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Week 47

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Seeker::
  2. Mirror::
  3. Fire::
  4. Goblet::
  5. Empty::
  6. Secrets::
  7. Defense::
  8. Hatchet::
  9. Vapour::
  10. Ministry::

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Mutter 47 [: The Horrors of an Easily Distracted Mind] Week 47 of the game. It's Harry Potterrific. [12.28.03]

i’m up. wacko.gif

Posted by coralie • 12/28 • 05:43 AM

the word thing [: music to my eyes] Ummm... Seeker:: Finder Mirror:: mirror, on the wall Fire:: and ice Goblet:: chalice Empty:: full Secrets:: whispered Defense:: attack Hatchet:: axe Vapour:: faint Ministry:: of defence There was no notify for these this week, Patricia is on holidays, ... [12.28.03]

Unconscious Mutterings [: She Blogs] Seeker:: pilgrim Mirror:: reflection Fire:: ice Goblet:: mulled wine Empty:: head Secrets:: shared Defense:: missles Hatchet:: Molly Vapour:: fog Ministry:: heal Unconscious Mutterings Some of these choices seem a bit strange.. for instanc... [12.28.03]

It’s up!

Posted by Beverly • 12/28 • 07:00 AM


Posted by SeriouslyRandom • 12/28 • 07:03 AM

Mine’s up!  gorgeous.gif

Posted by deb • 12/28 • 07:07 AM

posting now…

Posted by susan • 12/28 • 07:19 AM

I yam up!

Posted by Shirl • 12/28 • 07:22 AM

Potterian associations, eh?  Well, they’re done.  mad.gif

Posted by Anonymouus B. Nowhere • 12/28 • 07:34 AM

Ok, so I wasn’t the only one thinking HP laugh3.gif

Posted by Jillis • 12/28 • 08:51 AM

My answers are up

Posted by David • 12/28 • 10:13 AM

Up. wacko.gif

Posted by Shawn • 12/28 • 10:46 AM

Mine are up!  tongue2.gif

Posted by Alicia • 12/28 • 11:10 AM

mine are up.

Posted by Tom • 12/28 • 11:12 AM

UM - Week 47 [: Tommy's Thoughts] Seeker:: Harry Potter Mirror:: Scary Fire:: Walker Goblet:: Jesus Empty:: Head Secrets:: Many Defense:: Me Hatchet:: Molly Vapour:: Skates... [12.28.03]


Posted by Brie • 12/28 • 11:41 AM

unconscious mutterings [: i n d i g o s o u l f l o w d o t n e t] Seeker:: wanderer Mirror:: dream theater Fire:: lake of fire? i have no idea what that means but it came to my head Goblet:: mead Empty:: hollow, void, nothing Secrets:: silent, hiding Defense:: secretary of... Hatchet:: molly Vapour:: rush - vapor... [12.28.03]

<ol><li>Seeker:: soul
<li>Mirror:: reflect
<li>Fire:: initiation
<li>Goblet:: of Fire wink
<li>Empty:: soul
<li>Secrets:: kept
<li>Defense:: department
<li>Hatchet:: rachet
<li>Vapour:: mist
<li>Ministry:: industrial

Posted by Wyrdsister • 12/28 • 12:21 PM


Posted by Caitlin • 12/28 • 01:09 PM

I smell Harry Potter. smile

Posted by Mitch • 12/28 • 01:10 PM

Unconscious Mutterings, 28 December 2003 [: Crankydragon's Scratches] I've missed Unconscious Mutterings for several weeks now, but I'm back. I like doing this one. Seeker:: There's a fantasy series I've read by Gayle Greeno about a larger species of house cat who telepathically bond with their humans. They... [12.28.03]

my first try at this! ^^

Posted by rice • 12/28 • 02:08 PM

mine are up

Posted by marnie • 12/28 • 02:12 PM

you say and i think [: Literarily Incorrect] unconscious mutterings Seeker:: quidditch Mirror:: mirror on the wall Fire:: ice Goblet:: wine Empty:: full Secrets:: desires Defense:: offence Hatchet:: axe Vapour:: humidifier Ministry:: of magic... [12.28.03]


Posted by Greta • 12/28 • 02:42 PM

Unconscious Mutterings - Week 47 [: The Queer Dot Net] "> Here's my first Unconscious Mutterings, enjoy. Seeker:: Quidditch Mirror:: On the Wall Fire:: Water Goblet:: Wine Empty:: Full Secrets:: Lies Defense:: Attack Hatchet:: Cleaver Vapour:: Mist Ministry:: Of Darkness... [12.28.03]

Wow, every clue has a “Harry” theme.

Posted by Paul • 12/28 • 03:53 PM

Here it is!!

Posted by Brett • 12/28 • 04:06 PM

after :: christmas [:, how did I get here?] LunaNiñ | Unconscious Mutterings Seeker :: Finder Mirror :: Introspection Fire :: Ice Goblet :: Wine Empty :: Arms Secrets :: Intelligence Defense :: Offense Hatchet :: Molly Vapour :: Rub Ministry :: Of Sound... [12.28.03]


Posted by Cris...of the hill people • 12/28 • 05:05 PM

mine are up! smile

Posted by Sunshine1206 • 12/28 • 06:58 PM

All done.

Posted by fl0w3r • 12/28 • 07:47 PM

It’s up! It’s up! For some reason, all the prompts made me think of Harry Potter! Too much TV, I think!

Posted by Alex • 12/28 • 08:06 PM [: Just Rilana] Unconscious Mutterings Seeker:: Mirror:: Image Fire:: Water Goblet:: Chalice Empty:: Full Secrets:: I keep Defense:: Offense Hatchet:: ? Vapour:: Rub Ministry:: Christian... [12.28.03]

Me answers are now posted.  thumbsup.gif

Posted by Mary • 12/28 • 08:56 PM

Harry Potter Addiction? [: Firebrand's Desiderata] Play along...Seeker::Quiddich Mirror::Chamber of Secrets Fire::Ring Goblet::of Fire Empty::Pockets Secrets::Rooms Defense::Against the Dark Arts Hatchet::Mists of Avalon Vapour::Mist Ministry::Magic... [12.28.03]

mine’s done!

Posted by Cindy • 12/28 • 09:24 PM

Up!  thumbsup.gif

Posted by Jaime • 12/28 • 09:38 PM

my answers are up. have a nice week.

Posted by smash • 12/28 • 09:45 PM

mine are up!

Posted by jacinthe • 12/28 • 11:09 PM

the 'tween mumbling [: juicy bits] on this sunday 'tween the holidays, i mumble: seeker :: friendly mirror :: finish fire :: retardant goblet :: grail empty :: sapir-whorf hypothesis secrets :: lies defense :: department hatchet :: face vapour :: canada ministry :: work... [12.28.03]

My answers are up. smile

Posted by Daclaren • 12/28 • 11:20 PM [: Mira: Celestial Me] Unconscious Mutterings Seeker:: Quiddich Mirror:: Magic Fire:: Candle Goblet:: Wine Empty:: Gas tank Secrets:: Friends Defense:: National Hatchet:: Molly Vapour:: Vicks Ministry:: Band... [12.28.03]

Sunday Mutterings [: Ariadne] LunaNiņ | Unconscious Mutterings Seeker:: Harry Potter Mirror:: lake Fire:: Salem Goblet:: coven Empty:: herb cabinet Secrets:: burning times Defense:: protection Hatchet:: firewood Vapour:: home Ministry:: christians... [12.28.03]

Unconscious Mutterings [: afternoons and coffeespoons] I say ... and you think ... ? Seeker:: Investigator Mirror:: Glass Fire:: Ice Goblet:: Chalice Empty:: Full Secrets:: Lies Defense:: Security Hatchet:: Axe Vapour:: Smoke Ministry:: Calling... [12.28.03]

Unconscious Mutterings [: srah blah blah] Read on, MacDuff.... [12.29.03]

Up thumbsup.gif

Posted by Friday's Child • 12/29 • 01:28 AM

Unconscious Mutterings Week 47 [: Shattered Sun] Seeker:: Harry Potter Mirror:: Reflection Fire:: Burning Desire Goblet:: Crystal Empty:: Waiting to be filled Secrets:: Everyone has them Defense:: Football Hatchet:: Bury it Vapour:: English Ministry:: Religion... [12.29.03]

Mine’s up…

Posted by Ferro Lad • 12/29 • 05:44 AM

up, but i kept thinking of sci fi movies and fantasy movies.

Posted by boberry • 12/29 • 08:53 AM

Got Mine Up   thumbsup.gif

Posted by JaxVenus • 12/29 • 09:45 AM

more unconscious mutterings [: the not-so-daily news...] This week’s unconscious mutterings: Seeker:: SnitchMirror:: ImageFire:: SouthGoblet:: ChaliceEmpty:: ChamberSecrets:: RunesDefense:: Dark ArtsHatchet:: JobVapour:: GasMinistry:: Magic... [12.29.03]

Unconcious Mutterings [: Pixie With a Crash Helmet Splatterings] You can play here My results would definitely be different if I didn't see a Harry Potter theme going on... [12.29.03]

done done done.. woot! thumbsup.gif

Posted by Dee • 12/29 • 10:37 AM

This week’s goofiness is up - As always, thanks for the fun!  mad.gif

Posted by Jason D. • 12/29 • 10:39 AM

mine are up. hope you had a wonderful and blessed christmas.

Posted by Lashundra • 12/29 • 01:06 PM

Mine are up mad.gif

Posted by Vilandra • 12/29 • 01:12 PM

Monday Mission/Unconscious Mutterings/Rambles... [: lashundra[dot]net___the journal] PromoGuy's Monday Mission 3.52 1. So, what did you get for Christmas? nine west leather coat, shoes, outfits, perfume [12.29.03]

Unconscious Mutterings [: Redwaterlily's Random Bloggings] Come out and play (click to read more) Seeker:: Mirror:: Wall Fire:: Ring Goblet:: Wine Empty:: Feeling Secrets:: Desires Defense::... [12.29.03]

Mine are up! =)

Posted by june • 12/29 • 05:13 PM

Mine are up!  thumbsup.gif

Posted by John • 12/29 • 05:26 PM

Unconscious Mutterings [: Mind of Mog] Week 47 Seeker:: of the holy grail Mirror:: break Fire:: Sephy Goblet:: water Empty:: glass Secrets:: CIA Defense:: Department Hatchet:: job Vapour: Osama Ministry:: Falwell, Robertson [12.29.03]

Snowy Day Mutterings [: life of uncertainty] You know the drill :) Seeker:: Searcher Mirror:: Ape Fire:: S’mores Goblet:: Chalice Empty:: Void Secrets:: Tales Defense:: Walls Hatchet:: Bury the… Vapour:: Vicks Ministry:: Breathe you fucker... [12.29.03]

Unconscious Mutterings [: Spokey Dokey] Better late than never, here's the last Unconscious Mutterings for 2003! Seeker :: K.Ito Mirror :: Wall Fire :: Place Goblet :: Fire Empty :: Kitchen Secrets :: Lore Defense... [12.29.03]

UM [: Any Other Day] Seeker:: looking for the truth Mirror:: image Fire:: and ice Goblet:: wine Empty:: promises Secrets:: bad Defense:: saving yourself Hatchet::... [12.29.03]

Here’s mine

Posted by michelle • 12/30 • 12:25 AM

This is my first time & they’re here. Happy New Year!

Posted by Anne • 12/30 • 08:25 AM

Mutterings [: My Random Ramblings] Seeker:: Finder Mirror:: image Fire:: Water Goblet:: Wine Empty:: Full Secrets:: Lies Defense:: mechanism Hatchet:: job Vapour:: rub Ministry:: religion Now you play... [12.30.03]

late again. darn it.  mad.gif

Posted by loon • 12/30 • 02:05 PM

Unconscious Mutterings - Week 47 [:] Seeker :: Harry Potter. That seeker game they play. Mirror :: Vanity. Fire :: Damn Harry Potter again. Goblet :: Oh jeez man, with the Harry Potter. Empty :: My stomach. I'm hungry. Secrets :: I don't know why but... [12.30.03]

uttering munconsciously [Unconscious Mutterings: week 47] [: lily of the valley] that usually either means I'm having way too much fun to take the time to write anything down, or I'm not doing a thing... [12.31.03]

Did I detect a distinct Hogwartsy theme here?

Seeker :: Quiddich
Mirror :: of Erised
Fire :: Starter (Drew Barrymore)
Goblet :: of Fire
Empty :: Arms (Stevie Ray Vaughn)
Secrets :: Whisper
Defense :: Mechanism
Hatchet :: Job
Vapour :: Rub
Ministry :: of Magic

And my second thought on Defense was “against the Dark Arts” but I went with my first instinct.

Merry New Year to you all.

Posted by christine • 01/01 • 06:07 PM

late late late little me.

Posted by Jerry • 01/03 • 03:48 AM

Seeker:: secrets
Mirror:: reflection
Fire:: power
Goblet:: wine
Empty:: spaces
Secrets:: hidden
Defense:: anger
Hatchet:: Judge
Vapour:: mist
Ministry:: defense (lol thumbsup.gif sorry. inside joke.)

Posted by teddymoon • 01/06 • 10:20 PM

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