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I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Statistics::
  2. Grin::
  3. Saturn::
  4. Fulfilled::
  5. Life plan:
  6. Cult::
  7. Lily::
  8. Stalemate::
  9. Celebration::
  10. Underwear::

Don’t feel like retyping the words? Just copy and paste the following into your blog:

<li>Life plan:: 

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I’m up!

Posted by char • 07/03 • 12:05 AM

Unconscious Mutterings [Stupid Words...] Week 126 I say … and you think … ? Statistics:: Figures Grin:: Evil Saturn:: Mars Fulfilled:: Complete Life plan:: You’re kidding, right? Cult:: Religion Lily:: of the Valley Stalemate:: Tie Celebration:: Party ... [07.03.05]


Posted by Shirl • 07/03 • 12:48 AM

Mutter 126 [The Horrors of an Easily Distracted Mind] Haven't done one of these in a while. [07.03.05]


Posted by peanutbutterfly • 07/03 • 01:01 AM

Unconscious Mutterings [srah blah blah] ... [07.03.05]

Unconscious Mutterings: Week 126 [L♀fe Byt♥s] Statistics:: DataGrin:: TeethSaturn:: NeptuneFulfilled:: SatisfiedLife plan:: FutureCult:: BlackLily:: of The ValleyStalemate:: ChessCelebration:: of LifeUnderwear:: Panties # [07.03.05]

the word thing - statistics [Music to my Eyes] Statistics:: numbers Grin:: smile Saturn:: rings Fulfilled:: honoured Life plan:: death plan Cult:: of Archeon Lily:: of the valley Stalemate:: checkmate Celebration:: of a nation Underwear:: drawer um… [07.03.05]

Unconscious Mutterings Week 126 [Stormwind: Personal Tangents] # Fulfilled:: working on it, or an equivalent in my mind # Life plan:: have made a few, lived a few, changed a few # Cult:: beware of giving away the power to think critically for oneself to anyone, especially to anyone who tells you they have the ... [07.03.05]

I posted mine smile

Posted by nisi • 07/03 • 03:46 AM

I dids it… I dids it… yet again for the glory of it! : sigh :

Posted by sungoddess • 07/03 • 06:14 AM

I’m back. I’ll be up soon.

Posted by Lynz • 07/03 • 08:30 AM

Mine are posted

Posted by Just Rambling • 07/03 • 09:34 AM

naked :: dressed for success [, how did I get here?...] LunaNiñ | Unconscious Mutterings Statistics :: Results Grin :: and bare it :D Saturn :: Uranus Fulfilled :: Stretched and Satisfied Life plan :: The best laid plans of mice and men... Cult :: Southern Baptist Convention Lily :: Tomlin Stalemate :: Checkmate Celebration :: Mourning Underwear :: of the... [07.03.05]

I’m up!

Posted by Shelly • 07/03 • 10:29 AM

My answers are up.

Posted by David • 07/03 • 10:29 AM

Unconscious Mutterings [BTW] I haven't done the word association list for a couple of weeks. One week I just didn't like the words. But last week I forgot. So I thought I better jump on this week's words right away: Statistics:: numbers Grin:: [07.03.05]

My answers are up.

Posted by SFChick • 07/03 • 01:40 PM

Mine’re up…

Posted by LDH • 07/03 • 02:59 PM

Dum dum dum dum dum.

Posted by Ally • 07/03 • 03:25 PM

1 Statistics:: Lies, damn lies and ...
2 Grin:: and bear it
3 Saturn:: rings
4 Fulfilled:: a life
5 Life plan:: diary
6 Cult:: Southern Death Cult
7 Lily:: pictures of
8 Stalemate:: stablemate
9 Celebration:: stevie wonder
10 Underwear:: pants

Posted by Liam • 07/03 • 04:32 PM

I’m up!  cheese

Posted by Isis • 07/03 • 04:36 PM

done but forgot to comment

Posted by susan • 07/03 • 04:38 PM

playing catch up. [Just a Smirking Mouthpiece] Visitations by old friends = no meme postings. *L* So here's this week's Friday Feast, Unconcious Mutterings, and Sunday Bruch. Two of these are on time at least. ^^; Friday Feast Appetizer Where do you plan to go on vacation this year, or w... [07.03.05]


Here’s my responses!

Posted by mz. em • 07/03 • 05:14 PM

Unconscious Mutterings [Yay! Blog! v2.0] Statistics:: yummy, numbers Grin:: smile Saturn:: car Fulfilled:: done Life plan:: wha? Cult:: scary Lily:: my beautiful girl dog Stalemate:: nowhere to go from here Celebration:: balloons Underwear:: white... [07.03.05]

Mine is up.

Posted by Mark • 07/03 • 06:00 PM

I’m up

Posted by Kitty • 07/03 • 09:06 PM


Posted by Whitey • 07/03 • 10:18 PM

Lucky number 14—mine are up!

Posted by greentuna • 07/03 • 11:35 PM

Oops! I forgot to post that I have played grin

Posted by Lynda • 07/04 • 08:43 AM

1. Statistics::Lies, damned lies, and..
  2. Grin::and bear it
  3. Saturn::Rings
  4. Fulfilled::eventually
  5. Life plan:is what you do when you’re waiting for life to surprise you
  6. Cult::of the Lame
  7. Lily::Marlene
  8. Stalemate::Checkmate
  9. Celebration::Daft Punk
  10. Underwear::Boy pants

Posted by WellWisher • 07/04 • 09:45 AM

Mind Over Mutter # 126 [] Statistics:: LiesGrin:: SmileSaturn:: RingsFulfilled:: SatisfiedLife plan: BoringCult:: ReligionLily:: ShoeStalemate:: TieCelebration:: NationUnderwear:: Boxers [07.04.05]

Mind Over Mutter # 126 [] Statistics:: LiesGrin:: SmileSaturn:: RingsFulfilled:: SatisfiedLife plan: BoringCult:: ReligionLily:: ShoeStalemate:: TieCelebration:: NationUnderwear:: Boxers [07.04.05]

Mine is up! smile

Posted by Reilly • 07/04 • 12:13 PM

I Say - - Week 126 [Uptown Girl] Unconscious Mutterings Statistics - Numbers Grin - Smile Saturn - Rings Fulfilled - Whole Life plan - Goals Cult - Music Lily - Of The Valley Stalemate - Deadlock Celebration - Fourth of July Underwear - Panties [07.04.05]

Sublime Attempt 126 [Radical Druid] Channeled via | Unconscious Mutterings: Statistics :: lies Grin :: and bear it Saturn :: return Fulfilled :: destiny Life plan :: divine laughter Cult :: religion Lily :: livered Stalemate :: draw Celebration :: station Underwear :: under... [07.04.05]

Mine are up for this week. Thanking you! smile

Posted by Mal • 07/04 • 08:45 PM

Unconscious Mutterings #126 [] Statistics:: Numbers Grin:: Smile Saturn:: Venus Fulfilled:: Life Life plan:: List Cult:: Secret Societies Lily:: Rose Stalemate:: Impasse Celebration:: Party!! Underwear:: Panties [07.04.05]

Statistics:: Maths
Grin:: Smiling but not quite
Saturn:: or Venus
Fulfilled:: Dreams
Life plan: Insurance?
Cult:: Satan
Lily:: of the Valley
Stalemate:: Chess..but not
Celebration:: Festivity
Underwear:: Colourful!

Posted by snazzalicious • 07/05 • 06:25 AM

UM v.126 [Sabrina Faire] Unconscious Mutterings Statistics:: Lies, Damn Lies, and Grin:: and Bear It Saturn:: Neptune Fulfilled:: Satiated Life plan:: Too much work Cult:: GOP Lily:: of the Valley Stalemate:: Chess Celebration:: Florida Underwear:: Under there!... [07.05.05]

Unconscious Mutterings 126 [The Mighty Yog Blog] Statistics:: overvaluedGrin:: and bare itSaturn:: 5 (with Farrah Fawcett)Fulfilled:: destinyLife plan:: insuranceCult:: of Personality (Talkin' Loud and Sayin' Nothin')Lily:: Munster (oo la la)Stalemate:: chessCelebration:: of LifeUnderwear:: Fruit of the Loom Join Unconscious Mutterings.... [07.05.05]

Unconscious Mutterings #126 [] Statistics::Psychology Grin::Smile Saturn::Ion Fulfilled::Plans Life plan::Action Cult::Scary Lily::Yard Stalemate::Politics Celebration::New Year Underwear::Drawer... [07.05.05]

Mutter on, baby!  (=

Posted by Barbara • 07/07 • 01:33 PM

Week 126 [Pretty Cunning] Luna Nina says: Statistics:: Grin:: Saturn:: Fulfilled:: Life plan:: Cult:: Lily:: Stalemate:: Celebration:: Underwear:: And I reply Statistics:: damn lies Grin:: and bear it Saturn:: rings Fulfilled:: life Life plan:... [07.07.05]


Posted by anjelline • 07/09 • 06:42 AM

Unconscious Mutterings- Week 126 [Concrete Angel] I say ... and you think ... ? 1. Statistics:: Oh, how I hated that class! 2. Grin:: smile 3. Saturn:: Ion 4. Fulfilled:: Destiny Fulfilled {lastest and final album of Destiny's Child} 5. Life plan:: NOT on track... [07.09.05]

Unconscious Mutterings - Week 126 [webgrits] Statistics :: college (I had to take stats for my psych degree) Grin :: smile Saturn :: my crappy car Fulfilled :: happy Life plan :: useless Cult :: scientology Lily :: flower Stalemate :: tie Celebration :: party... [07.09.05]

statistics: suck!
grin: Grinch
saturn: car
fulfilled: climax
life plan: Stanford
cult: *beep*
lily: pad
stalemate: chess
celebration: Polyphonic Spree
underwear: useless

Posted by Ni • 07/10 • 11:49 PM

alexis thinks:
<ol><li>Statistics:: football game
<li>Grin:: frown
<li>Saturn:: jupiter
<li>Fulfilled:: nine inch nails
<li>Life plan::  the boardgaame
<li>Cult:: robert
<li>Lily:: flowers
<li>Stalemate:: checkmate
<li>Celebration:: cos this is, the day of, our high skool graduation!
<li>Underwear:: briefs

Posted by Ni • 07/10 • 11:55 PM

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