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I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Roadtrip::
  2. Honey::
  3. Flanders::
  4. Vampire::
  5. Justice::
  6. Marine::
  7. Protractor::
  8. Rubber::
  9. London::
  10. Jerry::

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thumbsup.gif Mine are up!  On a Saturday, even.

Posted by Alicia • 10/25 • 08:56 PM

all done thumbsup.gif

Posted by coralie • 10/25 • 09:00 PM

I’m first!  YAY!

Posted by Jerry • 10/25 • 09:01 PM

Unconscious Mutterings [: srah blah blah] A bit early this week, but still jam-packed with flavor and free-associated goodness.... [10.25.03]

we’re posted

Posted by Medb and Stoney • 10/25 • 09:44 PM

U.M. [: Ginger Peachy Weblog] See it :: Type it :: Roadtrip:: where are my shoes? Honey:: Drippers Flanders:: Mol Vampire:: Lestat Justice:: For all Marine:: Biology Protractor:: half moon Rubber:: Band Man London:: Fog Jerry::Lewis :: Unconscious Mutterings... [10.25.03]

I muttered right along with y’all smile

Posted by Shannon • 10/25 • 09:57 PM

Mine are up

Posted by Mel • 10/25 • 10:06 PM

The Word Thing [: cocktail onions] UM Roadtrip:: motel Honey:: pie Flanders:: French Vampire:: Marius Justice:: and fair play Marine:: biology Protractor:: and compass Rubber:: duck London:: bus Jerry::and tom... [10.25.03]

Unconscious Mutterings [: orange haired boy] Today's Unconscious is full of fun links! Roadtrip :: Tom Green Honey :: Winnie the Pooh Flanders :: Ned (Everyone Loves Ned Flanders) Vampire :: my new Vampire Stitch Justice :: my friend Stacy who has a cat named Justice... [10.25.03]

Mine are up!!  WOOHOO!

Posted by Deirdre • 10/25 • 10:49 PM

Mine are up!  laugh3.gif

Posted by Angie • 10/25 • 10:58 PM

My mutterings are up!  laugh3.gif

Posted by Dusty Roadz • 10/25 • 11:27 PM

All done.  Thanks for another fun week!  heart.gif

Posted by fl0w3r • 10/26 • 12:13 AM

Mutter 38 [: The Horrors of an Easily Distracted Mind] Week 38 of the game, and London Bridge is falling down. [10.26.03]


Posted by Becka • 10/26 • 01:16 AM

wavey.gif they’re up!

Posted by Dee • 10/26 • 01:34 AM

wiggle2.gif   Mine are up now.  wacko.gif Time for me to hit the hay. zzz.gif

Posted by A • 10/26 • 02:04 AM

we’re up over here bandana.gif

Posted by Lynn • 10/26 • 02:06 AM

Up smile

Posted by epolady • 10/26 • 03:14 AM

Unconscious Mutterings [: Spokey Dokey] Everytime I surf I see more and more things I want to buy! Bah! Here's this week's Unconscious Mutterings. Roadtrip :: Skiing madness! Honey :: I love you! (No,... [10.26.03]

They’re up bandana.gif

Posted by Jillis • 10/26 • 04:58 AM

Mine are up!

Posted by Heather • 10/26 • 05:49 AM

Mine’s up! Happy Sunday!

Posted by Beverly • 10/26 • 06:21 AM

Mine’s up smile

Posted by deb • 10/26 • 06:35 AM

Done! thumbsup.gif

Posted by Cetta • 10/26 • 06:51 AM

Roadtrip:: Cars
Honey:: Bees
Flanders:: Wanders
Vampire:: Blood
Justice:: Trial
Marine:: Sea
Protractor:: Winergy
Rubber:: Flubber
London:: City
Jerry:: is lame

Posted by Nindy • 10/26 • 06:53 AM

wiggle2.gif   Mine are up!

Posted by Rebecca • 10/26 • 07:28 AM [: highly moody] Every Sunday I get a little bit of help in remembering to do this. Roadtrip:: Honey:: Flanders:: Vampire:: Justice:: Marine:: Protractor:: Rubber:: London:: Jerry::... [10.26.03]

The cheque is in the mail. Really.

Posted by dj • 10/26 • 07:47 AM


Posted by Seriously Random • 10/26 • 07:49 AM

And I’m up! mad.gif

Posted by Shirl • 10/26 • 08:37 AM

I’m up!

Posted by Paul • 10/26 • 08:55 AM

My answers are up bandana.gif

Posted by David • 10/26 • 09:21 AM

I’m up.

Posted by sya • 10/26 • 09:33 AM

Mine are up now.

Posted by Tom • 10/26 • 09:58 AM

UM - Week 38 [: Tommy's Thoughts] Week 38 Roadtrip:: Great Time in College Honey:: Do List Flanders:: Ned Vampire:: Blood Justice:: Yea Right! Marine:: Jar... [10.26.03]

Unconscious Mutterings [: A Blog by any other name...] Week #38 Roadtrip:: Camping Honey:: Bee Flanders:: Moll Vampire:: Lestat Justice:: Blind Marine:: Ocean Protractor:: Detractor Rubber:: Tree London:: Ontario Jerry::Tom... [10.26.03]

Week 38 [: nod and smile] of mutterings Roadtrip:: college Honey:: sweet Flanders:: Ned Vampire:: fangs Justice:: Wheels of Marine:: mammal Protractor:: Alton Brown Rubber:: eraser London:: travel Jerry:: springer... [10.26.03]

up now

Posted by So Lost • 10/26 • 11:21 AM

Mine are up.  gorgeous.gif

Posted by Amy • 10/26 • 11:38 AM

Hello!  This is the first time participating in Mutterings for me… and mine are up!

Right Here!

Posted by Chris Hota • 10/26 • 11:49 AM

Unconscious Mutterings [: Yay! Blog!] Roadtrip:: car Honey:: golden Flanders:: Moll (I know.. I want to think of Simpsons first. :b) Vampire:: fangs Justice:: Texas (huh?) Marine:: short haircut Protractor:: semi-circle Rubber:: band London:: bridge Jerry:: Lewis... [10.26.03]

my answers are up!!!

Posted by kathy • 10/26 • 12:06 PM

Free Association [: Mendicant Order] Roadtrip::Ramble on! Honey::white Flanders::A Dog Of... Vampire::Legend Justice:::League Marine::recon Protractor::Math Rubber::Band London::underground Jerry::Lewis... [10.26.03]

Up!  laugh3.gif

Posted by Brie • 10/26 • 12:19 PM

all up and done!  thumbsup.gif   mad.gif

Posted by loon • 10/26 • 12:59 PM


Posted by Ivonova • 10/26 • 01:22 PM

mutterings [: Danni-elle] Roadtrip::something i want to do Honey::sticky Flanders::simpson Vampire::queen of the damned Justice::of the peace Marine::man in uniform Protractor::circles and circles and circles Rubber::smells nasty when burned London::a dreary place i never want ... [10.26.03]

Done done done thumbsup.gif

Posted by Onyx • 10/26 • 02:45 PM [: juicy bits] http://subliminal.lunanina.comroadtrip :: exit, honey :: dipped, flanders :: "diddly", vampire :: hunter, justice :: league, marine :: one, protractor :: races (don't ask), rubber :: neckin', london :: calling, jerry :: rigging... [10.26.03]

you say and i think [: Journal] Unconscious Mutterings Roadtrip:: woo hoo! Honey:: nuts Flanders:: fields Vampire:: lestat Justice:: of the peace Marine:: biology Protractor:: compass Rubber:: eraser London:: France Jerry:: Seinfeld... [10.26.03]

Mine are posted!

Posted by Chrrisy • 10/26 • 04:23 PM

Mine are up mad.gif

Posted by Storyteller • 10/26 • 04:55 PM

thumbsup.gif mine’s up

Posted by Nina • 10/26 • 06:36 PM

mean.gif I’ve got the answers up, despite the ash coming through the window screen, near my computer.

Posted by Veronica • 10/26 • 06:38 PM [: Mind of Mog] Week 38 1. Roadtrip:: Yaoi Con 2. Honey:: bee 3. Flanders:: field 4. Vampire:: Lestat 5. Justice:: Department 6. Marine:: a few good men 7. Protractor:: ruler 8. Rubber:: pants 9. London:: England 10. Jerry:: Seinfeld [10.26.03]

okilydokiley: whip.gif

Posted by jazzchic • 10/26 • 07:28 PM

Mine is up for the first time thumbsup.gif

Posted by anniebella • 10/26 • 07:39 PM

Mine’s up…

Posted by Ferro Lad • 10/26 • 07:46 PM

Done!  thumbsup.gif

Posted by Anonymous B. Nowhere • 10/26 • 08:26 PM

<ol><li>Roadtrip:: let’s go!
<li>Honey:: bunny
<li>Flanders:: fields
<li>Vampire:: blood
<li>Justice:: elusive
<li>Marine:: biologist
<li>Protractor:: geometry
<li>Rubber:: wear
<li>London:: calling
<li>Jerry:: springer

Posted by Wyrdsister • 10/26 • 08:27 PM

mine are up

Posted by Laura • 10/26 • 08:50 PM

Mine are up

Posted by Khali • 10/26 • 08:53 PM

come visit my site to see my answers heart.gif

Posted by christine • 10/26 • 09:07 PM

My answers are up.

Posted by smash • 10/26 • 09:23 PM

Unconscious Mutterings #38 [:] Unconscious Mutterings Roadtrip:: Fun Honey:: Sweet Flanders:: Nothing Vampire:: Fangs Justice:: Court Marine:: Sea Protractor:: Math Rubber:: Smells bad London:: Traveling Jerry:: Springer... [10.26.03]

[: Adam's Blog] Roadtrip:: AAC (Adam Allison Cindy) Honey:: sticky icky Flanders:: ned Vampire:: muwhahahaha Justice:: the female version of justin LOL Marine:: water Protractor:: i hate math Rubber:: duckie London:: longing Jerry:: sperm doner... [10.26.03]

mine are up..

Posted by Lisa • 10/26 • 11:01 PM

There you go. Thanks!

Posted by Michael • 10/26 • 11:22 PM

Unconscious Mutterings week 38 [: Life's Reflection] Weekly free association from LunaNiņa Roadtrip:: Spring Break Honey:: do list Flanders:: Ned Vampire:: Angel Justice:: ..for all Marine:: Marching Protractor:: Math Rubber:: Condom London:: England Jerry:: Ben and....... [10.26.03]

I’m late, but mine are up smile

Posted by Karen • 10/27 • 12:19 AM

Unconscious Mutterings [: Shattered Sun] :: Roadtrip:: Friends :: Honey:: Do :: Flanders:: Ned :: Vampire:: I Vant to Suck Yer Blud! :: Justice:: Peace :: Marine:: Coast Guard :: Protractor:: Math :: Rubber:: Road :: London:: England :: Jerry:: Tom :)... [10.27.03]

Unconscious Mutterings - Week 38 [: SwimFinsSF] Roadtrip:: Marching Band Honey:: Bees Flanders:: Ned Vampire:: Buffy Justice:: of the Peace Marine:: Corps Protractor:: High School Geometry Rubber:: Condom London:: Underground Jerry:: Falwell ( Whats this? Look here )... [10.27.03]

Unconscious Mutterings #38 [:] Roadtrip:: highway Honey:: bees Flanders:: Ned Vampire:: Spike Justice:: Order Marine:: Animals Protractor:: Mathematics Rubber:: Ducky London:: England Jerry:: Tom Haha, for three of the answers I came up with names. Ned as in Ned Flanders... [10.27.03]

Unconscious Mutterings [: My Random Ramblings] Unconscious Mutterings Roadtrip:: Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go! Honey:: Do's Flanders:: Moll Vampire:: Lestat Justice:: For all Marine:: Soldier Protractor:: Ruler Rubber:: Hose (Up your nose) London:: Calling Jerry... [10.27.03]

Mine are up!

Posted by MishMish • 10/27 • 09:22 AM


Posted by fida • 10/27 • 09:23 AM

A day late, but I really thought today was Sunday.

Posted by boberry • 10/27 • 09:39 AM

mine are up thumbsup.gif

Posted by Lashundra • 10/27 • 10:45 AM

unconscious mutterings [: lashundra[dot]net___the journal] unconscious mutterings... Roadtrip:: Atlanta, GA Honey:: Nut Cheerios Flanders:: Landers (?) Vampire:: Bloody Justice:: League Marine:: Navy Protractor:: Geometry [10.27.03]

more unconscious mutterings [: the not-so-daily news...] This week’s unconscious mutterings:Roadtrip:: Cross country Honey:: Bees Flanders:: Ned Vampire:: Goth Justice:: Peace Marine:: Biology Protractor:: Mathematics Rubber:: Band London:: France Jerry:: Ben... [10.27.03]

Mutterings [: Pixie With a Crash Helmet Splatterings] Play it here. it's been awhile since I've had time to participate. 1. Roadtrip:: WHO HOO! Next weekend trip... [10.27.03]

I’m up! =)

Posted by june • 10/27 • 05:34 PM

Unconscious Mutterings, week of October 27 [: Crankydragon's Scratches] I say ... and you think? brought to you by Unconscious Mutterings. Run over there to play first before reading my answers. :) Roadtrip:: Fun if it's with Hubby, hell on wheels if it was with my parents when I... [10.27.03]

i can only mutter [Unconscious Mutterings: week 38] [: lily of the valley] ok, that was random... yet full of songs (kind of like my life! ;)) [10.27.03]


Posted by chs • 10/28 • 12:09 AM

Unconscious Mutterings [: chaotic neutral] Some free association to clear my head: Roadtrip:: Vegas Honey:: Dew Flanders:: Peanuts Vampire:: Sapphire Justice:: Justin Marine:: Layer Protractor::... [10.28.03]

never been here before…  but i like it.

Posted by Thomas • 10/28 • 12:21 PM

<ol><li>Roadtrip:: car
<li>Honey:: don’t
<li>Flanders:: Hi diddly ho, neighbor!
<li>Vampire:: suck
<li>Justice:: peace
<li>Marine:: Deployment
<li>Protractor:: math
<li>Rubber:: soul
<li>London:: England

Posted by John F • 10/28 • 07:03 PM

Up and at them!  wacko.gif

Posted by Lee Ann • 10/28 • 08:50 PM

Another week, another muttering…

Posted by Izzy • 10/28 • 08:58 PM

Roadtrip::  The movie Thelma and Louise.
Honey::  tea
Flanders:: fish
Vampire:: Ann Rice
Justice:: of the peace.. marriage..
Marine:: uniforms.. sexy
Protractor:: math
Rubber:: catsuits
London:: family
Jerry:: Springer

Posted by Penny • 10/28 • 11:54 PM

mine are up

Posted by AJ • 10/29 • 12:26 AM

The mutter on Graceless Grace: ->
Roadtrip:: Savannah
Honey:: tea
Flanders:: Simpsons
Vampire:: Halloween
Justice:: God
Marine:: Adam
Protractor:: Physics
Rubber:: ball
London:: where I’d like to live
Jerry:: Springer

Posted by Leigh • 10/29 • 04:30 PM

Mine’s up.wink

Posted by Tinmar • 10/30 • 11:05 AM

Muttered away…

Posted by Heather • 10/31 • 08:57 AM

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