I know... [01.25.04]

Mine’s up!  heart.gif

Posted by deb • 01/25 • 08:26 AM

More and More and More [: nod and smile] Things to mutter about. Political:: action Concentration:: memory game Fish:: Go Lunacy:: crazy Red:: Green Imply:: and infer Recognize:: across a crowded room Sexist:: baaad Commercial:: Super Bowl Stricken:: ill... [01.25.04]

Unconscious Mutterings #51 [:] Unconscious Mutterings Political:: Party Concentration:: Camp Fish:: Gold Lunacy:: Moon Red:: Lipstick Imply:: Fight Recognize:: Words Sexist:: Males Commercial:: TV Stricken:: Illness... [01.25.04]

I’m up.

Posted by sya • 01/25 • 09:23 AM

association :: relation [:, how did I get here?] LunaNiñ | Unconscious Mutterings Political :: Motivation Concentration :: Holy Grail Fish :: Head Lunacy :: DNC Red :: Rose Imply :: Infer Recognize :: Remember Sexist :: Feminist Commercial :: Enterprise Stricken :: Chronic... [01.25.04]

Up and at them!

Posted by Lee Ann • 01/25 • 09:51 AM

Unconscious Mutterings [: The Three R's] You can play here. Political:: Hogwash Concentration:: Game Fish:: Salmon Lunacy:: Red:: Car Imply:: Assume Recognize:: See Sexist:: Commercial:: Steak N Shake Stricken:: Sick... [01.25.04]

One-half cup of coffee, no nicotine or sugar.  Wake me up before you go-go. 

Posted by Von • 01/25 • 10:06 AM

listed..first time player

Posted by Kerridwen • 01/25 • 10:38 AM

Week 51 [:] Unconscious Mutterings # Political:: Ass # Concentration::Focus # Fish::Crotch # Lunacy::The Moon # Red::Candle # Imply::Judge # Recognize::Memorize # Sexist::Pig # Commercial::Residential # Stricken::Grief... [01.25.04]

Unconscious Mutterings [: A Blog by any other name...] Week # 51 Political:: Backstabbing Concentration:: Thinking Fish:: Nemo Lunacy:: Funny farm Red:: Fire Imply:: Say Recognize:: Remember Sexist:: Pig Commercial:: Advertising Stricken:: Upset... [01.25.04]

you say and i think [: Literarily Incorrect] unconscious mutterings Political:: garbage Concentration:: concentration now begins, names of... Fish:: pisces Lunacy:: madness Red:: stop Imply:: sneaky Recognize:: disguise Sexist:: chauvinist Commercial:: advertisement Stricken:: from the record Vot... [01.25.04]

Up.  wink.gif

Posted by Shawn • 01/25 • 11:15 AM

Mutterings [: My Random Ramblings] Political:: Correctness Concentration:: Perfection (two silly games from childhood) Fish:: GO Lunacy:: Family Red:: Riding Hood Imply:: Suggest Recognize:: Identify Sexist:: Pig Commercial:: Plates (still gotta get ours!) Stricken:: Ill... [01.25.04]

Unconscious Mutterings #51 [:] Political:: Contributions Concentration:: Mind Fish:: Sausage Lunacy:: Madness! Red:: Envelopes Imply:: Hint Recognize:: Instantly Sexist:: Pig Commercial:: Industry Stricken:: Cold :unconsciousmutterings: [01.25.04]

Wow mine are bit out there this week lol…

My answers are up

Posted by David • 01/25 • 11:59 AM

All done.  heart.gif

Posted by fl0w3r • 01/25 • 12:01 PM

Buzz...POP! [: wild fl0w3r] From Unconscious Mutterings:... [01.25.04]

My answers are up.

Posted by Emily • 01/25 • 12:48 PM

Mine are up.

Posted by Tom • 01/25 • 12:51 PM

UM - Week 51 [: Tommys Thoughts] Week 51 Political:: unrest Concentration:: Think Hard Fish:: 1 fish, 2 fish, red fish, blue fish Lunacy:: One Flew... [01.25.04]

posted grin

Posted by Deborah • 01/25 • 12:56 PM

Unconscious Mutterings 1/25 [:] Unconscious Mutterings I read...and I think... Political :: scandal Concentration :: camp Fish :: out of water Lunacy ::... [01.25.04]

Here’s my weekly mutterings*mutters something vaguely Japanese*^_^;;

Posted by Trinity Chandler • 01/25 • 01:16 PM

Mine are upthumbsup.gif

Posted by Shanni • 01/25 • 01:17 PM


Posted by Michael • 01/25 • 01:45 PM

Unconscious Mutterings [: Mind of Mog] Week 51 Political:: correctness Concentration:: that game Fish:: Fish heads. By Barnes & Barnes (Chorus and first verse) Fish heads fish heads Roly poly fish heads fish heads fish heads eat them up, yum! Ask a fish head anything you wan... [01.25.04]


Posted by Hootress • 01/25 • 02:37 PM

Mine’s up…

Posted by Ferro Lad • 01/25 • 03:00 PM

Just put mine up, very interesting results.. I’m pretty certain I must be crazy now.. mad.gif

Posted by patchworksniper • 01/25 • 03:05 PM

First time poster. Replies are up.

Posted by Dreammoth • 01/25 • 03:22 PM

Unconcious Mutterings [: Metro44] Political :: Certainly not Rush Concentration :: Very hard to have Fish :: Scaley Lunacy :: Streaking Red :: Gore Imply :: Hint Recognize :: Slow Sexist :: Rush Commercial :: Corporate whore Stricken :: Grief Unconscious Mutterings... [01.25.04]

Mine tis up!

Posted by Tats • 01/25 • 04:33 PM

Good ones!

Posted by Erica • 01/25 • 04:35 PM

Free Association [: Just Orb] Political:: Bullshit Concentration:: Headache Fish:: Salmon Lunacy:: Nut House Red:: Black Imply:: Infer Recognize:: Understand Sexist:: Chauvinist Commercial:: TV Stricken::... [01.25.04]

unconscious mutterings [: Everything In Its Right Place] i say, you think... Political:: ally Concentration:: think Fish:: stick Lunacy:: absurd Red:: army Imply:: suppose Recognize:: by sight Sexist:: thoughts Commercial:: possibilities Stricken:: sickly... [01.25.04]

Political:: Discussion
Concentration:: dump
Fish:: face
Lunacy:: madness
Red:: adare
Imply:: hint
Recognize:: notice
Sexist:: comment
Commercial:: break
Stricken:: ailing

Posted by Liam • 01/25 • 06:32 PM

my answers are up. have a nice week.

Posted by smash • 01/25 • 07:59 PM

Ready for inspection.

Posted by Mitch • 01/25 • 08:06 PM

Mine are up!

Posted by Alicia • 01/25 • 08:10 PM

Mine is up!

Posted by Les • 01/25 • 08:14 PM

Gosh… it feels like the last Mutterings were only yesterday.

Posted by Anna • 01/25 • 08:22 PM

Unconscious Mutterings: Week 51 [: random thinks] From Unconscious Mutterings: a little free association. Political:: Debate Concentration:: Focus Fish:: Fry Lunacy:: Madness Red:: Dress Imply:: Infer Recognize:: Understand Sexist:: Comment Commercial:: Interruption Stricken:: Look [01.25.04]

Unconscious Mutterings [: well.notes] The weekly Mutterings ...... [01.25.04]

My answers are posted. smile

Posted by Daclaren • 01/25 • 09:14 PM

Mine are up thumbsup.gif

Posted by Cassie • 01/25 • 09:21 PM

I did it!


Posted by Karen • 01/25 • 09:40 PM

Unconscious Mutterings [: Spokey Dokey] Wah-hey! The last week of January is already upon us. Here's this week's Unconscious Mutterings. Political :: Science Concentration :: Camp Fish :: Pond Lunacy :: Crazy Red :: Light... [01.25.04]

up now

Posted by So Lost • 01/25 • 10:20 PM


Posted by Rabid Librarian • 01/25 • 10:39 PM

My answers are now up!  laugh3.gif

Posted by Mary • 01/25 • 10:52 PM

Unconcious Mutterings [: Kinky thought bubbles] LunaNiņ | Unconscious Mutterings Political:: assholes Concentration:: think Fish:: slimey Lunacy:: insanity Red:: stop Imply:: mean Recognize:: know Sexist:: male Commercial:: ads Stricken:: hurt... [01.25.04]

I’m up!

Posted by Lisa Chau • 01/26 • 12:34 AM

it is still sunday here, so i am on time

Posted by boberry • 01/26 • 12:35 AM

unconscious mutterings [: jeremiad] she says ... and I think ... ?... [01.26.04]

Unconscious Mutterings Week 51 [: Shattered Sun] Political:: Web of Deceit Concentration:: Fun Game Fish:: Salmon Lunacy:: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Red:: Dawn Imply:: Assume Recognize:: Award Sexist:: Most people Commercial:: TV Stricken:: Ill... [01.26.04]

Political:: machine
Concentration:: game
Fish:: oil
Lunacy:: moon
Red:: green
Imply:: insult (not sure where that one came from)
Recognize:: identify
Sexist:: racist
Commercial:: fun
Stricken:: remove from the record

p.s. i voted for you of course!

Posted by river selkie • 01/26 • 01:18 AM



Posted by Katie • 01/26 • 01:29 AM

the word thing [: music to my eyes] Um.. Political:: intrigue Concentration:: camp Fish:: and chips Lunacy:: idiocy Red:: and yellow Imply:: suggest Recognize:: identify Sexist:: ideas Commercial:: enterprise Stricken:: with grief... [01.26.04]

from mumbles to mutters... [Unconscious Mutterings: week 51] [: lily of the valley] perhaps this is intelligible, unlike my speech at times!? [01.26.04]

a day late… but up smile

Posted by loon • 01/26 • 09:35 AM

mine are up!

Posted by jacinthe • 01/26 • 10:26 AM

mine’s up ^_^ a little late , but I was sick yesterday ^_^

Posted by Beverly • 01/26 • 11:05 AM

Mine are up! =)

Posted by june • 01/26 • 11:35 AM

I think I need therapy.

Posted by gesikah • 01/26 • 12:38 PM


Posted by sblc • 01/26 • 01:31 PM

thumbsup.gif Mine are finally up!  Have a great week!

Posted by Kristin • 01/26 • 01:47 PM

Political:: Boring
Concentration:: Lack thereof
Fish:: Dolphins
Lunacy:: What my kids drive me too
Red:: lipstick
Imply:: not being direct or forward
Recognize:: celebrities
Sexist:: Men
Commercial:: buy products
Stricken:: illness

Posted by Penny • 01/26 • 02:02 PM

Unconscious Mutterings - Week 51 [:] Political :: Candidates? I've never really gotten into politics. Concentration :: Those Mensa tests Fish :: Fishing in the summertime with my family when I was young Lunacy :: The site this meme is hosted on. Red :: REDRUM. REDRUM... [01.26.04]

Mine are up! Check them out!

Posted by AJ • 01/26 • 10:10 PM

done gorgeous.gif

Posted by nicole • 01/26 • 11:03 PM

Better late than never- mine are up.

Posted by Michelle • 01/27 • 02:32 AM

Quick update [: chocolate dream] I've been having a lot of ups and downs lately, which is why I've been so quiet. It's hard to accept that sometimes the thought of the simplest things (like updating a website, going to uni, or answering emails) is enough to overwhelm me. On days like ... [01.27.04]

<ol><li>Political:: partiality
<li>Concentration:: gameshow
<li>Fish:: salmon
<li>Lunacy:: insane
<li>Red:: Shoes Diary
<li>Imply:: say it!
<li>Recognize:: know
<li>Sexist:: woman hater
<li>Commercial:: Ad
<li>Stricken:: Cancer

Posted by zenitra gee • 01/27 • 10:44 AM

they’re up!

Posted by Lashundra • 01/27 • 11:05 AM

in again.

Posted by Jerry • 01/27 • 11:47 AM [: lashundra[dot]net___the journal] This weekend I noticed something very funny to me. I was visiting my mom who lives 30 minutes away from [01.27.04]

Talk about a late muttering…

Tough ones this week

Posted by Izzy • 01/27 • 02:30 PM

more unconscious mutterings [: the not-so-daily news...] This week’s unconscious mutterings Political:: ActionConcentration:: GameFish:: CatLunacy:: PoliticsRed:: CommunistImply:: SuggestRecognize:: AssociateSexist:: PigCommercial:: ProductStricken:: Fall... [01.27.04]

LunaNiņ | Unconscious Mutterings [: What's The Rush, Buff?] Unconscious Mutterings I say ... and you think ... ? Political:: Bring it On Concentration:: Mind Fish:: Sticks Lunacy:: Silent... oh that's Silent Lucidity oops! Red:: Riding Hood Imply:: Suggest Recognize:: and Realize, foo! Sexist:: Pig ... [01.27.04]

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