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  1. Wizard of Oz::
  2. Ford::
  3. Wrinkles::
  4. Extravagant::
  5. Conventional::
  6. Stewart::
  7. Offensive::
  8. Heartbeat::
  9. Chaos::
  10. Jiffy::

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<ol><li>Wizard of Oz::

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Haven’t posted my answers in a while. Thought I’d give it a go this week. So here they are and I’ve also put them on my blog.
<li>Wizard of Oz:: Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West Gregory Maguire. By far his best. I never did care for the original story (I know. Blasphemy) so I was a little hesitant to read this version. But I’m so glad that I did. By the end of the book I was really upset that the wicked witch had to die. <li>Ford:: Found on Road Daily, Forever on Road Detail I heard them all. My poor 91 Ford Tempo (“The Blue Beast”) was much maligned even though it served me well.
<li>Wrinkles:: “Growing old gracefully” ... Why worry/obsess about something that’s gonna happen regardless of what you do to stop it?
<li>Extravagant:: Life
<li>Conventional:: Wisdom. ooph. Yeah, didn’t see that one coming. Can we say boring? Yes we can.
<li>Stewart:: Rod. But ew. So I’m cheating (What? It’s my game, I can cheat if I want to.) Let’s say I first thought of Patrick Stewart. Nice.
<li>Offensive:: Incident
<li>Heartbeat:: Don Johnson/Barbra Streisand. Man, that was a weird duet.
<li>Chaos:: poem
<li>Jiffy:: lube

Posted by Patricia • 07/20 • 12:51 AM

Mine are up! laugh3.gif

Posted by Alicia • 07/20 • 01:06 AM

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Mine are up.

Posted by Mel • 07/20 • 01:34 AM

There ‘tis, party people.

Posted by Michelle • 07/20 • 01:40 AM

Mine is up…

Posted by Ferro Lad • 07/20 • 02:40 AM

Wizard of Oz:: My sister’s birthday when my aunt bought it for her and I obsessed over the song “Somewhere over the Rainbow”... also, my ex-friend Melinda singing “Spooooongebob over the rainbow…”
Ford:: How many times I’ve asked my dad if Henry Ford’s REAL last name was “Ford”, and if it wasn’t another Hollywood psuedonym (this was when I was 7 or 8)
Wrinkles:: the commercial for Freaky Friday where the-girl-in-the-mom’s-body said she looked like the crypt keeper *snicker*
Extravagant:: What I imagine Orlando Bloom’s house to be like
Conventional::  Hippies.  Don’t ask me why.
Stewart:: Martha… EVIL!!!! 
Offensive:: Spreading rumors about people.  That’s mean.
Heartbeat:: My grandmother’s heart-attack.
Chaos:: The goddess of Chaos from one of Tamora Pierce’s books.
Jiffy:: Lube?

(I hope I did this right.)

Posted by Kimia • 07/20 • 02:48 AM

Early, or on time, for a change. *click*

Posted by she-who-moos • 07/20 • 02:51 AM

mad.gif my first ever attempt !!

Posted by Peta • 07/20 • 03:47 AM

Mine are up. grin

Posted by Alhena • 07/20 • 03:49 AM

***Mine are UP***

Posted by Tine • 07/20 • 03:49 AM

I usually track it back, but this time I also wanted to add the comment that I love today´s words!!  thumbsup.gif

I have no idea why, I just had more fun than I usually already do - heheh…  grin.gif

Mine are up here!!

Posted by Patty • 07/20 • 03:52 AM

Up. smile

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Posted by Jillis • 07/20 • 04:35 AM

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mine are up!

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it’s been a while.  mine are posted.

Posted by AC • 07/20 • 05:53 AM


Wizard of Oz:: school production - my daughter’s in it - still in rehearsals though

Ford:: Prefect - a character from ‘A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’

Wrinkles:: A Wrinkle in Time a favourite book of mine by Madeleine L’Engle

Extravagant:: chocolate

Conventional:: me - unfortunately

Stewart:: Patrick Stewart - Captain Picard

Offensive:: footie

Heartbeat:: pounding too fast

Chaos:: Theory

Jiffy:: not soon enough

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mine’s up!

Posted by Beverly • 07/20 • 06:22 AM

thumbsup.gif   Mine will be up in a minute!

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Mine are up…........ weeeeeeeeee.

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Oh yeah….I forgot to say I’m up!  Duh.

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sunny.gif Have a good week, mine are up.

Posted by boberry • 07/20 • 10:54 AM

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I’m up.

Posted by sya • 07/20 • 11:03 AM

My answers are up

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gorgeous.gif Mine are up!

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Posted on my blog.

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Mine shall be up in a few! gorgeous.gif

Posted by Becky • 07/20 • 03:10 PM

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mine are almost up - and first time taking part

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On Sunday, even!

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They are <a>up!</a>

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i’m up!

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up now.

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Mine are up!  On time this week, even.

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This is my first time playing and mine are up on my site.

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mine are up

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Mine are up!  Thank you:)

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A little late, but all done.

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mine will be up shortly…I am working on catching up on several memes! lol

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All done.

Posted by Sarah • 07/21 • 11:14 PM

Answers up at the Bitchfest.

Posted by Nedra Zeall • 07/22 • 12:17 AM

check mine out

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Mine are up.

Posted by Tom • 07/22 • 10:08 AM

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After the worst week in my entire life, mine are finally up!

Posted by chip • 07/25 • 11:50 AM

I keep forgetting to come over here to the comments and tell the universe that I too participated this week. gah.

1. Wizard of Oz :: No Place Like Home…
2. Ford :: Trucks
3. Wrinkles :: Good name for a SharPei
4. Extravagant :: Expensive
5. Conventional :: Wisdom
6. Stewart :: Ben
7. Offensive :: Defensive
8. Heartbeat :: Baby
9. Chaos :: Factor (but of course!!! -
10. Jiffy :: Pop Brand PopCorn

Posted by christine • 07/25 • 06:48 PM

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gorgeous.gif Mines here:

Posted by Vix • 07/26 • 11:41 PM

disappointed.gif A week+ late due to family vacation…but up now!

Posted by Rachel-G • 07/29 • 07:35 PM

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