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Week 101

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Pistol::
  2. Rick::
  3. Full circle::
  4. I wish::
  5. Frame::
  6. Adult::
  7. Photography::
  8. Stew::
  9. Cheat::
  10. Brad::

Don’t feel like retyping the words? Just copy and paste the following into your blog:

<li>Full circle::
<li>I wish::

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Posted on 01/09 at 12:00 AM •

PLEASE NOTE:: If you're posting your words in the comments, please copy and paste the numbered words, not the words with the code. Kooky, I know, but I'm using a new system to publish the blog and it has new settings which don't allow certain HTML code in the comments as a safety/security precaution.

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Posted by Insane Faery • 01/09 • 01:05 AM

A Kiss Is Just A Kiss [Elkit in Wonderland] This time I'm getting a head start on the Unconscious Mutterings: Pistol :: packing Rick :: Casablanca Full circle :: 360 degrees I wish :: upon a star Frame :: my explodingdog prints Adult :: grown up Photography :: Annie [01.09.05]

Luna Says...I Think... [TRDB] Pistol:: Shot Rick:: Springfield Full circle:: Coming around again I wish:: for sanity Frame:: Building Adult:: Swim Photography:: Capture Stew:: Beef Cheat:: Bad Brad:: Pitt Unconscious Mutterings for Week 101 [01.09.05]

Mind Over Mutter # 101 [] Pistol:: GunRick:: RussFull circle:: SphereI wish:: I wishFrame:: PhotoAdult:: OldPhotography:: PictureStew:: MeatCheat:: LieBrad:: Pitt [01.09.05]

I’m up. smile

Posted by Shelly • 01/09 • 01:53 AM

Mutter 101 [The Horrors of an Easily Distracted Mind] Week 101 of the game, with gunplay, geometry and... erotica? (Corrected link.) [01.09.05]

I’m up.

Posted by ac • 01/09 • 03:08 AM

done LOL

Posted by susan • 01/09 • 03:59 AM

the word thing - pistol [Music to my Eyes] um... Pistol:: hand gun Rick:: shaw Full circle:: Michael Palin I wish:: I may, I wish I might Frame:: photograph Adult:: shop Photography:: Translucent Stew:: casserole Cheat:: at cards Brad:: and Janet [01.09.05]

Mine are up!  Great questions this week!  *smiles*

Posted by A Little "me" Time • 01/09 • 04:40 AM

Unconcious Mutterings #101 [] Pistol:: Holster Rick:: Ellis Full circle:: What comes around goes around I wish:: for World Peace!! Frame:: Picture Adult:: Movies Photography:: Cameras Stew:: Hot Pot Cheat:: Lie, cheat and steal Brad:: Fitz :unconsciousmutterings: [01.09.05]

Unconscious Mutterings Week 101 [Stormwind: Personal Tangents] I wish:: no personal wishes I want to think about at the moment; but it would be nice to see no natural disasters and no bombs and bullets in the world for a while or longer. (Is that like the classic beauty contestant answer- world peace?) OH, wait ... [01.09.05]

Unconscious Mutterings- Week 101 [Concrete Angel] I say ... and you think ... ? 1. Pistol:: Sex Pistols 2. Rick:: Colin Farrell 3. Full circle:: A Perfect Circle 4. I wish:: I were skinny 5. Frame:: picture 6. Adult:: Toys in Babeland NOT work safe!... [01.09.05]

Mine’s up!

Posted by deb • 01/09 • 09:17 AM

Up! smile

Posted by Shawn • 01/09 • 10:16 AM

I’m up.

Posted by sya • 01/09 • 10:52 AM

One More For You [wild fl0w3r] ... [01.09.05]

Mine are up.

Posted by Tom • 01/09 • 11:16 AM

UM - Week 101 [Tommys Thoughts] Pistol:: Sex Rick:: Springfield Full circle:: of life I wish:: For Lots of Money Frame:: Picture Adult:: Responsibility Photography::... [01.09.05]

I yam up!!!!

Posted by Shirl • 01/09 • 11:24 AM

My answers are up.

Posted by David • 01/09 • 11:32 AM

misery :: company [, how did I get here...] LunaNiñ | Unconscious Mutterings: Pistol :: Whipped Rick :: Springfield Full circle :: Redundancy I wish :: for a miracle in my life Frame :: Picture Adult :: Entertainment Photography :: flickr Stew :: Misery Cheat :: violate Brad :: Pitt... [01.09.05]

Unconscious Mutterings - Week 101 [webgrits] Pistol :: packin' Rick :: Dees Full circle :: complete I wish :: I may, I wish I might Frame :: picture Adult :: grown-up Photography :: studio Stew :: meat Cheat :: exam Brad :: Pitt (of course!)... [01.09.05]


Posted by nat • 01/09 • 12:45 PM

Unconscious Mutterings [srah blah blah] Sunday Sunday Sunday. Work to be done! But first... a few free associations.... [01.09.05]

Unconscious Mutterings [Cranky Chaos] New words for the week: Pistol::whipped Rick::springfield Full circle::360 I wish::I want Frame::picture Adult::bookstore Photography::junkie Stew::beef Cheat::liar Brad::pitt Want to play? Go to Subliminal Luna... [01.09.05]

happy new year!  i muttered here!

Posted by barb • 01/09 • 02:00 PM

Seems like Sundays spin by so quickly - I’ve played!

Posted by Lynda • 01/09 • 03:33 PM

Unconscious Mutterings Week 101 [The Black Cloud] I say ... and you think ... ? 1. Pistol:: Whip 2. Rick:: Ocasek 3. Full circle:: Complete 4. I wish:: Secret 5. Frame:: Pin 6. Adult:: Film 7. Photography:: Snapshot 8. Stew:: Boast 9. Cheat:: Lie 10. Brad:: Pitt more inf... [01.09.05]

Week 101 – Unconscious Mutterings [blondelibrarian] Pistol :: Gun Rick :: Forrester (Yes, I watch The Bold and the Beautiful, got a problem with that?) Full circle :: 360 Degrees I wish :: I may, I wish I might, get this wish I wish tonight. Frame... [01.09.05]

My answers are up at long last… yay! smile

Posted by Mary • 01/09 • 06:05 PM

I wish :: I didn’t have to go to work tomorrow


Posted by pete • 01/09 • 06:07 PM

Guess who’s back to doing this?  Mine for the week are up.

Posted by Mark • 01/09 • 06:31 PM

Unconscious Mutterings #101 [] Pistol::Gun Rick::Ricky Martin Full circle::Crop circle I wish::on a shooting star Frame::Picture Adult::Swim Photography::Camera Stew::Brunswick Cheat::Cheater (TV show) Brad::Pitt... [01.09.05]

Mine are up! I used to participate all the time but stopped for some reason several months ago. Probably when I had my appendectomy. It’s good to be back!

Posted by Andrea • 01/09 • 08:12 PM

Here ya go!

Posted by Mitch • 01/09 • 08:30 PM

Unconscious Mutterings [Yay! Blog! v2.0] Pistol:: gun Rick:: Rutledge Full circle:: back to the beginning I wish:: that I wasn't alone Frame:: picture Adult:: movies Photography:: cameras Stew:: Mmmmm! Cheat:: not going there Brad:: Pitt... [01.09.05]

Mine are now up for this wonderful week!  raspberry

Posted by Olivia • 01/09 • 09:53 PM

Welcome back to those of you who took a little break from the game.

To everyone else, as always, thanks for playing!

Posted by patricia • 01/09 • 10:33 PM

Unconscious Metterings::Week 101 [Everyday] <a href="">Unconscious Metterings</a> <ol><li>Pistol::whip</li><li>Rick::Work</li><li>Full circle::Moonlight</li><li>I wish::upon a ... [01.09.05]

Mine is up!

Posted by Les • 01/09 • 11:32 PM


Posted by DataAngel • 01/09 • 11:54 PM

Mutterings [A Strange Day] Pistol:: whip Rick:: Ocasic Full circle:: begins and ends I wish:: for morphine Frame:: poster Adult:: swim Photography:: cemetery Stew:: bucket Cheat:: lie Brad:: Pitt [01.09.05]

I’m up.  Interesting words this time!!

Posted by The Cataloger • 01/10 • 12:19 AM

Mutterings [Mendicant Order] LunaNiñ | Unconscious Mutterings Pistol::Whip Rick::Springstein Full circle::Back to the beginning I wish::upon a star Frame::Picture Adult::Entertainment Photography::Exhibit Stew::Rabbit Cheat::Steal Brad::Pitt Ok, what exactly does this say about me?... [01.10.05]

Posted at my blog.

Posted by Mari • 01/10 • 01:48 AM

Pistol:: Whipped
Rick:: Shaw
Full circle:: Come
I wish:: Me too
Frame:: Kidnap
Adult:: Movie
Photography:: Camera
Stew:: Pot
Cheat:: Lie
Brad:: Pitt

Am I crazy? smile

Posted by Kate • 01/10 • 02:51 AM

I Mutter, You Utter [Skin] 1. Pistol::bedroom 2. Rick::crush 3. Full circle::witch 4. I wish::$$ 5. Frame::black and white 6. Adult::writing 7. Photography::vain 8. Stew::mom 9. Cheat::closer 10. Brad::scruffy [01.10.05]

mine’s up!

Posted by Beverly • 01/10 • 08:41 AM

Unconscious Mutterings: Week 101 [random thinks] From Unconscious Mutterings: a little free association for a sunny Monday morning after a too busy Sunday. She Says :: And I Think Pistol:: Whip Rick:: Ocasek Full circle:: Complete I wish:: Upon a Star Frame:: Freeze _____ Adult:: Situations [01.10.05]

My words are up.

Posted by kmsqrd • 01/10 • 10:53 AM

I’m up.

Posted by Kitty • 01/10 • 11:20 AM

Up on Monday, even.

Posted by Abby • 01/10 • 12:00 PM

Late Mutter [My Random Ramblings] Pistol:: "I betcha he doesn't even know what a Pistol is" " I got your pistol right here" Rick:: Springfield eeeeeee! Full circle:: Back where we started I wish:: I had more patience! Frame:: Freeze Adult:: Movies ;-) Photography:: Fun hobby… 80's flashbacks Stew:: Beef… slaving for hours, Yum! Cheat:: Cheat Never Beat Brad:: The goldfish… Whoa that takes me back! Had a friend who named her fish after the guy she pined for hin high school. He was… [01.11.05]

Good cause and a meme [chocolate dream] Everyone should head over here - they're donating 1$ for every comment they receive for breast cancer education and free mammograms. Just sayin'... Also, this week's Unconscious Mutterings: Pistol:: shot Rick:: Tracy (yes, I know it's Dick, bu... [01.11.05]

mine are up at

Posted by zero • 01/11 • 02:41 PM

Mine are up, finally….

Posted by Just Rambling • 01/12 • 02:24 AM


Posted by angel • 01/12 • 07:15 AM

Unconscious mutterings [PaperHat] Well, it's not much of a post, but it's got to be better than the whiny Christmas past post. Pretty interesting concept. LunaNina puts out a list every Sunday with which one may [01.12.05]

UnMutter - Week 101 [MissMeliss: Uber-Caffeinated] I say... And you think...? Pistol:: whip Rick:: Springfield Full circle:: rewind I wish:: More than anything, more than life... Frame:: relay Adult:: content Photography:: exhibition Stew:: beef Cheat:: test Brad:: brass Like this meme? Play along here.... [01.13.05]

I am a little late, but I’m up!

Posted by Becky • 01/14 • 01:56 PM

smile This is my first time commenting.. Am I suppose to comment on the list of words..? Uhoh..

<ol><li>Pistol::  WHIP
<li>Rick:: LICK
<li>Full circle:: BITCH
<li>I wish:: ON A STAR
<li>Frame:: WINDOW
<li>Photography:: BEAUTY
<li>Stew:: HOT
<li>Cheat:: BEND
<li>Brad:: SINGLE

There ya go…
Lovely I’d say..

Posted by summerofchandis • 01/15 • 06:23 PM

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