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Week 103

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Material world::
  2. Satin sheets::
  3. Blizzard:
  4. Real estate::
  5. Dress up::
  6. Wesley::
  7. Robber::
  8. Saliva::
  9. Slave::
  10. Shift::

Don’t feel like retyping the words? Just copy and paste the following into your blog:

<ol><li>Material world::
<li>Satin sheets::
<li>Real estate::
<li>Dress up::

Posted on 01/23 at 12:00 AM •

PLEASE NOTE:: If you're posting your words in the comments, please copy and paste the numbered words, not the words with the code. Kooky, I know, but I'm using a new system to publish the blog and it has new settings which don't allow certain HTML code in the comments as a safety/security precaution.

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Done! :D

Posted by Onyx • 01/23 • 01:51 AM

mine are up smile

Posted by kazza • 01/23 • 01:55 AM

Mutter 103 [The Horrors of an Easily Distracted Mind] Week 103 of the game, and I have Madonna on the brain juuuust a little bit. [01.23.05]

Mind Over Mutter # 103 [] Material world:: MadonnaSatin sheets:: BedroomBlizzard: SnowReal estate:: HouseDress up:: FormalWesley:: SnipesRobber:: BankSaliva:: MouthSlave:: DominateShift:: Gear Listening to: The Presidents of The United S - Peaches (2:51) [01.23.05]

Mutterings, Week 103 [A Strange Day] Material world::and I am a material girl Satin sheets::silly Blizzard::snow Real estate::property Dress up::pretend Wesley::Willis Robber::cops Saliva::spit Slave::master Shift::slide [01.23.05]

This might be the earliest I’ve ever gotten this done!

Posted by DataAngel • 01/23 • 02:14 AM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME TODAY!!  Mine are up!! kiss

Posted by Becky • 01/23 • 02:16 AM

I’m up. smile

Posted by Maria • 01/23 • 02:17 AM

Unconscious Mutterings [srah blah blah] I had a drink or two, but it's mostly fatigue and the desire to no longer be awake, which are sometimes two different things. I'm home now and safe and pyjamaed and ready to sleep. But before slizeeping to the... [01.23.05]

UM - Week 103 [Tommys Thoughts] Material world:: Material Girl Satin sheets:: Slippery Blizzard:: Outside Real estate:: House for Sale Dress up:: Yuck! Wesley:: Pringel... [01.23.05]

Mine are up.

Posted by Tom • 01/23 • 02:51 AM

Unconscious Mutterings #103 [] Material world:: Madonna Satin sheets:: Comfy Blizzard: Snow snow and more snow Real estate:: Houses Dress up:: Dolls Wesley:: Wyndam-Price Robber:: Cops and ... Saliva:: Drool Slave:: Drive Shift:: Gears :unconsciousmutterings: [01.23.05]

posted cheese

Posted by loon • 01/23 • 03:30 AM

the word thing - material world [Music to my Eyes] um… Material world:: living in a Satin sheets:: slippery Blizzard:: snowstorm Real estate:: nightmare ??  don't know where I got that! Dress up:: doll Wesley:: crusher Robber:: bandit Saliva:: drool Slave:: to fashion Shift:: in space [01.23.05]

Unconscious Mutterings [Stupid Words...] I say ... and you think ... ? Material world:: Madonna Satin sheets:: Slippery Blizzard:: Snowstorm Real estate:: Investment Dress up:: Going out Wesley:: Snipes Robber:: Hold up man Saliva:: Spit Slave:: Master Shift:: Paradigm [01.23.05]

Unconscious Mutterings Week 103 [Stormwind: Personal Tangents] # Blizzard:: What the east coast is experiencing; the straw that convinced me to leave Indiana in 1978 for milder temps # Real estate:: for sale # Dress up:: diamonds, black silk, sheer stockings and heels [01.23.05]

Material world:: So-called “reality”
Satin sheets:: Drowziness
Blizzard:: Snow, cold, loneliness
Real estate:: Boring
Dress up:: Party
Wesley:: Weasel
Robber:: Bank
Saliva:: Always (song)
Slave:: Puppet, pawn, prisoner
Shift:: Elevator

Posted by Nindy • 01/23 • 07:15 AM

I’m all done smile

Posted by deb • 01/23 • 08:25 AM

Material world :: global warming


Posted by pete • 01/23 • 08:57 AM

I’m up.

Posted by sya • 01/23 • 09:32 AM


Posted by susan • 01/23 • 09:38 AM

Ready captain!

Posted by Mitch • 01/23 • 09:53 AM

Madonna :: Abba :: Erasure [, how did I get here...] LunaNiñ | Unconscious Mutterings Material world :: Material Girl Satin sheets :: Bedtime Activities Blizzard :: Stranded :( Real estate :: Condo Dress up :: Costume Wesley :: Snipes Robber :: To Catch a Thief Saliva :: Evidence Slave :: Bitch :: At least, that is what I am made... [01.23.05]

I’m up!!!

Posted by Shirl • 01/23 • 10:29 AM

Unconscious Mutterings [Yay! Blog! v2.0] Material world:: Madonna Satin sheets:: slippery Blizzard:: snow Real estate:: house Dress up:: yech! Wesley:: Crusher Robber:: Baron Saliva:: spit Slave:: Civil War Shift:: night... [01.23.05]

Unconscious Mutterings: Week 103 [random thinks] From Unconscious Mutterings: a little free association for a sunny, snowy, cold Sunday Morning. And from the looks of the answers below, I have music on the mind. She Says :: And I Think Material world:: [sings]"We are spirits in [01.23.05]

Unconscious Mutterings- Week 103 [Concrete Angel] I say ... and you think ... ? 1. Material world:: Madonna 2. Satin sheets:: 4-H Camp- My teen counselor was a bit of a whore. I remember her telling us dirty sex stories and her getting sent home... [01.23.05]

Unconscious Mutterings - Week 103 [webgrits] Material world :: Material Girl (Madonna) Satin sheets :: slippery Blizzard :: snow Real estate :: license Dress up :: doll Wesley :: my brother Robber :: cops Saliva :: gland Slave :: ship Shift :: gears... [01.23.05]

Unconscious Mutterings: Week CIII [Cranial Spew] Material world:: Material Girl Satin sheets:: Never used 'em Blizzard:: A shitload of snow Real estate:: Not the fake kind Dress up:: Tuxedo Wesley:: Clark Robber:: Cop Saliva:: Spit Slave:: Oppressed Shift:: Swing Click here to play along.... [01.23.05]

My answers are up.

Posted by David • 01/23 • 01:04 PM

You know I actually look forward to blogging on Sunday again…Thank you!

I say … and you think … ?

1. Material world:: Madonna
2. Satin sheets:: Silk panties
3. Blizzard:: White Death
4. Real estate:: Mortgage Broker
5. Dress up:: Child’s play
6. Wesley:: Snipes
7. Robber:: Barons
8. Saliva:: Drool
9. Slave:: Master
10. Shift:: Control

Posted by xian • 01/23 • 02:37 PM

mine are up! come by and visit…

Posted by Martini Zero • 01/23 • 02:58 PM


Posted by Insane Faery • 01/23 • 03:44 PM

mine are up.

Posted by nat • 01/23 • 03:47 PM

Mutterings [What's On Mikey's Mind Ver 5.0] Material world:: Madonna Satin sheets:: slip sliding sex Blizzard:: Warcraft Real estate:: house Dress up:: girls Wesley:: Crusher Robber:: thief Saliva:: spit Slave:: cable Shift:: gears [01.23.05]

Mine are up!

Posted by Martha • 01/23 • 04:07 PM

I was sent here by Nat…Cool idea. I think I might do this too!

Posted by K • 01/23 • 04:22 PM

mine are here! grin

Posted by barb • 01/23 • 04:24 PM

Up are my answers! smile

Posted by Mary • 01/23 • 05:20 PM

Unconscious Mutterings Week 103 [The Black Cloud] I say ... and you think ... ? 1. Material world:: Madonna 2. Satin sheets:: Cosy 3. Blizzard:: Dairy Queen 4. Real estate:: For sale 5. Dress up:: Party 6. Wesley:: Angel (TV show) 7. Robber:: Cops 8. Saliva:: Spit 9. Slave::... [01.23.05]

Luna Says...I Think... [TRDB] Material world:: Madonna Satin sheets:: cold Blizzard:: Treat Real estate:: House Dress up:: Warm Wesley:: Crusher Robber:: Jail Saliva:: Spit Slave:: no one should be Shift:: Work Unconscious Mutterings for Week 103 [01.23.05]


Posted by Mark • 01/23 • 06:48 PM

This is my first time and it’s at the bottom of today’s post. smile


Posted by Elton • 01/23 • 07:28 PM

I Say - Week 103 [Uptown Girl] Unconscious Mutterings Material world - Madonna Satin sheets - Shiny Blizzard - NYC Real estate - Investment Dress up - Evening Wear Wesley - Snipes Robber - Bank Saliva - Spit Slave - Roots Shift - Move [01.23.05]

U.M. Week # 103 [Just Lani] Unconscious Mutterings...Week # 103 Material world:: Cuz We Are Living In A...(Madonna) Satin sheets:: Candles Blizzard:: Snow Real estate:: A Home Dress up:: Halloween Wesley:: Wyndam-Price (BtVS) Robber:: Cops Saliva:: Rest In Pieces Slave:: Civil War Shift:: Night... [01.23.05]

Unconscious Mutterings [Southern Blog] I say ... and you think ... ? Material world:: a Material Girl Satin sheets:: Silky Blizzard:: Dairy Queen Real estate:: Purchase Dress up:: Sunday Clothes Wesley:: Crusher Robber:: Thief Saliva:: Rock Band ... [01.23.05]

And I Am A Material Girl [Elkit in Wonderland] Fresh Unconscious Mutterings for the week: Material world :: Madonna Satin sheets :: make me think of a guy I knew and his live-in girlfriend who ran a pub in my hometown. They had a round bed with red satin [01.23.05]

They’re up.

Posted by Crystal • 01/23 • 10:27 PM

I muttered, and I’m sure glad I found this.  I was down to one meme left.  *L*

Posted by Heather • 01/23 • 11:07 PM

Mine are up! Some interesting words this week!

Posted by Andrea • 01/23 • 11:19 PM

What am I muttering about?!?!?!?! [Mendicant Order] LunaNiñ | Unconscious Mutterings Material world::We all live in a... Satin sheets::Cold, and you slip right off the bed Blizzard::Conditions Real estate::Bubble Dress up::Game Wesley::Crusher Robber::Barron Saliva::Spit Slave::Wages Shift::Worker... [01.23.05]

Mine is up

Posted by Les • 01/24 • 12:29 AM


Posted by Kitty • 01/24 • 09:15 AM

Hello, Monday! [chocolate dream] Should be working on a presentation I have on Wednesday, but thought I'd share a song I've adored for years: Under the Milky Way by 80's Aussie band The Church. Also, as an extra, a song from Tori Amos' upcoming album The Beekeeper: Sleeping with ... [01.24.05]

UM v.103 [Sabrina Faire] Material world:: And I am a ma ma material girl Satin sheets:: Are very romantic, what happens when you're not there? Blizzard:: This Weekend Real estate:: Market Dress up:: Playing Wesley:: Crusher Robber:: Barons Saliva:: Canine Slave:: to fashion Shift::... [01.24.05]

done grin

Posted by ChickeePoo • 01/24 • 11:05 AM

Mutterings [My Random Ramblings] Material world::Madonna of course Satin sheets::Gonna dress you up in my love Blizzard::01-22-05 Real estate:: For Sale Dress up:: Party Wesley::Snipes Robber::Thief Saliva::Rest in Pieces Slave::Love Shift:: Gear mutter [01.24.05]

I finally played grin

Posted by Lynda • 01/25 • 01:47 AM

mine’s up! sorry about the past few weeks. I’ve been sick.

Posted by Beverly • 01/25 • 09:14 AM

I got my words up.

Posted by Kheyoh • 01/25 • 09:21 AM

A little (!) late this week, but finally: it’s up wink

Posted by anneberit • 01/28 • 04:24 PM

Up, up and away!

Posted by Chris • 01/30 • 12:15 AM

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