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I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Useless::
  2. Radiant::
  3. W::
  4. Unpaid::
  5. Geek:
  6. Unfaithful::
  7. Reboot::
  8. No!::
  9. Squad::
  10. Fetish::

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Posted on 06/25 at 11:00 PM •

PLEASE NOTE:: If you're posting your words in the comments, please copy and paste the numbered words, not the words with the code. Kooky, I know, but I'm using a new system to publish the blog and it has new settings which don't allow certain HTML code in the comments as a safety/security precaution.

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Mine are up!

Posted by greentuna • 06/26 • 12:49 AM

i’m up!

Posted by peanutbutterfly • 06/26 • 12:56 AM

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I’m up on time! YAY! wink LOL

Posted by A Little "me" Time • 06/26 • 01:05 AM

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muttering away

Posted by susan • 06/26 • 01:50 AM

Mine are up!

Posted by char • 06/26 • 01:50 AM

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Posted by Whitey • 06/26 • 04:59 AM

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Mine’s up…thanks!

Posted by deb • 06/26 • 08:02 AM

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tongue rolleye Done!

Posted by Cetta • 06/26 • 08:53 AM

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My answers are up.

Posted by David • 06/26 • 10:03 AM

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Posted by Susie • 06/26 • 11:10 AM

*yawn* Am so tired!

Posted by Ally • 06/26 • 11:27 AM

I’m up.

Posted by Shelly • 06/26 • 11:39 AM

It’s been a while, phew! But they’re up!

Posted by Riri • 06/26 • 11:49 AM

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I’ve Uttered right out loud wink

Posted by Lynda • 06/26 • 02:58 PM

Mine’s up…

Posted by LDH • 06/26 • 03:24 PM

Mine are up at my blog smile

Posted by Stacy • 06/26 • 04:31 PM

I’m up!

Posted by just rambling • 06/26 • 04:44 PM

First time in a long while I’ve done this. Happy to be back!

Posted by Liam Delahunty • 06/26 • 07:34 PM


Here’s mine!

Posted by mz. em • 06/26 • 07:37 PM

Woo!  Mutter on, lovelies!  (=

Posted by Barbara • 06/26 • 08:38 PM

lala 69

Posted by Madolyn • 06/26 • 09:11 PM

Happy Pride!

Posted by Michael • 06/27 • 12:25 AM

up!  late, but up!

Posted by Shirl • 06/27 • 12:25 AM

I’m up!

Posted by Elton • 06/27 • 01:44 AM

Useless:: Bastard
Radiant:: Sunshine
W:: What?
Unpaid:: Men
Geek: to the max exxxtreme!!
Unfaithful:: to somebody
Reboot:: the stupid computre
No!:: Ne!
Squad:: The Police Squad
Fetish:: Momentarily…cherry jam

Posted by snazzalicious • 06/27 • 06:35 AM

Unconscious Mutterings 125 [The Mighty Yog Blog] Useless:: toolsRadiant:: sunW:: WWUnpaid:: workGeek:: godsUnfaithful:: spouseReboot:: damn computer!No!:: And I mean it!Squad:: ModFetish:: kinky sex oo la la Join Unconscious Mutterings... [06.27.05]

mine are up.

Posted by Tom • 06/27 • 02:10 PM

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Mine are going up today

Posted by Mark • 06/28 • 07:56 PM

My belated mutterings are up!

Posted by OHcherrylicious • 06/29 • 04:06 AM

Unconscious Mutterings - Week 125 [webgrits] Useless :: extraneous Radiant :: sun W :: The President Unpaid :: volunteer Geek :: me Unfaithful :: adultery Reboot :: blue screen No! :: Well fine then! Squad :: Mod Fetish :: foot (huh?) Yes, I know -... [06.30.05]

Mine are finally up for this week!  I’ve been too busy installing and playing with a shiny brand new PC this week - silly boy I am! smile

Posted by Mal • 07/02 • 05:50 AM

I’m Up

Posted by Kitty • 07/02 • 12:24 PM

mine is posted

Posted by Richard • 07/02 • 11:59 PM

useless: piece of cake
radiant: tree
W: oa
unpaid: Brad’s brother
geek: Kris
unfaithful: icky movie
reboot: angry
no!: Steve
squad: duck
fetish: thumb

Posted by Ni • 07/10 • 11:45 PM

alexis thinks:
<ol><li>Useless:: disclaimer
<li>Radiant:: vibrant lightbulbs
<li>W:: bush
<li>Unpaid:: ungrateful
<li>Geek::  to sheik
<li>Unfaithful:: crappy jlo movie
<li>Reboot:: broken computer
<li>No!:: more ice cream
<li>Squad:: firing squad
<li>Fetish:: foot

Posted by Ni • 07/10 • 11:54 PM

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