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Week 124


Week 122

Week 123

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Wally::
  2. Phantom::
  3. Slippery::
  4. Fungus::
  5. Slot:
  6. Type::
  7. Discharge::
  8. “We need to talk”::
  9. On the spot::
  10. Liquid::

Don’t feel like retyping the words? Just copy and paste the following into your blog:

<li>“We need to talk”::
<li>On the spot::

Posted on 06/11 at 11:01 PM •

PLEASE NOTE:: If you're posting your words in the comments, please copy and paste the numbered words, not the words with the code. Kooky, I know, but I'm using a new system to publish the blog and it has new settings which don't allow certain HTML code in the comments as a safety/security precaution.

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My brain’s tickticking like it’s full of msg [the lil lioness =^.^=] Unconscious Mutterings for week 123… Wally::Where’s? Phantom::Of the opera Slippery::slope Fungus::tongue ew Slot:: slit Type::cast Discharge::pus “We need to talk”::eeeeeeeeeeek On the spot::fine Liquid::centre And l... [06.12.05]

Week 123 [A Strange Day] Wally::and the Beav Phantom::of the opera Slippery::when wet Fungus::among us Slot::machine Type::kind Discharge:: release "We need to talk”:: ohshit On the spot::uncomfortable Liquid::television [06.12.05]

Unconscious Mutterings #123 [] Wally:: Where's Phantom:: of the Opera Slippery:: Slope Fungus:: Mushrooms Slot:: Casino Type:: Integer Discharge:: Electricity "We need to talk":: Uh oh On the spot:: Stain Liquid:: Bleach :unconsciousmutterings: [06.12.05]


Posted by laquet • 06/12 • 12:41 AM


Posted by Shirl • 06/12 • 12:45 AM

Mine’s up…

Posted by LDH • 06/12 • 12:55 AM

Fiona beats me again.. but I have an excuse, I was talking to someone online at the time! lol

Posted by Kazza the Blank One • 06/12 • 01:08 AM

Wordsworth 123 [Radical Druid] In conjunction with | Unconscious Mutterings, where I play along weekly: Wally::roo Phantom::power Slippery::slope Fungus::amongus Slot:coin Type::cast Discharge::fire "We need to talk”::you need to listen On the spot::improvise Liquid::concentration... [06.12.05]

Unconscious Mutterings Week 123 [Stormwind: Personal Tangents] # Wally:: Cleaver (Leave It To Beaver) # Phantom:: of the Opera; THE Phantom - 'The Ghost Who Walks'- rather liked Billy Zane in the movie # Slippery:: slope, a frequently used logical fallacy; politician's seem to use it to their advantage, right ... [06.12.05]

Unconscious Mutterings: Week 123 [L♀fe Byt♥s] Wally:: Where'sPhantom:: Evil SpiritSlippery:: Banana's skinFungus:: MushroomSlot:: MachineType:: PersonalityDischarge:: Fired"We need to talk”:: "It must be something serious."On the spot:: DirectlyLiquid:: 02 # [06.12.05]

Unconscious Mutterings [Stupid Words...] Week 123 I say … and you think … ? Wally:: World Phantom:: Menance Slippery:: Eel Fungus:: Mushrooms Slot:: Machine Type:: Font Discharge:: Yuck! “We need to talk”:: Uh-oh. Bad news it coming up. On the spot:: J... [06.12.05]

Mine are up darling!

Posted by sungoddess • 06/12 • 05:39 AM

Good morning, all!  Mine’s up smile

Posted by deb • 06/12 • 07:15 AM

Unconscious Mutterings- Week 123 [Concrete Angel] I say ... and you think ... ? 1. Wally:: Leave it to Beaver 2. Phantom:: of the Opera 3. Slippery:: When Wet 4. Fungus:: bacteria 5. Slot:: machine 6. Type:: blood 7. Discharge:: GROSS! 8. "We need to... [06.12.05]


Posted by susan • 06/12 • 09:05 AM

I’m up.

Posted by Shelly • 06/12 • 09:19 AM

Mine are up - within hours of you posting them! Gosh - that MUST be some kinda record on my behalf?! hahahaa.
Mal smile

Posted by Mallard d'Quackers • 06/12 • 09:41 AM

hot hot hot :: zap crackle whoosh [, how did I get here?...] LunaNiñ | Unconscious Mutterings: Wally :: Walrus 
Phantom :: of the Opera 
Slippery :: when wet :wink: 
Fungus :: among us 
Slot :: Insertion point   
Type :: casting 
Discharge :: dishonorable military 
"We need to talk” :: STFU!!!!!! :boom: 
On the spot :: Off the mark 
Liquid :: Juiced... [06.12.05]

My answers are up.

Posted by David • 06/12 • 10:31 AM


Posted by Susie • 06/12 • 10:57 AM

Unconscious Mutterings - Week 123 [patchwork progression] Unconscious Mutterings - Week 123 [06.12.05]

Here’s Mine

Posted by mz. em • 06/12 • 12:22 PM

Yay!  I finally posted!  It’s been several weeks!

Posted by A Little "me" Time • 06/12 • 12:50 PM

LOL sorry wrong link!

Posted by A Little "me" Time • 06/12 • 12:51 PM

Mutterings Posted.

Posted by PureMood • 06/12 • 01:15 PM

First Try smile

Posted by Gypsy • 06/12 • 01:55 PM

i posted on my blog!

Posted by sue • 06/12 • 02:30 PM


Posted by fewmets • 06/12 • 03:59 PM

Better late than never.

Posted by Ally • 06/12 • 04:14 PM

I enjoyed them this week and am glad to be back after a month’s absence:


Posted by wil • 06/12 • 05:03 PM


Posted by Mark • 06/12 • 08:38 PM

Unconscious Mutterings (#123) [Scritture] I say… And you think… ? Wally:: world Phantom:: tollbooth Slippery:: when wet Fungus:: growth Slot:: machine Type:: setting Discharge:: papers “We need to talk”:: famous last words On the spot:: nookie* Liquid::... [06.12.05]

Unconscious Mutterings #123 [] Wally::Bally Phantom::of the Opera Slippery::Slopes Fungus::Mushrooms Slot::Machine Type::A Discharge::Patient "We need to talk::Deep discussion On the spot::Question Liquid::Liner... [06.12.05]

My answers are up.  wink

Posted by Mary • 06/12 • 10:50 PM

Unconscious Mutterings - Week 123 [webgrits] Wally :: World Phantom :: menace Slippery :: slope Fungus :: yeast Slot :: machine Type :: category Discharge :: fire "We need to talk :: "Are you breaking up with me?" On the spot :: cornered Liquid ::... [06.12.05]


Posted by Insane Faery • 06/13 • 12:37 AM

How strange, yet interesting. LOL

Posted by Static Brain • 06/13 • 01:19 AM

better late than never

Posted by peanutbutterfly • 06/13 • 01:32 AM

Mine is up and runnin!

Posted by Jana • 06/13 • 01:57 AM

It’s up

Posted by OHcherrylicious • 06/13 • 08:51 AM

mine’s up! Sorry for the absence. Love you, Friend!

Posted by Beverly • 06/13 • 09:12 AM

Unconscious Mutterings [srah blah blah] Ze mutterings, zey are free. But ze real posts... zey will cost you! Your love!... [06.13.05]

Mine are up.  Did you change something with your site?  I could post from your site,  I had to copy it to a different window and post it from there.  I’m using MT.

Posted by Tom • 06/13 • 10:53 AM

From your list alone sounds like you may have a small worry about thrush.  Or is it I?  cheese

Posted by JOD • 06/13 • 02:51 PM

UM v.123 [Sabrina Faire] Unconscious Mutterings I say ... and you think ... ? Wally:: and the Beav Phantom:: of the Opera Slippery:: When Wet Fungus:: Toe Slot:: Machine Type:: Movable Discharge:: Icky "We need to talk":: Those annoying PSAs telling parents that they... [06.13.05]

Unconscious Mutterings 123 [The Mighty Yog Blog] Wally:: Gator ("See ya later, ...")Phantom:: of the Opera (Mwhahahahahahaha!)Slippery:: When Wet (Bon Jovi fans?)Fungus:: among usSlot:: machineType:: setter (anyone remember those)Discharge:: honorable"We need to talk?:: heartbreak on the horizon (usually mine)On the spot:: financingLiquid:: Plumber Join Unconscious Mutterings.... [06.14.05]

JOD: well, far as I know I’m doing okay but the game is an unconcious sort of thing. maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me something! wink

Posted by patricia • 06/14 • 11:27 AM

Unconscious Mutterings [wild flower] Wally:: Brad Phantom:: of the Opera Slippery:: When Wet Fungus:: Feet Slot:: Machine Type:: Pad Discharge:: VD "We need to talk”:: Uh-Oh On the spot:: Spot On Liquid:: Cascade ... [06.14.05]

Mine are up!

Posted by greentuna • 06/14 • 10:39 PM

Will be up in a few!

Posted by ophelia • 06/15 • 06:47 AM


Posted by Madolyn • 06/16 • 12:04 AM

Wally:: Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory??
Phantom:: Menace
Slippery:: and sliding
Fungus:: Mushrooms, fungi - spores *shrudders*
Slot: in here
Type:: of change
Discharge:: of liquid
“We need to talk”:: Uh oh..
On the spot:: questions
Liquid:: Blue

Posted by snazzalicious • 06/16 • 06:36 AM

wally: annoying
phantom: good movie
slippery: Lucio
fungus: mushrooms
slot: Las Vegas
type: friggin ‘e’ keyboard key
discharge: yellowy goo
“we need to talk”: slam door in face
on the spot: limelight, stage fright
liquid: pool

Posted by Mariel Jacobs • 06/17 • 06:18 PM

I’m up.

Posted by sya • 06/17 • 07:43 PM

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