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Week 135


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I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Girlfriends::
  2. Here to stay::
  3. Call me::
  4. Frustrated::
  5. Public school:
  6. Glitch::
  7. Cheese::
  8. Director::
  9. Pivotal::
  10. Exclusive::

Don’t feel like retyping the words? Just copy and paste the following into your blog:

<li>Here to stay::
<li>Call me::
<li>Public school:: 

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PLEASE NOTE:: If you're posting your words in the comments, please copy and paste the numbered words, not the words with the code. Kooky, I know, but I'm using a new system to publish the blog and it has new settings which don't allow certain HTML code in the comments as a safety/security precaution.

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I’m Up!  very fun AS ALWAYS! =) Thanks!

Posted by Erin • 08/28 • 12:44 AM

Going Up!

Posted by Insane Faery • 08/28 • 01:49 AM

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I yam up!

Posted by Shirl • 08/28 • 02:57 AM

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Bump bump bump splat.

Posted by Ally • 08/28 • 03:17 AM

All done…happy Sunday smile

Posted by deb • 08/28 • 06:37 AM

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I did it…. I did it!

Posted by sungoddess • 08/28 • 08:28 AM


Posted by Cetta • 08/28 • 09:45 AM

Mutterings, week 134 [Constant Chaos] ... [08.28.05]

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Mine are up.

Posted by Tom • 08/28 • 10:31 AM

sick workplace :: dreadful weekend [, how did I get here?...] LunaNiñ | Unconscious Mutterings Girlfriends :: My posse of biochezz Here to stay :: gone tomorrow Call me :: whatever you want, just don't call me late for dinner Frustrated :: Apathetic Public school :: Education failure Glitch :: Disaster Cheese :: burger in paradise Director :: Ron Howard and... [08.28.05]

mine are up

Posted by peanutbutterfly • 08/28 • 11:33 AM

mine are up

Posted by peanutbutterfly • 08/28 • 11:34 AM

Unconscious Mutterings [srah blah blah] Free associations! W00t!... [08.28.05]

I Can Call You Betty, And You Can Call Me Al [Elkit in Wonderland] Eating my breakfast of champions on this fine Sunday morning, and answering the weekly Unconscious Mutterings before I run off to Half Moon Bay - I'll tell you about that later. Girlfriends :: I could be, I could be your [08.28.05]

I’m up. wink

Posted by Shelly • 08/28 • 12:20 PM

UnMutter - Week 134 [] I say… And you think… ? Girlfriends:: spa days Here to stay:: our love Call me:: Ishmael Frustrated:: blocked Public school:: system Glitch:: error Cheese:: cheddar Director:: Cecil B. Pivotal:: moment Exclusive:: invit... [08.28.05]

Mine is up smile

Posted by Storyteller • 08/28 • 03:19 PM

Mine is up… after a REALLY long break!

Posted by Les • 08/28 • 05:40 PM

Mine are up!

Posted by Mark • 08/28 • 09:12 PM


Posted by Barb • 08/28 • 11:41 PM

UM v.134 [Sabrina Faire] Unconscious Mutterings Girlfriends:: and boyfriends? Here to stay:: Rock n Roll Call me:: Blondie Frustrated:: The 40 Year Old Virgin Public school:: Hated it Glitch:: Whoops Cheese:: Wisconsin Director:: Movie Pivotal:: PIVOT PIVOT Exclusive:: showing... [08.29.05]

I’m up!

Posted by Elton • 08/29 • 01:37 AM

that’s it that’s all of it.

Posted by andy • 08/29 • 11:01 AM

Unconscious Mutterings Week 134 [Stormwind: Personal Tangents] # Girlfriends:: son's- two in six years # Here to stay:: This one was puzzling because there were no immediate associations that came to mind. Many things and people are here for a time, even a long time, but nothing seems rock solidly permanent.. n... [08.29.05]

i’m up!

Posted by Jessica • 08/29 • 04:10 PM

Mind Over Mutter # 134 [] Girlfriends:: No Comment!Here to stay:: PermanentCall me:: Now!!!Frustrated:: AnnoyedPublic school:: NormalGlitch:: ErrorCheese:: MeltedDirector:: MoviePivotal:: VitalExclusive:: Headline [08.29.05]

Mine’re up…

Posted by LDH • 08/29 • 05:37 PM

Mine are up smile

Posted by Steve • 08/30 • 08:52 AM

Girlfriends:: love

Here to stay:: earth

Call me:: shortly

Frustrated:: sex

Public school:: yuppie

Glitch:: computer

Cheese:: chives

Director:: theatre

Pivotal:: image

Exclusive:: design

Posted by pen • 08/30 • 12:21 PM

I’m up!

Posted by Kitty • 08/30 • 05:01 PM

<ol><li>Girlfriends:: are great
<li>Here to stay:: forever
<li>Call me:: anytime
<li>Frustrated:: KRIS
<li>Public school::  horizon, yeyah!
<li>Glitch:: computer virus sent through e-mail destroying Bryce’s(<3) computer
<li>Cheese:: cheesy cheese, the one with the cheese and the cream and the creamy cheese, cheesy cheesy creamy cheese
<li>Director:: detective
<li>Pivotal:: Privial
<li>Exclusive:: ‘Melinda’

Posted by Ni • 08/30 • 11:20 PM

Mine are up.  I had forgotten how FUN these were!  smile

Posted by fortyish fatale • 08/31 • 09:58 AM

I’m up - at last smile

Posted by Mal • 08/31 • 01:58 PM

Unconscious Mutterings 134 [The Mighty Yog Blog] Girlfriends:: want some (uhm, that was my subconscious talking, not me)Here to stay:: but gone tomorrow (it's that subconscious again)Call me:: on the line, call me, call me, any anytimeFrustrated:: sexual healing (I haven't got a clue about that one)Public... [09.01.05]

U.M [Soup Fork] I say.. You Think... Girlfriends:: confidants Here to stay:: My smile Call me:: call me call me any day or night Frustrated:: aggrivated Public school:: making the grade Glitch:: minor Cheese:: mmmm cheddar! Director:: I'm ready for my close up Pivotal:: moment Exclusive:: interview U.M. Home [09.02.05]

Unconscious Mutterings #134 [] Girlfriends:: Talk Here to stay:: Forever Call me:: Soon Frustrated:: Angry Public school:: Kids Glitch:: Machinery Cheese:: Smile Director:: Board Pivotal:: Moment Exclusive:: Deal :unconsciousmutterings: [09.03.05]

I played, I’m late but it’s my first time so I’m excused, right? 

WAY!  smile

Cute, like your verifcation words…

Posted by Liz • 09/03 • 12:29 PM

I Say - - Week 134 [Uptown Girl] Unconscious Mutterings Girlfriends – “The Girls” Here to stay – Classic couture Call me – Any time Frustrated – Annoyed Public school – System Glitch – Oops Cheese – Wine Director – Play Piv... [09.03.05]

Unconscious Mutterings - Weeks 135 and 134 [webgrits] Week 135 Julie :: Chen (host of 'Big Brother,' which I don't watch) Emotional :: weepy Head of household :: census (does this really exist except as a field on a form?) Diva :: demanding Devastation :: Gulf Coast... [09.04.05]

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