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  1. Coat::
  2. Allowance::
  3. Mist::
  4. Disorder::
  5. Scheme::
  6. Dick::
  7. Homework::
  8. Milton::
  9. Shampoo::
  10. Z::
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<li>Allowance:: cash
<li>Mist:: dew
<li>Disorder:: chronic
<li>Scheme:: plan
<li>Dick:: Cheney (followed by several obscenities wink.gif )
<li>Homework:: sucks
<li>Milton:: bradley
<li>Shampoo:: hairspray
<li>Z::SLEEP - the TRUE breakfast of CHAMPIONS

Posted by John • 10/05 • 01:08 AM

UM: Week 35 [: As deep as a puddle after a hard rain] math homework makes my head hurt. blah. [10.05.03]

mine are up thumbsup.gif

Posted by loon • 10/05 • 01:36 AM

Unconscious Mutterings [: srah blah blah] Travelers, halt! Be ye brave enough enough to venture into the depths of the continuation? There be frightening things there... [10.05.03]

I say - you think.... [: The Stonegauge] Taken from Unconcious Mutterings: Well... If you got a journal... play along... See Mutterings for the rules Coat:: Allowance:: Mist:: Disorder:: Scheme:: Dick:: Homework:: Milton:: Shampoo:: Z:: And my answers? Coat:: rack Allowance:: cash Mist:: dew ... [10.05.03]

posted grin

Posted by deborah • 10/05 • 02:02 AM

Unconscious Mutterings [: orange haired boy] Coat :: Hat Allowance :: Money Mist :: Fog Disorder :: Me Scheme :: Color Dick :: Chaney Homework :: What's that? Milton :: Bradley Shampoo :: Champagne Z :: I'm sleepy [from Unconscious Mutterings]... [10.05.03]

Mutter, mutter... [: Ellipsis [...] Jannah's Weblog] Yay, time for those Unconscious Mutterings again... Coat: Brown :?: Allowance: $$$ Mist: Fog Disorder: Eating Scheme: Spies Dick: head :haha: Homework: none =) Milton: An author of children's books (I think) Shampoo: Sunsilk (the one I u... [10.05.03]

Mutter 35 [: The Horrors of an Easily Distracted Mind] Week 35 of the game. My scheme can't possibly fail! Mwahahahaha! [10.05.03]

Mine’re up…

Posted by Ferro Lad • 10/05 • 02:53 AM

Mine are up smile

Posted by Karen • 10/05 • 02:55 AM

Mine are up thumbsup.gif

but for my most interesting
Coat:: Chicken (??) (me think I think I’m thinking…. yes I think raspberry….of basting)

Posted by Possum • 10/05 • 02:59 AM

Getting nothing but static,
Getting nothing but static.
Static filling my attic from Channel Z

Posted by Michael • 10/05 • 03:08 AM

Unconscious Mutterings [: Glittering Enchantment] Coat :: Check Allowance :: Travel Mist :: Through the mists of time Disorder :: Borderline Personality Scheme :: Color Dick :: Head Homework :: No More Milton :: Bradley Shampoo :: Lather, Rinse, Repeat Z :: I am... [10.05.03]

Up as I write this

Posted by Jillis • 10/05 • 03:33 AM

wavey.gif   Mine’s up!

Posted by Dee • 10/05 • 03:52 AM

Free Words [: cocktail onions] UM Coat:: of armour Allowance:: pocket money Mist:: s of Avalon Disorder:: ed mind Scheme:: and pot Dick:: Tracy Homework:: school books Milton:: Interview Shampoo:: and conditioner Z:: orro... [10.05.03] [: cocktail onions] Coat:: of armour Allowance:: Mist:: Disorder:: Scheme:: Dick:: Homework:: Milton:: Shampoo:: Z::... [10.05.03]

i’m up thumbsup.gif

Posted by coralie • 10/05 • 05:58 AM

mine’s up!

Posted by Beverly • 10/05 • 07:10 AM

Mine are up.  wavey.gif

Posted by Rebecca • 10/05 • 07:17 AM

thumbsup.gif   UP!

Posted by Polly • 10/05 • 08:17 AM

I’m up!  I had to go with second thoughts on dick.

Posted by Shirl • 10/05 • 08:23 AM

Week 35... [: highly moody] Coat:: Allowance:: Mist:: Disorder:: Scheme:: Dick:: Homework:: Milton:: Shampoo:: Z::... [10.05.03]

Mutterings [: The Cycling Widow] Coat:: Paint Allowance:: Chore Mist:: Sierra Disorder:: Destruction Scheme:: Plan Dick:: Jane Homework::School Milton:: Bradley Shampoo:: Conditioner Z:: Sleep Go [10.05.03]

My thoughts are posted.  wink.gif

Posted by Dusty Roadz • 10/05 • 08:58 AM

Unconscious Mutterings [: Ginger Peachy Weblog] See it :: Type it Coat:: of many colours Allowance:: Seam Mist:: Maid of the Disorder:: Panic Scheme:: colour Dick:: Tracey Homework:: sucks Milton:: Bradley Shampoo:: SOAP Z:: end LunaNiñ | Unconscious Mutterings Home... [10.05.03]

May the endzone and checkered flag be with you! [: The Three R's] I have a finished object! Emily's hat I did pretty much nothing but knit yesterday. Except for when extra kid was here. I'm at my wits end. I do not want to watch her anymore. I have had enough of... [10.05.03]

First time player - mine are up!  laugh3.gif

Posted by Audrey • 10/05 • 09:29 AM

Mine’s up smile

Posted by deb • 10/05 • 09:49 AM

Coat:: Mike:“Without a coat”, a funny thing from Linkin Park lol =P
Allowance:: Am I allowed here as well? me?!?! =D
Mist:: Mysterious
Disorder:: There are a lot of them
Scheme:: Agenda
Dick:: Horror!
Homework:: Yuk, I still gotta do it but I don’t wanna =(
Milton:: Boring
Shampoo:: Hair
Z:: Dragonball Z

Posted by Nindy • 10/05 • 10:08 AM

mine are up!

Posted by Becka • 10/05 • 10:28 AM

I’m up.

Posted by sya • 10/05 • 10:42 AM

Unconscious Mutterings [: A Blog by any other name...] Week #35 Coat:: Winter Allowance:: Chores Mist:: Damp Disorder:: Chaos Scheme:: Plan Dick:: Tom and Harry Homework:: Nightmare Milton:: Moorehead Shampoo:: Conditioner Z::A... [10.05.03]

Unconscious Mutterings #35 [:] Coat:: hanger Allowance:: money Mist:: of avalon Disorder:: chaos Scheme:: money Dick:: tracer bullet Homework:: lots Milton:: milhouse Shampoo:: conditioner Z:: sleepy Comments: I put money twice, haha. For Dick, I thought Dick Tracy but s... [10.05.03]

My answers are up

Posted by Faymow • 10/05 • 11:31 AM

I Say...You Think...? [: Dragon Babble] Coat:: Warmth Allowance:: BAH Basic Allowance for Housing Mist:: Mysterious Disorder:: Eating Scheme:: Plot Dick:: Penis Homework:: Algebra Milton:: Old... [10.05.03]

Muttered. smile

Posted by stewed_tea • 10/05 • 11:52 AM

Mine are up at my other journal today!  mad.gif I left the URL to it.  thumbsup.gif

Posted by Storyteller • 10/05 • 12:26 PM

Mine are up   gorgeous.gif

Posted by Lynn • 10/05 • 12:28 PM

I posted today’s as well as the ones for September here:

Posted by Kitzzy • 10/05 • 12:37 PM

Up!  sunny.gif

Posted by Brie • 10/05 • 12:48 PM


Posted by virginia • 10/05 • 12:52 PM

unconscious mutterings [: the ebb and flow of an indigo soul...] Coat:: tails Allowance:: never enough Mist:: rainforest, fog, mystical Disorder:: borderline personality, schizoaffective Scheme:: planning, secrets Dick:: Tracy Homework:: hate it Milton:: Berle Shampoo:: smells good Z:: car [de aqui]... [10.05.03]

mine are up

Posted by Cindy • 10/05 • 01:20 PM

Mine are up already.  gorgeous.gif

Posted by jackiefg • 10/05 • 01:24 PM

UM - Week 35 [: Tommy's Thoughts] Coat:: of arms Allowance:: not enough Mist:: Gorillas in the Disorder:: Order Scheme:: Oracle DB Dick:: Tricky Homework:: No... [10.05.03]


Posted by xstarbellyx • 10/05 • 01:41 PM

Here are mine:
Coat:: winter
Allowance:: pocket money
Mist:: Maid Of The
Disorder:: unhealthy
Scheme:: of things
Dick:: and Jane
Homework:: (blanking on that one) 
Milton:: Ronald
Shampoo:: hair
Z:: Budapest

Posted by Wyrdsister • 10/05 • 01:41 PM

Mine are up.

Posted by Tom • 10/05 • 01:41 PM

Mine are up. wavey.gif

Posted by A • 10/05 • 02:26 PM

gorgeous.gif ***MINE ARE UP***

Posted by Tine • 10/05 • 03:45 PM

Just got mine posted!  wavey.gif

Posted by Liz • 10/05 • 03:52 PM

UNCONSCIOUS MUTTERINGS [: Spokey Dokey] Fish or no fish - that is the question. A person can only do so much with their free time before they go insane. I've been looking for work for... [10.05.03]

We’re posted

Posted by Medb and Stoney • 10/05 • 05:01 PM

Posted!!! thumbsup.gif

Posted by MishMish • 10/05 • 05:02 PM

Week 35 [: A Little Bit of Lisa] Unconcious Mutterings : Week 35 Coat:: Jacket Allowance:: Money Mist:: Forest and enchantment Disorder:: schizophrenia Scheme:: plan Dick:: Bill Clinton Homework:: computer Milton:: Bradley Shampoo:: Herbal Essence Z:: Sleep... [10.05.03]

En todo associado! laugh3.gif

Posted by Anonymous N. Nowhere • 10/05 • 05:37 PM

My answers for this week are finally up

Posted by crystaltear • 10/05 • 07:06 PM

Unconscious Mutterings week 35 [: Life's Reflection] Weekly free association from LunaNiña Coat:: of Many Colours Allowance:: Money Mist:: Moonlight Disorder:: conduct Scheme:: of things Dick:: Van Dyke Homework:: Ugh Milton:: Uncle Miltie Shampoo:: No More Tears Z:: Zorro... [10.05.03]

i’m typing right now, mine will be up very soon thumbsup.gif

Posted by nina • 10/05 • 07:51 PM

blah [:, how did I get here?] Unconscious Mutterings Coat::Soothe;Relieve Allowance::Entrust Mist::Spray Disorder::Dat Order Scheme::Plot Dick::Wholesome Treat :-P Homework::Slavery Milton::Bradley Shampoo::Niteclub [that I have not visited in some time.] Z::sleep [10.05.03]

Now that my site’s working again, I’m back in the game.  Words are up!

Posted by Anele • 10/05 • 08:22 PM

mumbling after dinner [: juicy bits] an evening mutter: coat :: leather allowance :: spent mist :: spritz disorder :: chaos scheme :: gambit dick :: schmuck homework :: done milton :: berle shampoo :: planet z :: "zed's dead, baby."... [10.05.03]

Unconscious Mutterings: 35 [: Dae's Demesne] I say:: and you say? Coat:: Rack Allowance:: Money Mist:: of Avalon Disorder:: Disease Scheme:: Plot Dick:: Jane Homework:: Essay Milton:: Berle Shampoo:: Conditioner Z:: Zeus... [10.05.03]

gorgeous.gif   Mine are up!!

Posted by Amy • 10/05 • 09:39 PM

gorgeous.gif All done!  Thanks for another week of intriguing words. thumbsup.gif

Posted by fl0w3r • 10/05 • 10:53 PM

my answers are up!

Posted by Kathy • 10/05 • 11:04 PM

Unconscious Mutterings [: VanillaMist] Coat::winter Allowance::money Mist::Vanilla :-) Disorder::obsessive compulsive Scheme::color Dick::tracy Homework::sucks Milton::John - Devil´s Advocate, heheh Shampoo::scent Z::last... [10.05.03]

Good ones this week thumbsup.gif

I’ve muttered

Posted by Izzy • 10/06 • 12:10 AM

thumbsup.gif just made it.  my answers are up!

Posted by Veronica • 10/06 • 02:43 AM

unconcious mutterings 4 [: daines'n around] You say:: I think, brought to you by Unconcious mutterings Coat:: not cold enough Allowance:: never received Mist:: dew Disorder:: disfunction Scheme:: plot Dick:: gephardt Homework:: undone Milton:: no longer working for the company Shampoo:: still a ... [10.06.03]

Unconscious Mutterings - Week 35 [: Brian's Life Dot Net -- Journal] [10.06.03]

My Unconscious Mutterings are up, in my brand new Wordpress powered site. If the address that’s linked to the comment doesn’t work (I am having some DNS issues) you can find it for sure at:

Posted by Brian • 10/06 • 07:01 AM

My response is here

Posted by Vic... • 10/06 • 09:20 AM

Mutterings [: Pixie With a Crash Helmet Splatterings] You can play here I say … and you think … ? 1. Coat:: Warm 2. Allowance:: Money 3. Mist::... [10.06.03]

A day late, but still worth as much.

Posted by boberry • 10/06 • 10:59 AM

mine are up thumbsup.gif

Posted by christina • 10/06 • 11:19 AM

more unconscious mutterings [: the not-so-daily news...] This week’s Unconscious Mutterings: Coat:: Allowance:: Savings. Mist:: Fog. Disorder:: Order. Scheme:: Plan. Dick:: Harry. Homework:: Avoid. Milton:: Grandfather. Shampoo:: Wash. Z:: Zoo.... [10.06.03]


Posted by beth • 10/06 • 12:26 PM

Unconcious Mutterings: Week 35 [: Fembat.Net [Journal]] Coat:: Warm Allowance:: Pocket money Mist:: Hillside Disorder:: Mind Scheme:: Plan Dick:: Head Homework:: Edward Milton:: Horse Shampoo:: Herbal Z:: Snooze Unconcious Mutterings... [10.06.03]

1.Coat:: cold
2.Allowance:: money
3.Mist:: airplanes
4.Disorder:: the world
5.>Scheme:: a plan
6.>Dick::  head
7.>Homework:: h/w
8.Milton:: Keynes
9.Shampoo:: hair

Posted by Feldbach • 10/06 • 01:11 PM

Unconscious Mutterings [: My Random Ramblings] Unconscious Mutterings Coat:: Button up your overcoat (something my grandfather would sing to us when we were leaving his house) Allowance:: Chores Mist:: Wipers Disorder:: Chaos Scheme:: plan Dick:: Head Homework:: Math Milton:: Bradley Shampoo:: "Gee... [10.06.03]

Mine are up! =)

Posted by june • 10/06 • 02:48 PM

Unconscious Mutterings [: b a b b l e s] Coat:: Winter Allowance:: Payday Mist:: Weather Disorder:: ADD Scheme:: Desktop Dick:: Jane Homework:: Overtime Milton:: Berle Shampoo:: Conditioner Z:: Gallerie [10.06.03]

Jumping on the bandwagon….

Posted by Lady Malfoy • 10/06 • 04:46 PM

Unconscious Mutterings Week 35 [: Hang 10 Honey] Coat:: hatAllowance::13 years old, much?Mist::s of AvalonDisorder::chaosScheme::triflin'Dick::headHomework::schoolMilton::BurlShampoo::Ranma!Z::ee, not zed! Unconscious Mutters... [10.06.03]

My mutterings for week 35=>
Coat:: rain
Allowance:: money
Mist:: fog
Disorder:: depression
Scheme:: fox
Dick:: an ex
Homework:: Calc II
Milton:: Paradise Lost
Shampoo:: Herbal Essences
Z:: X

Posted by Leigh • 10/06 • 04:59 PM

Hey I am new at this and my entry is up!

Posted by Johanna • 10/06 • 06:43 PM

Unconsious Mutterings [: She Blogs] Unconsious Mutterings Coat:: Fur Allowance:: Housing Mist:: Mists of Avalon Disorder:: House Scheme:: Color Dick:: Tracy Homework:: Alyssa Milton:: Berle Shampoo:: the Movie Z:: Zed, ze end [10.06.03]

wacko.gif   Up and at them!

Posted by Lee Ann • 10/06 • 08:04 PM

Everybody else is doing these things, so why not me?

1. Coat::  arms
2. Allowance:: change
3. Mist:: avalon
4. Disorder::  chaos
5. Scheme::  rhyme
6. Dick::  you’re fired
7. Homework::  study
8. Milton:: Burroughs
9. Shampoo::  Planet
10. Z::  net

Posted by MarkLee • 10/06 • 10:00 PM

Unconscious [: Adam's Blog] Coat:: i need a new one, a styling one,,, yeah i think i want a new one Allowance:: something i dont get, i dont think i've ever gotten one Mist:: the mood/tone attached to this is amazing Disorder:: i have... [10.06.03]

I’m up! I’m up! I’m UP!

Posted by Jerry • 10/07 • 02:41 AM

I’m back!  Finally I made it back.

Posted by Aithne • 10/07 • 07:01 AM

Mine are up!

Posted by Melanie • 10/07 • 07:26 AM

Unconscious Mutterings [: Mind of Mog] Week 35 Coat:: cold Allowance:: get a job Mist:: damn, no rain Disorder:: brain Scheme:: CIA Dick:: big Homework:: don't have any thankfully Milton:: Massachusetts Shampoo:: Warren Beatty Z:: need sleep [10.07.03]

Mine are up!!!  laugh3.gif

Posted by Alicia • 10/07 • 07:14 PM

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