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I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Timeshare::
  2. Accounts::
  3. Temptation::
  4. Hack::
  5. Shadow::
  6. Infection::
  7. 800::
  8. Infidelity::
  9. Springfield::
  10. Gardener::
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Mutter 36 [: The Horrors of an Easily Distracted Mind] Week 36 of the game. Infidelity: Next on Jerry Springer! [10.12.03]

Mine are up!  thumbsup.gif

Posted by John T • 10/12 • 02:10 AM

Unconscious Mutterings [: orange haired boy] Timeshare :: Holiday Accounts :: Payable Temptation :: Island (I hate that show) Hack :: Crack Shadow :: Lands Infection :: Ouch 800 :: 588-2300 Empire! Infidelity :: High Fidelity Springfield :: Simpsons Gardener :: Charlie Dimmock [from Unconscious M... [10.12.03]

Mine are up!

Posted by Angie • 10/12 • 02:57 AM

whee, i’m early this week:

Posted by kim • 10/12 • 03:02 AM

I have muttered!

Posted by Chelle • 10/12 • 03:06 AM

My site is working again and I am even up on time! ::snoopy dance::

Posted by Les • 10/12 • 03:31 AM

uppers thumbsup.gif

Posted by loon • 10/12 • 03:38 AM

And they’re up!

Posted by Jade • 10/12 • 03:54 AM

The Word Thing [: cocktail onions] UM Timeshare:: hard sell Accounts:: clerk Temptation:: surrender Hack:: code Shadow:: fax Infection:: pus 800:: number Infidelity:: betrayal Springfield:: Ma Gardener:: garden... [10.12.03]

Mine are up!

Posted by Dusty Roadz • 10/12 • 06:09 AM

Yup I’m up!

Posted by Shirl • 10/12 • 07:13 AM

mine’s up!

Posted by Beverly • 10/12 • 07:26 AM

Mine are up.

Posted by Rebecca • 10/12 • 07:35 AM

Ready, Set, Go! [: highly moody] Timeshare:: Accounts:: Temptation:: Hack:: Shadow:: Infection:: 800:: Infidelity:: Springfield:: Gardener::... [10.12.03]

I’m up! thumbsup.gif

Posted by shrmoore • 10/12 • 08:20 AM

Unconscious Mutterings [: Ginger Peachy Weblog] Timeshare:: Vacation Accounts:: Receivable Temptation:: Island Hack:: Amateur Shadow:: Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Infection:: Neosporin 800:: Toll Free Infidelity:: Never happens. Honest Springfield:: Nuclear Power Plant Gardener:... [10.12.03]

Mine are up!

Posted by Angelina • 10/12 • 08:45 AM

My answers are up

Posted by Faymow • 10/12 • 09:35 AM

I say and you think... [: Journal] Unconscious Mutterings Timeshare:: vacation Accounts:: bank Temptation:: island (ick!) Hack:: angelina jolie Shadow:: dancer Infection:: tonsillitis 800:: x 600 Infidelity:: High Fidelity Springfield:: The Simpsons Gardener:: raking leaves... [10.12.03]

heart.gif   mine are up smile

Posted by Becka • 10/12 • 10:03 AM

Done!!!  gorgeous.gif

Posted by Onyx • 10/12 • 10:22 AM

All done.  Thanks for another fun week! mad.gif

Posted by fl0w3r • 10/12 • 10:28 AM

unconscious mutterings [: the ebb and flow of an indigo soul...] Timeshare:: aunt lucy's in aruba Accounts:: checking or savings? Temptation:: last temptation of christ Hack:: hackysack, hackers Shadow:: shadowfax Infection:: handwashing, prevention, P. aeruginosa 800:: 1-800 numbers Infidelity:: high fidelity Sprin... [10.12.03]

1. Timeshare :: Rip Off
2. Accounts:: Payable
3. Temptation :: Lead us not into
4. Hack :: and cough
5. Shadow :: and Sonic
6. Infection :: antibiotics
7. 800 :: 54 Giant (who do you call when you’re windshield’s busted, call Giant Glass…)
8. Infidelity :: High
9. Springfield :: Simpsons
10. Gardener :: Isabella Stewart

Posted by christne • 10/12 • 10:32 AM

I muttered and it feels good thumbsup.gif

Posted by Vilma • 10/12 • 10:35 AM

Unconscious Mutterings [: srah blah blah] Read on, MacDuff.... [10.12.03]

I’m up.

Posted by sya • 10/12 • 10:38 AM

Mutterings [: The Cycling Widow] Timeshare:: Vacation Accounts:: Payable Temptation:: Island Hack:: Cough Shadow:: Dark Infection:: Control 800:: Number Infidelity:: Affair Springfield:: Rick Gardener:: Landscaper [10.12.03]

We’re posted

Posted by Medb and Stoney • 10/12 • 10:46 AM

I Say...You Think...? [: Dragon Babble] Timeshare:: Stupid Accounts:: Settled Temptation:: Island Hack:: Code Shadow:: Box Infection:: Penicillin 800:: 1 Infidelity:: bad Springfield:: Illinois Gardener:: little... [10.12.03]

Unconscious Mutterings [: A Blog by any other name...] Week #36 Timeshare:: Yuppies Accounts:: Receivable Temptation:: Island Hack:: Talentless Shadow:: Sunny Infection:: Pain 800:: Toll-free Infidelity:: Asshole Springfield:: The Simpsons Gardener::Green thumb... [10.12.03]

mine are up!!

Posted by felicia • 10/12 • 11:54 AM

Mine are up.

Posted by Amy • 10/12 • 11:58 AM


Posted by Laura • 10/12 • 12:20 PM

Dear Homer,

After giving in to TEMPTATION, I checked my ACCOUNTS and headed out to the TIMESHARE for some raging INFEDELITY with some redneck HACK from the GARDNER’s supply store. In a SHADOW I discovered the INFECTION and returned to SPRRINGFIELD to get a bit of Neosporin. If you or the kids need me, you can reach me at the 800 number.

Love, Marge

Posted by xstarbellyx • 10/12 • 12:30 PM

Et voilà.

Posted by Michael • 10/12 • 01:08 PM

my answers are up!

Posted by kathy • 10/12 • 01:11 PM

hard-boiled mutterings [: juicy bits] sunday afternoon: time to make with the mutterings: timeshare :: crappy accounts :: payable temptation :: flee hack :: cabby shadow :: me infection :: pus 800 :: toll-free infidelity :: cheating springfield :: isotopes gardener :: chance... [10.12.03]

As Ani would say, Up, Up, Up!

Posted by Jerry • 10/12 • 02:03 PM

This is just so fun

Posted by Nabiki • 10/12 • 02:16 PM

I muttered: Justice, Poetic

Posted by Jonathan Weed • 10/12 • 03:04 PM

Timeshare:: Sharetime (oh people, I make so much sense :S)
Accounts:: Money
Temptation:: Evanescence (why does it make me think of them?!?! o_O)
Hack:: Virus
Shadow:: Darkness
Infection:: Illness
800:: Old
Infidelity:: Mean!!!
Springfield:: Simpsons
Gardener:: Garden

Posted by Nindy • 10/12 • 03:27 PM

Mine are up! thumbsup.gif

Posted by Johanna • 10/12 • 03:37 PM

wacko.gif wow i actually managed to do it 2 weeks in a row.
mine’s up, and makes no sense. thumbsup.gif

Posted by nina • 10/12 • 03:59 PM


Posted by Cindy • 10/12 • 04:23 PM

Mutterings [: My Random Ramblings] Unconscious Mutterings Timeshare:: Vacation Accounts:: Payable Temptation:: Island Hack:: Taxi Shadow:: Me and My Infection:: Boo boo 800:: Number Infidelity:: Cheater Springfield:: Rick Gardener:: Flowers... [10.12.03]

Mine are up!!  square.gif

Posted by Alicia • 10/12 • 04:54 PM

Mines posted!  This weeks was a little easier then some.

Posted by Chrissy • 10/12 • 05:03 PM

We’re up over here! thumbsup.gif

Posted by Lynn • 10/12 • 05:26 PM

i’m done. wacko.gif

Posted by coralie • 10/12 • 05:46 PM

mine are up

Posted by Caitlin • 10/12 • 06:39 PM

Unconscious Mutterings [: Yay! Blog!] Timeshare:: Condominium Accounts:: Payable Temptation:: Island Hack:: Computer Shadow:: File Infection:: CDC 800:: Number Infidelity:: Cheat Springfield:: The Simpsons Gardener:: Sam Gamgee... [10.12.03]

<ol><li>Timeshare:: Condo
<li>Accounts:: Financial
<li>Temptation:: lust
<li>Hack:: writer
<li>Shadow:: flame
<li>Infection:: disease
<li>800:: pound gorilla
<li>Infidelity:: treason
<li>Springfield:: Simpsons

Posted by John F • 10/12 • 08:38 PM

palabras [:, how did I get here?] Unconscious Mutterings Timeshare::Bad Investment Accounts::Receivabe Temptation::Bois Hack::Philadelphia Shadow::Dancer Infection::Disease 800::IMHORNY [4646769] Infidelity::Gay Life Springfield::DOH! Gardener::Ground Force [10.12.03]

Mine’s up (finally!)...

Posted by Ferro Lad • 10/12 • 09:33 PM

mine are up wacko.gif

Posted by christina • 10/12 • 09:49 PM

mine are up!

Posted by Sunshine • 10/12 • 11:05 PM

Unconscious Mutterings 6 [: daines'n around] you say :: I think .... brought to you by Unconscious Mutterings Timeshare:: Con Artists Accounts:: Bills to pay Temptation:: Giving In Hack:: L33t Shadow:: Light Infection:: Pain 800:: Collect Infidelity:: Insurance Springfield:: Bart Gardener:: Stole... [10.13.03]

Unconscious Mutterings #36 [:] And more unconscious mutterings roll around in my head. Timeshare:: The Poconos. Accounts:: Accounts Payable. Temptation:: "Temptation Eyes" Hack:: Wanker. Shadow:: DJ Shadow. Infection:: A big wound riddled with pus. 800:: 1-800-EAT-SHIT. Infidelity::... [10.13.03]

Unconscious Mutterings [: Shattered Sun] Timeshare:: Mexico Accounts:: Payable Temptation:: Island Hack:: Computer Wiz Shadow:: Monster (my ferret's name is Shadow Monster) Infection:: Antibiotics 800:: Collect Calls Infidelity:: Marriage Springfield:: The Simpsons Gardener:: Pincer (It's an ... [10.13.03]

just under the wire…well not really, but who cares, my answers are now up. wink.gif

Posted by Veronica • 10/13 • 02:52 AM

Unconsious Mutterings [: She Blogs] Timeshare:: condo Accounts:: spending Temptation:: Island Hack:: pMachine Shadow:: lands Infection:: yeast 800:: number Infidelity:: spurned Springfield:: Rick Gardener::Eva Link: [10.13.03]

Mixed Bag [: Veracity or Mendacity?] I mentally composed a fantastically witty and insightful blog entry a few hours ago, but now it comes to actually posting it, I can't be fucked! If I had means to type things as I thought of them, this blog would be updated contstantly; you'd have insp... [10.13.03]

UM - Week 36 [: Tommy's Thoughts] Week 36 Timeshare:: Fake Contest Accounts:: Payable Temptation:: Island Hack:: esack Shadow:: Rider Infection:: Flesh Eating Disease 800:: Free... [10.13.03]

Mine are up.

Posted by Tom • 10/13 • 10:58 AM

mine are up thumbsup.gif

Posted by Lashundra • 10/13 • 11:12 AM

monday morning... [: lashundra[dot]net___the journal] well it's monday again, dry and boring i had a pretty good weekend and got some rest that i really [10.13.03]


Posted by caff • 10/13 • 11:48 AM

ah, vacation catchup. Two weeks worth of answers are up.

Posted by smash • 10/13 • 12:09 PM

wavey.gif   They’re up!

Posted by dee • 10/13 • 12:13 PM

just went up, I know a day late, but it’s a long weekend here.

Posted by boberry • 10/13 • 12:30 PM

Unconcious Mutterings [: Pixie With a Crash Helmet Splatterings] 1. Timeshare:: Ripoff 2. Accounts:: Checking 3. Temptation:: Icecream 4. Hack:: Computer hackers 5. Shadow:: dark 6. Infection:: gross... [10.13.03]

Unconscious Mutterings: 36 [: Dae's Demesne] I say:: and you say? Timeshare:: Condo Accounts:: Payable Temptation:: Island Hack:: Taxi Shadow:: Realm Infection:: Disease 800:: Bottles of beer on the wall Infidelity:: Unfaithful Springfield:: Ohio Gardener:: Lawn... [10.13.03]


Posted by beth • 10/13 • 01:42 PM

more of a monday muttering [: gigamatic] Timeshare:: Accounts:: Temptation:: Hack:: Shadow:: Infection:: 800:: Infidelity:: Springfield:: Gardener:: [10.13.03]

Fresh mutterings served up.  thumbsup.gif

Posted by Izzy • 10/13 • 03:26 PM

Mine are up! =)

Posted by june • 10/13 • 04:01 PM

I’m up!

Posted by Asherah • 10/13 • 05:06 PM

Here are mine:

Timeshare:: Florida
Accounts:: payable
Temptation:: “blinding obsession”
Hack:: and Slash
Shadow:: self
Infection:: wound
800:: number
Infidelity:: divorce
Springfield:: Dusty
Gardener:: Gerald

Did no one else get Dusty Springfield? wink

Posted by Wyrdsister • 10/13 • 09:59 PM

Mine Are Up… Check them out… thumbsup.gif

Posted by AJ • 10/13 • 10:37 PM

Mine are up mad.gif

Posted by Jason D. • 10/13 • 11:20 PM

Unconscious Mutterings [: etherian's island] From Luna Nina Timeshare::Missouri, Dad's last sales job Accounts::Too many to keep track of Temptation::Chocolate Hack::Cough Shadow::Falls Infection::Ear 800::Toll-Free Infidelity::Betrayal... [10.14.03]

[: Adam's Blog] Timeshare:: sharing time?? Accounts:: bank Temptation:: fun if it involves sex Hack:: hackers the movie Shadow:: devious Infection:: ugly and sour 800:: 1-800-make-out Infidelity:: pedo Springfield:: marge Gardener:: chinese gardens... [10.14.03]

Mine are up!

It’s fun to see that everyone associates Springfield with The Simpsons - I’m surprised that more people didn’t answer “Rick” though.

Posted by Lisa • 10/14 • 09:35 AM

Been a while [: Inconsistent Rambling] Timeshare:: Florida, want to give me yours? Accounts:: Payable - bot do I have alot to pay Temptation:: Adam&Eve - [10.14.03]

Unconscious Mutterings, week of October 12 [: Crankydragon's Scratches] I love doing this one. :) Bounce over to to play along with the rest of the class. Timeshare::properties, which usually involve sitting through a long, boring, hard-sell production just to get cheap tickets to a tourist attracti... [10.14.03]

Unconscious Mutterings week 36 [: Life's Reflection] Weekly free association from LunaNiņa Timeshare:: Condo Accounts:: Receivable Temptation:: Island Hack:: Computer Shadow:: Me and my... Infection:: Yeast 800:: Number Infidelity:: Trust Springfield:: Illinois Gardener:: Ava... [10.14.03]


Posted by Tish • 10/14 • 01:08 PM

unconscious mutterings [: the not-so-daily news...] This week’s Unconscious Mutterings: Timeshare:: Beach House Accounts:: Payable Temptation:: Christ Hack:: Workaround Shadow:: People Infection:: Medicine 800:: 1 Infidelity:: Trust Springfield:: MO Gardener:: Dirt... [10.14.03]

UNCONSCIOUS MUTTERINGS [: Spokey Dokey] Hooray for long weekends! Turkey makes me sleepy so here's this week's Unconscious Mutterings. (Yeah bad pun, I know!) Timeshare :: Vacation Account s:: Money Temptation :: Island (damn reality... [10.14.03]

Up and (a)live! See why...

Posted by Riri • 10/14 • 10:15 PM

Unconscious Mutterings #36 [:] Timeshare:: holidays Accounts:: receivable Temptation:: Island Hack:: Jonny Lee Miller Shadow:: Dog Infection:: Sick 800:: number Infidelity:: John Cusack Springfield:: The Simpsons.... Gardener:: Green Comments: I watched some of the episo... [10.15.03]

Unconscious Mutterings [: Mind of Mog] Week 36 Timeshare:: Ripoff Accounts:: Bank Temptation:: G5 Hack:: Attack Shadow:: Batman Infection:: AIDS 800:: CALL ATT Infidelity:: Men Springfield:: Simpsons Gardener:: Being There So, I'm a bit slow remembering. [10.16.03]

Mine are up.  gorgeous.gif

Posted by Star • 10/16 • 03:13 AM

Very late, but then I was on a Greek mountainroad on Sunday morning laugh3.gif

Posted by Jillis • 10/16 • 01:54 PM

Time to catch up [: well.notes] I so missed the Unconscious Mutterings.... [10.16.03]

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